Nokia Windows Phone 8 to get some Verizon love

Over in the USA, it has been quite a while since the country’s top carrier offered a Windows Phone smartphone, that was way back in May of 2011 with the HTC Trophy, a handset that didn’t fair too well for the Big Red. However it appears that Verizon hasn’t quite finished with Windows Phone just yet, because word is the Big Red apparently plans on offering a Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone at some point this year.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of Bloomberg, both Nokia and Microsoft are to hold an event in New York City on the 5th of September, (there seems to be quite a lot happening in September), so they can chat about Nokia’s Windows Phone range.

The word that Verizon is considering offering a Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone comes via an unnamed person ‘with knowledge on the matter,’ and states that Verizon is not expected to be a part of the Microsoft/Nokia event, but does say Verizon intends to deliver a Nokia handset running Windows Phone 8 later.

Apparently the Big Red is after lessening their dependency on the iPhone along with Android devices that currently dominate the market, whilst a Nokia WP8 handset could provide ammunition against the upcoming iPhone 5 that is expected to surface as of the 12th of next month.

Obviously there’s no confirmation whether Verizon is indeed contemplating offering a Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset in the near future, or if so just which handset that might be.

Of course the big thing with this is, could a Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset make a substantial challenge to the iPhone and Android devices for Verizon, especially when you consider that the iPhone and Android devices have done pretty well for the carrier in the past.

What do our readers think, should Verizon Wireless offer a Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset to their customers?

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