GCSE Results Day 2012 and mobile phone cheats

Today is GCSE Results Day 2012 and many students as well as parents will be waiting anxiously to see what grades have come their way, back when I was a kid we did not have mobile phones so cheating was a lot harder (Not saying I cheated) but you know what I mean. The question is “Are there a few kids that cheated using their mobile phones?”

We all play games, send text messages, go on social networks etc at times when we should not, any many students in schools are constantly on their phones, it is a part of their life that they cannot do without. Go try taking your kids handset off them and all hell breaks loose in this day and age.

The reason we are asking if students cheat during exams because Mashable reports about McAfee’s 2012 Teen Internet Behaviour Study, it says that 23 percent of parents are concerned about their child cheating in school using online methods, but then 48 percent of teens said that they have looked up answers to the test or assignment online. The staggering part is the honesty of these students, because Twenty-two percent said that they cheated on tests online or by using a mobile phone.

Five percent of parents knew that their child was cheating, the survey also reveals that 15.8% of teens admit to cheating by looking for answers on their mobile phones, 3.2% knew their child did this, gadgets have made things very easy for schooling.

We here at Phones Review like to think gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets etc help students whilst studying, and it should be the school teachers that make sure they do not bring any tech gadgets during exam times.

Do you think students using mobile phones for cheating is a major problem? Should phones be banned from classrooms altogether? Please do let us know what you think about this.

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