CM10 delivers Jelly Bean to T-Mobile G1: video

I first came aboard the Android platform with the very first Android smartphone to hit the Mobile space, the T-Mobile G1, which was also know as the HTC Dream, mainly because I wanted to see what this Android OS was all about, and because the G1 has a slide out QWERTY, which was easier for texting for me at the time, but I have now moved on to a virtual keyboard, and still remain with Android.

The reason I mention my first handset is because although the T-Mobile G1 first released some 4-years back, it appears the original Android handset isn’t quite done in the mobile space just yet, and has been given a new lease of life with Android Jelly Bean by way of CyanogenMod 10.

Yes the first Android smartphone that never made it beyond Android 1.6 Donut is now playing nice with an Android Jelly Bean port thanks to the guys over at XDA-Developers, and the pre-alpha CM10 ROM for the T-Mobile G1 aka HTC Dream is now available.

Naturally the custom ROM doesn’t come without its fair share of bugs, and still requires some polishing, but the touch screen, apps, WiFi, CM features are all working and Google Now is partially working as well, although rotation along will cell/data are not, and obviously the G1’s 528MHz ARM11 processor can’t run Jelly Bean smoothly.

We have a video for your viewing consideration below showing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 on the T-Mobile G1, courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena, and like the old saying goes…it’s nice to see life in the old dog still…enjoy.

So if you are feeling a tad nostalgic, don’t forget to mash that play button to check it out, and if you happen to still have an old HTC Dream/G1 sitting in a drawer, and would like to give the custom ROM a whirl, you can grab all the necessary by hitting up the XDA-Developers Forum.

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