New mysterious female character for Angry Birds

The other day Angry Birds maker Rovio put out a teaser video of their upcoming major update to the popular multi-platform game called Angry Birds Space: Red Planet, and now it appears Rovio is playing a little mystery game with their following by teasing a new mysterious Angry Birds character.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, Rovio has used their Twitter account to post an image of the new mysterious Angry Birds character, along with a caption that reads ‘Who turned the lights out.’

The image (below) simply shows a pair of eyes with a blacked out background, and judging by the eyelashes it looks to be a female character, but the big question is will this new female character be a female Angry Bird, or will it be a female green pig?

One can only presume that Rovio intends on introducing the new female bird or pig in the upcoming Angry Birds Space: Red Planet game, which is expected to hit both the iOS platform and Android platform sometime in the fall, and obviously as it is early days there is no word on what special abilities the new character will have.

So there you go, a new feminine character for the Angry Birds fans to enjoy once the new game becomes available, but what do those fans think the female character will be, a bird or a pig, feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.


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  1. In angry birds space all the birds are based on the birds from normal angry birds. But the only birds that are female are in angry birds seasons. But there IS a female pig. Im guessing that this is a pig, not a bird.

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