iPhone 5 price alter and stock bump

Apple won it’s legal battle with Samsung, and in our eyes is the biggest victory when it comes to its stock bump. Apple shares are up to a staggering $14 after the smartphone firms win last Friday, this is where the iPhone 5 price alter and stock bump comes into play, and there could be a possibility that Apple could alter the price of the next-generation iPhone.

Friday revealed that Samsung infringed several mobile patents that were owned by Apple, this saw the smartphone and iPad makers awarded with an astonishing $1-billion in damages. Apples stock went up to a new $676 per share, leaving Google with a dip of 1.3 percent to around $669.

Cnet reports, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty believes that Apple’s win against Samsung brings confidence in iPhone 5 share gains over the next year, this leaves many smartphone makers thinking about design and software features in current or upcoming handsets.

$1 billion is a substantial amount of money and Apple will put that to great use, but this will have many other phone makers with a predicament. How many other firms out there re-thinking its strategy about its software and hardware of upcoming smartphones?

The Apple hit list will no doubt include cases with HTC, LG and possibly more. There is a chance that Apple could receive royalties from Android device makers and this could tally up to $3 to $25 per handset. This legal battle is far from over, and September 20th will have Apple and Samsung battling it out over what Sammy mobile products will face a sales ban in the United States. Samsung will most definitely make its appeal and we will be there to bring you updates.

There is one major question that needs answering, and that is “Will Apple alter aka raise the price of the iPhone 5?” If Samsung loses the battle and gets some of its mobile devices banned Apple could take full potential of competition absence to make even more profits first expected. The most successful smartphone on the market other than the iPhone was the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it was this that was the relative rival, but after Apple’s legal win, and if courts bans the sale of SGS3 handsets in the USA Apple will have no problems with extra sales of the iPhone 5.

At the moment the iPhone 4S sells for $199 on Apples website with a 2-year contract plan, there have been a few retailers according to Daily Finance dropping its price below the retail amount. A few analysts expect the iPhone 5 to have a similar price tag to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3 price, but after the win and the possibility of SGS3 sales banned in USA gives Apple the chance to alter its price to reflect this. The iPhone 5 could sell for $50 more per unit than the iPhone 4S, if Samsung do get pushed into the corner then Apple could potentially do whatever they please and still get more sales than ever.

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36 thoughts on “iPhone 5 price alter and stock bump”

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m sorry, but the fact that Apple wants to ban their biggest competitor from selling phones in the U.S. is such a pathetic move. This can also be seen as a move by Apple to rid U.S. competition, therefore they don’t have to develop better and better technology on a year to year basis. Lack of competition would make them lazier, allow them to raise their prices for their devices, yet all the braindead morons who buy the latest Apple products with each refresh cycle will still waste money on the products, regardless if it’s actually substantially better than the previous model or not. Banning Samsung products would be bad for both Samsung and Apple fans alike.

      1. JayD says:

        I agree… I wonder if they would talk like this if it was the other way around. It is absolutely clear that Apple was taken advantage of and everyone else has been copying/immitating their design and technology. Even Windows did it with widgets. Apple deserves the credit it is due.

    1. Merna says:

      I agree it’s another form of them tryin to monopolize all over agin. I am an iPhone user and apple enthusiast but if they do this I would rather not use any apple products

          1. dandan199 says:

            Google are taking on apple now. And with the amount of stuff copied from android they might have to come to a truce. I hate fricking patents. No matter what we will suffer one way or another

  2. U.S court should dismissed the case of the ban and give a substancial fine for monopoly apple is a great company but everyone has a right to choose a phone that they desire not what they are permitted to buy

  3. Chels says:

    This would be absolutely RIDICULOUS if sgs3 is banned. I mean I’m an iPhone user and I still think this is a stupid move. Yes apple is a great company, but so were many others… And now some of them are completely gone. Soon enough apple willbe deemed a monopoly and end up regretting its greed.

    1. Matt says:

      Blackberry’s has been so far away from popular, they are not user friendly and are simply not a good phone. I work as I Wireless sales rep and my colleges and I would never recommend them.

  4. Will B says:

    Apple got paid… Now what they should do is pass it along to its customers and lower the price of the iPhone. People will still have a choice on what they want to buy. I got caught up in the android hype with the HTC thunderbolt from the iphone 3s. Bad move on my part.. I don’t like android phones one bit.. Going back to apple with the iPhone 5.

  5. Rambo says:

    Hey I’m not a big apple fan, but apple did develop, patent and spent many millions or maybe billions in research and development, to come out with a product that most consumers love… Is this a fad? NO, this is called pure marketing genius. Everyone, please don’t hate, Steve Jobs is a marketing genius, read his book, this guy went through alot before apple started making money. Even Bill Gates screwed apple, when Microsoft copied apples platform. Apple has every right on this matter to sue all cell phone manufacturer, that copied and are using their technology, that why apple patented their technology. Also, apple is not monopolizing at all… Monopolizing for example is Microsoft, every PC must come with Microsoft Windows. For all you apple haters, you have a choice in not buying their product, so stop hating on one of top American companies.

  6. Dee says:


  7. Rambo says:

    Samsung needs to stop stealing Apples technology and start making their own. Apple wants to get paid for technology and wants samsung to stop using it, what is wrong with that?

  8. ha says:

    for you ppl… YES apple has every right to sue whoever they want because of all the research and effort BUT you have to think more deeper, whats the difference between 3g and 3gs? 4 and 4s? not much really… apple needs a little competition to keep on developing with better products otherwise its just a big marketing scam! you dont want apple to have total domination and only upgrade a camera every year! you want revolutionary products! im an apple fan myself and have apple products! theyre great but apple are holding back on the tech! Without competition it will be worse! dont understand y ppl complain, dont buy an adroid if you dont like them…SiMPLE but in reality theyre existence is helping us apple enthusiasts out!!

  9. Masood says:

    i think its time for Samsung to learn that stealing design and creativeness isn’t going a long way. what i fail to understand is why cant samsung cant comeup with their own design or do a google image search and pick up a great design from there rather then copy of other innovators. their are pure geniuses out there. but still I will say there is a call for Innovativeness on part of all cell phone manufacturer. spend part of your profits to new technologies that people love. and comeup with some thing different then others. if they cant and need to share technologies with others then use proper channel and buy a licence.

  10. WillFFsW says:

    True it is rediculouse FFs and the fight to samsung is the closest to google they won’t sue google as it is to big of a company but I love apple so screw Samsung hope they win the samsung g s3 is crap and ugly and android is craP it is not professional think about it they have a system alled jelly bean FFs

  11. Chris says:

    Guys, I think it will be alright, the S3 probably won’t be banned, partially because Apple had not actually included it in the list of the products that infringed its parts and I think that it will be hard anyway.

  12. Alex says:

    I have an Android phone currently and I think Android is great. I am going to get an Iphone 5 when they come up because I think Iphones (at the moment) are absolutely top quality. However, I don’t have any loyalty to any camp and think they both have benefits and negatives.

    Apple needs to accept that there are other companies that sell phones, on occassion the design may be similar but Samsung did address that (See SGS3). If Apple hold the patent then they should licence the patent and technologies for use to all phone makers, if the needy company refuses to gain a licence then sue them. If Apple decides to consisenly sue any company that provides any threat to become the only smartphone provider their dominance will surely come tumbling down as people will become sick of their ‘bully-boy’ tactics!

    Innovation is key to development, this leads to better products and better prices for the consumer. Patents held should be available for licence, this will help drive consumer satisfaction and a better markeetplace. Whether Apple fanboy, Android fanboy or, Samsung fanboy don’t make the mistake of blithely pledging allegiance to one company without appropriate consideration. That will end in all new tecnology suiting the purpose of the corporations and not the consumer!

  13. james egan says:

    I Like apple products but i also like Samsung products but which 1 is better. There’s only 1 way to find out ………. FIGHT lol !!!!!
    i will be getting the iphone 5 when it comes out but if they hike the price up i will have to re-consider as i am wanting the 32gb version which was £600 for the 4s last year so if it is more than that for the Iphone 5 i will be extremely unhappy and so will a lot of Apple fans. If they have won there battle with Samsung and won over 1 Billion dollars then that saving should go to its customers but cant see that happening really hope they dont get greedy over this !!!!!!

  14. Tom says:

    Apple got Paid but it’s not over till the check clears – there is still the appeals process that Samsung is pursuing – Apple had home court advantage in this trial as it was held in California – Apple is one of the largest tech employers. That $1B will reflect in Tim’s 2012 performance – a gain for his upcoming Options and the Shareholders are loving it as well. I don’t see Apple giving this money back to it’s customers, they have the highest markup in the industry ~25% on computers and I can only imagine on their popular iPhone / iPads. I have both Apple & Samsung products but I’m sorry, this trial just smacks of GREED, plain & simple…

  15. HookedOnTabs says:

    Bill Gates should have never bailed out Jobs and we would not have any of this because Mac would have gone BK and out if business. So much for Bill being kind hearted because Jobs was a true Dickensian.

  16. Kaffeguy says:

    This is really bad for the American market. It also cuts innovation. Companies will be afraid to produce because it may cause them money with legal battles. It is pathetic that they won so much and yet they want to take Samsung’s products out of the market. So are we going to ne forced into using “Apple” for everything electronic we own?” I guess a friend of mine was right when he told me this only happens in the US of A. !

  17. Wiibloke says:

    I dont really care about all the patient problems because that is the point of patients and if Samsung were first to market with touch screen smart phones then they would sue apple. If this affects the products I can buy and the price of these then there is a problem there. As for the band Samsung devices, well, this does not really affect Samsungs current flagship products. I have been an iPhone user for 3 years but currently have a Galaxy S3 which is also an reasonable phone.

  18. Mike says:

    Sure from Joe Consumer’s perspective, this isn’t good. However, in the world of big business, which includes these companies, this move is genius. Not to mention they are doing things the legal way through the court. As far as lowering the prices after monetary compensation, not happening. You don’t get to $600+ stock prices by being charitable with your products. There is already a charity budget set aside for the humanity box. We are a consumer nation, every one of us, and regardless the price we are going to pay. $400 for a phone, $300/month, it doesn’t matter. We have become dependent on our technologies and in the land of milk and honey, we tell ourselves it’s okay. Apple is about making money, not changing the world for the better, the latter is up to us as individuals.

  19. John says:

    It’s amazing reading all these comments. Arthur C. Clarke described the iPAD in his 1969 novel ‘Space Odessey 2001’. Maybe his estate should sue Apple just to make this whole circus even more ridiculous! This just convinced me even more never to purchase any Apple products. This takes greed to a whole new level…

  20. THE BOSS says:

    1. Where would the world be if it weren’t for patent infringement we would have no color tv, no phones, no headphones, and no stoves. We would literally be deaf, blind, and hungry.
    2. Whether Apple bans the SGS3 or not android users will still buy into android.
    3. What is Apple really suing over? OMFG TEH SCREENZ BOUNCES WHEN HIT BOTTOM SCREENZ!!!! I mean really they sued for bounce back and having a rectangular phone with rounded edges, because apple created the rounded rectangle. You know damn right that this will back fire on apple and they will end up getting sued by the phones from the 2003 phones.
    4. This will completely stop innovation in the phone basis we need both competitors.

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