Samsung Galaxy S3 ICS vs iPhone 4S iOS

Currently the top Android rival to Apple’s iOS smartphone is the Android Ice Cream Sandwich packing, hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3, but when it comes to these two top range smartphones, which operating system can come out on top ICS or iOS when it comes to the Galaxy S3 against the iPhone 4S?

Well we thought we’d see if we can come up with a clear winner in the OS stakes regardless of who makes the handset for our readers consideration, and no doubt whilst some might agree, some probably will not.

Firstly when it comes to the operating system obviously one must consider apps and their respective application stores, with the Google guys being somewhat lenient when it comes to apps making it onto Google Play, whilst as with all things Apple, Apple simply loves total control over everything including what apps make it into the App Store. Google being more lenient does lead to a more varied choice of apps, but there have been cases of malware found in Google Play, whilst Apple does seem to be somewhat hot on making sure any malware remains out of their store.

Of the two operating systems, iOS does seem the easier to use, as most iPhone users will tell you, the iOS user has the ability to shuffle around icons on the screen or slip them into folders, and of course you can change the home screen wallpaper.

However, Android can also do all the above but much more, for example there are widgets 3rd-party keyboards, 3rd-party apps, along with icons and launchers that the user can opt to change, and then there are also numerous custom ROMs if one wishes to take advantage of, whilst with iOS you are stuck with whatever iOS version until such times as Apple delivers a new iOS update.

When it comes to features on either operating system, well we all know how much both iOS and Android users like to claim the other has copied features, such as the notifications bar first appearing on Android, and then Apple delivering Siri, and Android then following with their won version of a voice assistant.

As for updates to operating systems, Apple does deliver updates to iOS at a fast speed so those loyal to the platform have no worries when it comes to updates, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 does come with the latest Android OS aboard ICS, and it is expected the Galaxy S3 will gain Android Jelly Bean later in the year, although just how quick future updates to the Android operating system will be rolled out is unclear, and of course Apple is expected to deliver the iPhone 5 some point this year along with iOS 6, so the iOS faithful basically know exactly when they can expect an OS update.

When it comes to which is the better operating system, it really boils down to which platform you prefer, most of my friends that own an iPhone 4S say the smartphone is and the OS is the best there is, and better than Android. But on the flip side I do know some that have decided to switch to Android as they are no longer happen with iOS or Apple, but I do have to say that none of those I know who own an Android device have said they will give up Android for the iPhone.

So basically if you are one of the iPhone faithful out there you will probably defend your OS to the death against Android and any other operating system, and likewise the Android faithful will do the reverse and tout Android as best, when really all it is is a matter of personal choice, so neither operating system can really be crowned a clear winner in the mobile space.

So let’s start a bit of a conversion in our comments area below, do you believe iOS is the better operating system or do you come down on the side of Android?


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 ICS vs iPhone 4S iOS”

  1. Gary Gotham says:

    I admire apple’s abilities but feel my sgs3 with ics lacks nothing and isn’t locked into apple’s walled garden eco system. Android for me.

  2. Peter Kjellin says:

    Previously owning an iphone 3g, 3gs & 4g I decided to have an unbiased opinion when arguing with friends about the iphone, so I sold it and bought the S3. The S3 has a bigger screen, no itunes (so I can dump music and movies straight on without messing about), the option for expansion with an external memory card and the ability to remove the battery and put a spare battery in, if you wish to carry one. Androids alert centre is much better than Apple’s so you know exactly when you have an update, email, message or any apps running. Ios does seem to run a lot smoother though, and feels generally more polished and stable. I won’t be going back to Apple in the near future unless something amazing happens with the new iphone.

  3. lolobabes says:

    Apple has done a major contribution to mobile phone industry that we have to give the credit where its due, but android has evolved fast enough that there are more things I can do with my Gnex than if I had an iphone. I will have to agree IOS is more polish to date but I think android is fastly catching up in that department esp with googles recent project butter… apple has to work doubly hard now. ahihihihi

  4. wesley too says:

    Up until now, i would say Android provide better flexibility to consumer, i had an ipad2 iphone 3gs,iphone 4 previously. After switching to sg2 and sg3, never go back to apple. Apple is quite tedious in terms of apps management, sync data. you must have itunes to do stuff everytime even unboxing the first time. the hardware they provide is just not up to the price it offers. i agree IOS has a more stable apps compared to android, a best in class with its swipe interface smoothness; but that’s it.

  5. yarrellray says:

    The days of ios being more polished is over since December 2011 when ice cream sandwich launched on the Galaxy Nexus. Now that jellybean is also here now android is simply beautiful. There is no comparison to android especially on the software side. Android just smears apple all day long….

  6. billy says:

    Android has 64% market share IOS has 18% that’s a massive amount.Then you have windows 7 etc. I think most people are moving away from apple iphone the design is the same and the iphone 5 doesn’t look any different.

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