HTC Rezound global roaming update keeps Android 4.0.3

The HTC Rezound has already received Android Ice Cream 4.0, and many installed the 299MB update OTA that is now version 3.14.605.12, we can happily let you know that there is a new update for Verizon owners of this smartphone that includes global roaming.

Those that own the HTC Rezound on the Verizon network could possibly have received the 103MB update, we say “possibly” because we have not heard from anyone as of yet if they have got it yet or not. This update allows global roaming that users have been waiting for a long time, if the update is true then the wait has definitely paid off, you now have the new ICS update as well as this new one.

The new update will still keep the Android version at 4.0.3, and the Global Roaming will be activated once installed, we cannot find any official information anywhere as of yet, we know for a fact that Verizon has not said anything. This update also keeps Sense at 3.6, Verizon has promised that they will activate global roaming in many 4G devices this year, some thought that this feature was going to be included in the Android Ice Cream update, but this was not the case.

Please do let us know if you have received the HTC Rezound 103MB update over the air, we would love to know either way being yes you have or no you have not. For more information please visit Android Forums and see what they have to say, please do comment here though as we would like other readers to learn more, thanks.

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