List of Nokia Dual SIM Mobile Phones

During 2011, Nokia finally realized the ever growing demand of low budget dual SIM phones among youth and low salaried workers in both developed and developing nations, such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other African and Asian countries.

The real demand and market for dual SIM handsets increased when Chinese manufacturers started to develop these phones and export them to developing countries, the trend of low budget dual purpose phones started to hype up and eat up market share of Nokia. Eventually Nokia started to release their own versions of dual SIM phones, which no doubt are better than most of low quality Chinese brands.

Even though Nokia is struggling in the smartphone market, their is grip on low-end market that is strong. We have compiled a comprehensive list of dual SIM Nokia mobiles. The list below covers pricing information and specifications.

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Specifications of Nokia C1-00
C1-00 is the first Dual Sim phone by Nokia; it was announced in June 2010 and was released same year in September. Current price is $41 USD

– Dual Sim Capability
– Weighs only 72.9 grams
– Supports FM Radio
– Comes with Flash Light
– Available in these colours Medium Blue, Red, Light Gray and Sea Green
– Standard TFT Display with 65K colours
– Phonebook stores up to 500 entries
– Mp3 Ringtones and Vibration for alerts
– 13 hours talk time and 48 days standby
– Organizer and predictive text input functionality
– GSM 900 / 1800 – SIM 1 / SIM2

Features list of Nokia C2-00
This phone was announced in June 2010 and was released right after 12 months. It is one of the most sold handset by Nokia. Its current price is $61 USD

– Dual Sim Function
– FM Radio and FM Recording, however, recording is limited to specific countries
– Comes with 640×480 pixels VGA Camera
– Capable of making videos at QCIF@10fps
– Vibration and Mp3 Ringtones support
– 74.1 Grams weight
– 16 MB Internal storage
– microUSB, Bluetooth, GPRS and Edge functions
– Comes in Five colours, which are, Snow White, Magenta, Jet Black, Dark Blue, Gray

Nokia X1-01 Details and Pricing
X series of Nokia is famous for their fresh and vibrant designs and is pretty popular in young people. Phones starting with X series usually have bigger memory and dedicated Music controls. X1-01 was released at retail price of $30 USD

– 91.1 Grams in weight
– Phonebook, which allows up to 500 entries
– Comes with Fm Radio, preloaded games and GPS support
– Flashlight, Mp3 Player and clock
– 65K colours, TFT with display size of 128 x 160 pixels
– Comes in Ocean Blue Red, Orange and Dark Grey colours
– 13 hours talk time and 43 days standby
– Organizer and predictive text input
– Available, released in market

Nokia C2-06 Touch and Type Specifications
This is one of high end flip phone by Nokia in dual sim category, it was announced last year June and was released by the end of third quarter of 2011. The ballpark price for this phone is $100 USD

– 115 Grams in weight
– 56k colours, TFT screen
– Handwriting recognition
– FM Radio
– Dual Sim capability
– FM Radio
– Flashlight
– Bluetooth, WiFi and microUSB
– 2 MP camera, also supports Video Camera

Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type Specs Sheet
This is pretty similar to that of Nokia C2-06 with very minor difference. However, both sets were announced together, c2-06 can be qualified as a borderline smartphone. It was released at price of $95 USD.

– Total body weight is 115 Grams
– 56 k Colours and supports TFT Screen
– FM Radio and Flashlight
– 2 Mp camera with Video camera support
– microUSB, GPRS, Class, Mp3 Ringtones and Bluetooth
– 5 hours talk time
– 10 MB internal ram
– 32 GB Memory Card, 2 GB is included
– Golden White and Chrome Black are supported colours

Nokia 101 Basic Phone
This one is extremely basic and simple phone, but very handy and user friendly. Keypad is extremely fine and buttons are easy to press. You can get it for $38 USD

– Merely 69.6 grams in weight
– Announced in August 2011 and was released quickly
– TFT Screen with 65k colours
– No Camera
– 16 GB microSD memory card
– Flashlight
– Fm Radio, Organizer
– Coral Red and Phantom Black colours
– Phonebook
– 6 hours and 40 minutes talk time

Nokia X2-02 Music Phone
With the huge success of their previous x series music phone X1-01, they decided to release same variant and design with capability of two sims support. This phone was announced around December 2011. Price is around $74 USD before taxes!

– Available, released in market.
– Weight is only 71 grams, not so heavy!
– Mp3 Ringtones, Fm Radio, Flash Light
– Bluetooth and GPRS support is provided
– WAP 2.0/xHTM Browser
– It comes in following colours Bright Red, Dark Silver, Orange and Violet, Ocean Blue
– 2 MP camera, SNS Application and Organizer
– SMS, MMS, Email and IM
– 32 GB support of microSD

Nokia Asha 200 Dual Sim Phone
Nokia Asha design seems to be inspired from popular Nokia C3 and E6, nonetheless the phone looks great and performance is not too bad either. It is one of popular choices amongst dual sim phones. Expect to pay around $75 USD to get this phone.

– Announced in October 2011 and released in same Quarter of 2011.
– 105 grams in weight
– 256k Colours support, TFT Screen
– MP3 Ringtones, Polyphonic (64) and Vibration
– Bluetooth, GPRS, Edge and microUSB v2.0
– 2 MP Camera with Video camera support
– Wide range of colours Graphite, Green, Blue, Aqua, Pearl White, Light Pink, Pink, Orange
– 7 Hours talk time
– 32 GB microSD card

Nokia Asha 202 Specifications Chart
Nokia Asha 202 is second in the Asha series, which supports this double sim functionality. Design is bit more conventional, like squeezed version of E6 may be? But it certainly looks sleek and has an appeal to it. Its retail price can vary around $110 USD

– TFT resistive touchscreen support
– Announced in 2012 February and released in June, 2012
– Only 91 grams weight, beautiful look
– 16 MB ram and 10 MB internal memory
– FM Radio, Dual Sim, SNS integration, Voice memo, Predictive text input and MP4 player
– GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, microUSB v2.0 is bundled
– Black, Silver White, Dark Grey, Golden White and Dark red colours
– 5 Hours of talk time
– 40 Games, which can be downloaded from Nokia store
– WAP 2.0/xHTML browser support

Nokia 110 Specifications List
One of very basic phone, targeted towards youth and people with extremely low budget. Phone as expected, was released during second quarter of 2012 in June. It was announced 2012, May. Extremely cheap and can be purchased at retail price of $43 USD

– 80 grams in weight
– 110 x 46 x 14.5 mm dimensions with 63 cc density
– 32 GB microSD card, phonebook
– Polyphonic and Vibration based alerts
– GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth with v2.1
– 640×480 pixels VGA camera, it also supports Video camera
– Comes in Magenta, Lime Green, Cyan and Black colours
– 10 hours and 30 minutes of talk time
– Mp3 and Mp4 player, Organizer and Voice memo support

Nokia 112 Specifications
112 are pretty much similar to 110 with very minor differences, one of which is choice of colours. This set was announced along with 110, 111 and 113 in May 2012, however, only 110 and 112 support double sim. Phone is expected to release in 3rd quarter of 2012. Official price was around $47 USD

– Weighs around 85.5 grams
– 110.4 x 46.9 x 15.4 mm in dimensions with 67 cc density
– 32 GB microSD and Phonebook, which allows 1000 entries
– 16 GB internal memory
– Basic 640×480 pixels VGA camera with 176×144 Video camera support
– FM radio with RDS and also supports FM recording. Games can be played on it
– White, Red, Cyan and Dark Grey
– MP3 and MP4 player, organizer and voice memo support
– 14 hours of talk time
– 2 MP Camera and makes videos.

Nokia Asha 305 Specs Chart
Last but not least, this Symbian series 40 phone was announced couple of months ago in June, 2012 and was released immediately in the month of July. Asha series has several other phones, 305 is third dual sim phone in that series. It was officially priced at $85 USD

– Uses latest easy swap dual sim technology
– Comes with Nokia Browser and uses cloud technology
– Total body weight is 98 grams
– Multiple colours options, Red, Silver White, Dark Grey and Mid Blue
– 2 Mp camera with 1600×1200 pixels resolution
– Up to 40 games can be downloaded from Nokia Ovi Store
– Doesn’t come with secondary camera, but makes videos at 176×144@10fps
– Supports up to 32 GB microSD card. The internal storage allows only 10 MB storage. 32 MB Ram
– v2.1 Bluetooth, version 2.0 microUSB, GPRS and EDGE
– FM Radio, predictive text input and you can talk for up to 14 hours straight!

Final Words
Asha 305 is last in the series, but not for long as there will be more similar sets rolling out. As far as prices are concerned, all phones are pretty cheap and can be acquired from 30 to 150 dollars maximum; prices may vary depending upon your location. The demand for such mobilephones is never going to end, even though smartphone fan boys for not being able to compete other smartphones are criticizing Nokia heavily, but the fact remains same that there is still huge demand for basic phones, which do the job.


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  1. vladan says:

    They will never ever come anywhere near chinese dual sim phones..design,quality,and price for sure.if they continue with their arogant attitude towards the customers,they will surely disappear.and i cant say that ill be sorry.

  2. Michael Caine says:

    Where is Nokias dual sim with a 3G card ?
    It is a sad story knowing that Nokia had every opportunity to be ahead with touchscreen and all the other gadgets we see nowadays. But some boardmembers ! thought they knew better………. Let us hope that they catch up as they do show us eye-candy now and then.

  3. pcapon@btinternet.com says:

    I’ve had my X2-02 for nearly two years it is not the best for picking up signals and has one or two niggles but it is generally ok. A friend picked it up for me in India for approximately £47, not a bad price. it’s a shame that they are difficult to get hold of in the UK as quite a few of my friends would like one. They are very useful in rural areas where signal strengths and coverage vary. I have one SIM on each frequency this gives the best coverage. I would like a good solid 3G dual SIM smartphone but there only one or two available and the reviews are not the best.

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