T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus ICS Kies update

If you happen to own the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet on the T-Mobile network, and waiting patiently to be able to update your slate to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, you might like to learn that the Android 4.0.5 update for the T-Mobile Galaxy tab 7.0 Plus will become available to grab as of the 14th of this month; however the downside of grabbing the Android ICS update is it wont be available over the air.

A report over on Talk Android has it that if you do own the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, and wish to update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich you will have to do so via Samsung Kies, and as such can only be accomplished by tethering the slate to a computer via USB connection.

This update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus on T-mobile will bring the software up to version T869UVLG7, whilst T-Mobile says the optional update will wipe the home screen layout, and users should ensure they are using the latest version of Samsung Kies and a minimum of 50 percent battery life before attempting to update.

T-Mobile Support has also confirmed that the ICS update will not be rolled out over the air so your only option if you really want Android 4.0.5 on your Galaxy tab 7.0 Plus is to go through the pain that is known as Samsung Kies, and if you do then feel free to let us know how it all goes or if you experience any issues with either Kies or the update, by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


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  1. Singapore says:

    Upgraded to 4.0.4 via Odin and what a totally different experience i have. Battery lasts much much longer as ICS does not drain battery fast. UI is definitely smoother and more pleasant than before. To summarize; perfect !

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