Android phones outsell the iPhone but with problems

Although Apple would have everyone believe that Android isn’t that much of a threat to the iPhone, recent figures seem to show otherwise, as the might of Android seems to be outdoing the iPhone in the smartphone sales stakes in Q2 of 2012 rather well, with Android outselling the iOS smartphone by four to one.

Taking the lead in that Android sales dominance is Samsung, who in the April to June quarter shifted almost 105 million Android handsets, according to a report on Forbes, basing their article on research by IDC.

Currently Sammy is the number one smartphone maker in the world with Apple following in 2nd place, something that no doubt Apple isn’t too happy about, and that four Android handsets sold against one iPhone sold ratio is up some 2.5:1 from the same time last year.

iPhone sales for the period dropped to 17% down from 19% for the same quarter in 2011, although of course with the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 the device will give the company a good boost.

Whilst Android currently holds 68% of the global market share, which is up some 47% for the same period last year. However security company F-Secure reports that during the period over 5000 samples of malicious Android software were received by the firm, which is a staggering 64% rise on Q1 of 2012.

The security firm says that Android malware continues to grow with every quarter, with the company receiving 5033 malicious Android app package files or APKs in the second quarter that mainly come from 3rd-party Android markets. Out of the 64% increase, 21 new variants of existing families, and 19 new families where identified.

As the majority of malware is confined to 3rd-party download websites, for those Android users that wish to avoid malware threats, the best policy is to limit your downloading to only applications available from Google Play.

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