IBM considering acquiring RIM Enterprise Services division

I’m sure everyone knows that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is going through hard times, and rumour that Samsung was considering either acquiring RIM or licensing BlackBerry 10 was put to bed yesterday by Samsung, and now it appears that someone else might be interested in a portion of the Canadian company.

It would appear that IBM has informally approached the BlackBerry maker with a view to acquiring RIM’s Enterprise Services division, according to an article over on Slash Gear by way of a Bloomberg report that claims two people ‘familiar with the matter’ passed on the news.

You may be aware that RIM’s Enterprise Services division operates the secure servers used by Research In Motion to support their BlackBerry handsets.

However, thus far the word is no company has shown any interest in all of Research In Motion or is phones division, and according to the unnamed source, no talks are under way.

We all know that RIM is pinning their hopes on turning around their fortunes with the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones, but the company will have to probably wait until next year to see if BlackBerry 10 devices will have enough impact to change the company’s fortunes before offloading their enterprise services division.

Back in January, Throsten Heins became CEO of Research In Motion, and is attempting to turn things around after customers ditched BlackBerry for rivals the iPhone and Android smartphones, and hopes that BlackBerry 10 devices will pull back some of those lost customers, and Heins has said he would prefer to license RIM’s operating system rather than pursuing a sale.

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