iPhone 5 is just a camera for sad people

The name iPhone 5 is always on the tip of someone’s tongue, you read the news online, talk to friends etc and all you here about is the smartphone release of the year, the question is “What will this Apple sensation look like and what will it feature?” Well it seems that the Apple iPhone 5 is just a camera for sad people.

No one knows what the iPhone 5 will look like; we have reported on a number of occasions that it will have a new design and a larger screen size, time will tell as they say. The video below shows Greg Mansfield talking about the new iPhone 5 and the biggest feature is the camera, a little harsh to say but he believes that iPhone users only use them to take photos of food because they are sad and alone.

This is one of the funniest video clips we have seen and we suggest you head on down below to watch it, we all know that those that use iPhone’s including us take photos and then add them to Facebook, Pinterest etc, do you?

On a serious note whilst on the iPhone 5 subject, this handset is expected to appear somewhere around September 21 and TechCrunch reports that Verizon workers are forbidden to take vacations between Friday, Sept. 21 and September 30. The new iPhone will probably be announced September 12 with a release of Sept 21; we will let you know all the dates you need soon.

The iPhone 4S was announced Tuesday, October 4th and three days later on October 7 pre-orders started with availability on October 14. So the dates for the iPhone 5 stand at what we know so far: Expected announcement Wednesday September 12, Expected pre-order date on the same day, launch/release date being September 21.

Let the Apple iPhone 5 countdown begin; please do comment below after watching the iPhone video parody below.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 is just a camera for sad people”

  1. G says:

    I think it’s hilarious, the fact the guy in the video is talking about the iphone 5 being a camera. I bet he can’t use one since he’s got a serious wog-eye.

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