Galaxy S3 with black jacket possibly coming

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest darling devices in the Android space, and Sammy has already managed to ship some 10 million of the smartphones in under two months, so it appears the Galaxy S3 is quite popular in the mobile space with the Android faithful, and to keep that interest going it looks like Samsung will be delivering the Galaxy S3 in other colours.

Well at the moment there are two colours available as you probably know, pebble blue, and white. However a report by Unwired View has it that the official Samsung Olympics Facebook page is touting a new black Samsung Galaxy S3, with a photo showing the black handset and a title of Galaxy S III at London 2012 Olympic Games.

Which one could take it as Samsung almost going official with this Samsung Galaxy S3 sporting a new black jacket, but obviously the Korean firm could have posted the black version by mistake, or perhaps just to tease the Android faithful.

However as the black Galaxy S3 has made an appearance on their Facebook page one can assume that the black version does indeed exist, and will no doubt at some point be offered in the mobile space. Just when that might be though for now remains a bit of a mystery.

Of course it will only be a cosmetic change to the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Android smartphone will still offer everything it already does in the way of features. But then there are quite a few people out there that do prefer a black handset over any other colour, especially when it come to the business sector.

So we’d like to hear from our Android faithful readers out there as to whether you like the black version of the Galaxy S3, or would you like to see even more colours become available?


3 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 with black jacket possibly coming”

  1. Harold91 says:

    This is stupid by Samsung… Why spend so much money developing the unique colors, hyper-glaze, just to come out with the black version? I strongly dislike black, don’t know why. I prefer white’s, silvers, the pebble blue is great, the new ATT red version too.

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