iPhone 5 $800 price debate sparks concern

The new Apple iPhone 5 price point seems to be causing a stir at the moment, so we will discuss a little about this and then leave it up to you to decide to see if this sparks concern with our readers. The latest rumor suggests an iPhone 5 $800 price tag, there have been many tweets on Twitter suggesting this high number and we would love to get to the bottom of it.

One of the main searches on Google search engines at the moment is “iPhone 5” and the price seems to be top of the list at this given time, the 6th generation model is getting a lot of attention and in some cases it has gone viral on the social networking scene.

The iPhone 5 costing $800 it simply a rumor, one Phones Review commenter named Trejo495 said in a previous article that it will probably be $800 to $900 US dollars for 64GB excluding taxes, but there is not any confirmed sources of the price tag and we have to wait until Apple announces the iPhone 5 not alone talking about the specs and price points.

iPhone 5 $800 is becoming a trend in itself and we are not here to cover a story just because these words are highly searched, oh no, we are here to ask you the reader what a perfect price tag would be for the iPhone 5, what would you pay and why?

We know that the iPhone 5 will release with the new iOS 6, which at the moment is at beta 4 stage, we also know that the YouTube app is missing within the iOS 6 Beta 4, and that Apple Maps will most probably replace Google Maps. It does not stop there, other news coverage if true of course that we have covered includes the display screen compared with the iPhone 4S, the new what is believed to be the iPhone 5 screen has changed and shows that the front-facing camera lens has moved from the left of the ear speaker to the top middle, it is also sized at 4.065-inches.

Anyway, we are not here to chat about the features, specs and design, we want to know more about the price that Apple will stamp on the iPhone 5, obviously September will reveal all. Please do scroll down to the commenting area below and give us your price number you believe the iPhone 5 will have?


8 thoughts on “iPhone 5 $800 price debate sparks concern”

  1. SJ says:

    Wow, this story is just dumb. iPhone 5 will have the same subsidized pricing as the current 4s ($199 to $399). Yes, it will cost in the neighborhood of $650 to $850 – if you buy it WITHOUT A CONTRACT, just like the 4s today. Yes, that is correct, the 4s 64 GB costs $849 without a contract – alert the media…oh, wait, that is a fact and not a stupid rumor so the media won’t care.

  2. cocobango says:

    $200 is a more than needed price for a phone. I wouldn’t spend more.
    Seriously, who in their right mind would pay 500 bucks for a phone?

  3. Pk says:

    I will by a Samsung s 3 before I pay more than the current pricing level under contract. Samsung is close to tipping the scales and a elevated price would be enough to tip the scales to Samsung.

  4. Eliijah Moss says:

    Ok… Since there are only 3 comments on this page, rendering how lame ass this post is, I’ll give exclusive information. This concerns the price and a upgrade to the iPhone5. WORNING… THIS IS AT&T ONLY…MAYBE. you see how AT&T offered an early upgrade program for the iPhone4 and iPhone4S? AT&T is going to do the same thing for the iPhone5. This program is offered to AT&T carriers, but not to those who buy a iPhone right before it comes out. Who would do that anyway. As for the price? THINK PEOPLE!!!!! Why would apple charge more for a small device than a iPad that comes with more packed features? The retina display is why the iPad cost so much. The iPhone resolution is supposed to be bumped up a little, but not retina. But I could be wrong. This is just information from forums, and actual evidence from reliable sources.

      1. OMG… just looking back on what comments i posted when I was still dumb lol. I’ve changed and have seen things differently for the better. Your right, I was just too dumb to realize it. Surveys me right 🙁

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