iPhone 5 billed as biggest product upgrade in history

Regular readers will know that as the release of the iPhone 5 gets closer the more we hear about rumored specs and features. Although we will not have confirmation on those things until Apple chooses to let everybody in on the secret, one thing we do know is that this will be a major product launch and in fact one well respected analyst has now spoken of his belief that the iPhone 5 will be the biggest product upgrade in history.

We have been saying for some time that we expect the iPhone 5 to be a major upgrade and that Apple needs to go all out to really pull something out of the bag with the next iPhone. So many new and hugely impressive Android handsets are now available or about to release and Apple needs to regain its reputation for cutting-edge technology and offering something completely new to attract even more customers to its iconic phone.

We all know that the iPhone 5 will sell in huge numbers, almost regardless of its specs, features and design, simply because of the amount of loyal Apple customers and the Apple brand that appeals to so many. However, just how much of a hit it will be remains to be seen but it’s fair to say that the majority of people are expecting something pretty spectacular from Apple. It seems that the experts are in accordance as well known Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster spoke on Wednesday about the iPhone 5 release saying his company believed that “the new phone will be the largest consumer electronics product upgrade in history,” according to MarketWatch.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled at an Apple event on September 12 with pre-orders available from that date and rumblings of an actual release on September 21 although of course this is as yet unconfirmed. This is earlier than the October release date that had been widely expected for some time and because the next iPhone launch seems that it will arrive sooner than expected, analysts have been re-evaluating estimates on Apple’s potential earnings.

An earlier launch means better numbers for Apple and also major carriers and sellers of the iPhone 5, as well as pleasing the huge amounts of potential customers who have been patiently waiting for the next iPhone. Another analyst, John Hodulik, has predicted that carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will activate around 10.1 million iPhones if the iPhone 5 is released in the September quarter rather than the 6.3 million iPhone activations expected for the same period without the iPhone 5. It seems as though this is an all-round good move from Apple then.

As far as what we expect to see from the iPhone 5 we are certainly hoping for a new design, something really eye-catching to make an impression as we know that many were disappointed that the iPhone 4S looked the same as its predecessor. Rumored specs and features include an A6 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16/32/64GB storage options, larger 4-inch display, new smaller dock connector, improved rear camera to possibly 12-megapixels, 4G LTE connectivity and all running on iOS 6 although of course all of that is not yet official. We feel many will feel a little disappointed if most of the above does not appear for the iPhone 5 though and of course a new groundbreaking feature would also be welcomed, although maybe that’s asking a little too much!

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the iPhone 5 and whether you think it will be the biggest consumer electronics product launch in history? Do you think the new iPhone will be able to live up to the hype or maybe you feel that so much is expected we may all feel let down when it finally appears? What new groundbreaking feature would you most like to see? Let us know by sending your comments.


26 thoughts on “iPhone 5 billed as biggest product upgrade in history”

  1. Perhaps I’m in the minority but I do not want a radical change in size or design and here’s why: I find myself turning to my iPad more and more in all my workflows, personal and professional, so I’d rather not have a larger phone. I want a hardware upgrade that will allow my new phone upgrades for possibly two cycles (i.e., iOS 8).

    1. Aaron Strebs says:

      I don’t think it will be a radical size change. In fact, they don’t even have to change the overall size to increase the screen size. If I’m Steve Jobs I am looking to eliminate or drastically reduce the size of hardware. What about traditional camera lenses? Why not make the screen itself the lens? As for upgrades, if I were going Thermonuclear, I’d make the phone cheap enough for the homeless to have one. Transparency is key.

      1. YouStayJealous says:

        its hard to make a battery thin and have enough power for 4glte,bigger screen,nfc,1gb ram… thats why they want to use hydrogen fuel cell batteries in the future.. which makes the phone last for a week and maybe longer..

  2. a. ali says:

    even if the iPhone 5 were to meet the above spec, i feel they will only be somewhat level par with todays top spec htc and samsung handests, of course from now til then – possibly leading up to xmas, both htc and samsung could and probably would raise the bar even higher with upgrades to their handset lineup and of course it again becomes a catchup game for apple, and i think that will always be the trend.

  3. ericspecullaas says:

    last time i checked Steve Jobs died last year. As for the “New iPhone” (thats going to be its new name) its just a bunch of spec changes. you can see what they are going to do as far as 4g LTE and maybe a bigger camera 5.5 MP but not much more than that. They know it will sell well as long at they listen to the complaints. Personally i just want an AMOLED phone. They are far better than this old iPhone. Think about looking through your phone or how ppl will be like wtf are you looking at.

    1. real says:

      You are an absolute dimwit. I’m sure the new iPhone’s camera will be less megapixels than the current one out, which is 8mp. Honestly you should buy an android or windows phone cause it would suit your idiot self.

    1. Copying how, please tell me also choose your words because i will embarrass you if you don’t know what you are talking about, also ill give ya this i have a HTC one and a xoom tablet as well as iphone 4s and a Mac the reason i tell you this is to save you the embarrassment of calling me an isheep or anything like that. please entertain me how Apple copy’s android.

      1. jemma says:

        Drop down notification menu was copied from Android although on ios its crap compared to Android. Bigger screen size was touted on Android handsets, apple will increase the iPhone screen size because people are complaining that the Screen looks like a toy compared to the behemoth of a screen on the s3 and note. Apple are rumoured to copy widgets used by ambroid handsets first, this will be apples wow feature this year. Apple pretty much sucks. All i have to say is galaxy s3 baby!

        1. Hm says:

          First of all notification center came from the first generation iPhone when the jail breaking community first brought it up. Also screen size don’t mean doodle squat for copying. Finally, you saying that the iphone is “rumored” to “copy” widgets just shows how ignorant your post was.

        2. The only people that are complaining are those that don’t use i phones , you want to know copying ill tell ya, when Apple announced the Ipad every one laughed and said it was going to fail every one dismissed it as a giant ipod or iphone , whats the end result over 150 high end android tablets and over a thousand low end tablets as well android, also Apple came out with Siri again Google , HTC, Samsung and the rest called it a gimmick and laughed , whats the end result Google and Samsung have their own versions of Siri and Google as far as calling it Iris ( Siri backwards) Apple was criticized for making its hardware and software calling them restrictive and controlling, end result Microsoft is making hardware and software ( the surface) , Goggle is making its own hardware and software the 7 inch tablet nexus 7.And the notification screen both Google and Apple copied from the jailbreak community which by the way is dedicated to idevices , and i will school you on widgets you know who made them who had them first , sit down for this one Microsoft on windows vista you could add widgets of the weather and news on the side of the screen Google came and said lets do that but on a smaller screen, you don’t believe me do some research when widgets first appear, so my friend i suggest that you hate Apple genuinely and not just paste and copy what other android users write, if i am being rude i am sorry its not my intent but there is so much misinformation and i feel you have been fed some regarding Apple.

          1. GV says:

            But google voice search was around ages before Siri… I used to use it on my iPhone 3… To be honest I do think apple copy others… Copy and perfect!! And there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t care who innovates something, I just care about who perfects it.

          2. Dazzle says:

            Good answer tbh.. it about the final polished product.. I dont care who developed it.. it about something that works well and wont let me down

          3. Not that I think it matters but I know I had widgets on my MacBook prior to Vista’s release and have used Growl since 2006 for notifications. However, I also remember first Yahoo then Google having a PC client that allowed widgets on my Win XP home screen and before that I used Opera browser which had floating widgets.

            I have both Android and iPhones. Both ecosystems on their best devices offer all that average users need. For power users, Jailbreaking and S-off rooting take just minutes, then just about anything is possible and non-platform-exclusive. That said, out of the box Apple’s products have no equal for household “IT” management. Several satellite reasons, like AirPlay, make Apple a lock for my family and small business needs.

            So, iPhone 5 just has show a respectable refresh. I don’t need a 41mp camera, I don’t want an enormous screen and I don’t want my BMW to become a Ferrari.

  4. Gv says:

    Hummm, the new iPhone sounds a little disappointing spec-wise to be honest. I switched from iPhone 4s to htc sensation SL as I was fed up with the tiny screen and limited options. Awhilst I think the iPhone will always be following android, what I do like about apple is that they really know how to provide a good user experience, and I am looking forward to the slick software that I am sure the iPhone 5 will support. I just wish they would make the screen a little bigger than 4 inches as that means coming down from my HTC.

  5. Painless says:

    There is a fundamental problem with Apple… they are a closed system and employ maybe a hundred developers tasked with new feature set development on their annual phone releases. Compare that with over 300,000 Google open source developers and almost every handset manufacturer in the world (except Apple) working on Android. It’s AMAZING that Apple has kept up this long, but the magnitude of competition and Apples unwillingness to open it’s sandbox will be its downfall. This isn’t the PC market, there really isn’t much space for a niche player… ask RIM. Good luck Apple fans, I hope you get to ride the roller coaster 1 more time, hold your breath for Sept 12.

  6. Dazzle says:

    Yeah will be the biggest and most expensive if what I read are true.. new connection 19 pin so ALL your pre bought dock hardware will have to replaced as well? Well done apple way to go to screw your old loyal users.. 🙂

  7. Georgie says:

    I’m sorry but all you numpties who think Iphone is copying Samsung. Iphone came out first, and the whole world was in awe of it. Then android came out and meh it’s okay, getting better. It’s up to standard of the iphone now but i bet you when iphone 5 comes out it’ll be better than any phone and android will have to catch up again. I had a HTC, Samsung and ipad. To be honest, samsung and HTC were brilliant with there backgrounds and customisation but we can’t all argue over something that hasn’t even come out yet. Stop getting all uppety over samsung and iphone. Wait till it comes out. Then we’ll see who’s top dog.

  8. I’d love for the iPhone to have a design similar to the iPhone 4/4S. People need to stop being so concerned with how their phone looks on the outside and whether or not it looks a new and improved compared to the older model. It’s the hardware inside the case that’s important. The current iPhone model is damn near perfect in my opinion and doesn’t need to be changed.

  9. robertoblake says:

    And now that it has actually released we know it was the least impressive product upgrade in history. Many of my friends and fellow bloggers were really disappointed with this lackluster product release.

    They are going to buy anyway because they are stuck in the ecosystem and don’t want to pay more money to replace their apps in a new ecosystem, but that is the main reason.

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