Apple slaughters Samsung shares by 12 billion dollars

Following the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung we always knew that the outcome would be sure to create tidal waves in the mobile industry, whichever way it went. Sure enough it now seems that Apple’s win over Samsung is causing major shockwaves resulting in the slaughter of Samsung shares to the tune of around 12 billion dollars.

The U.S. patent lawsuit was a decisive victory for Apple and even though Samsung is to appeal the verdict the damage is already being done. On Monday 7.5% was lost from Samsung Electronic shares meaning the massive South Korean company lost $12 billion off its market value. This came amid concerns over how the verdict will affect the major cash arm of Samsung, its smartphone business. Around 70% of Samsung’s earnings now comes from smartphones and tablets and in the April to June quarter Samsung made a $4.5 billion net profit. The jury verdict means that Samsung has to pay Apple over a billion dollars in damages because of patent infringements, namely features copied from the iPhone and iPad. It also means that Samsung could face a ban on sales of some of its products.

It’s difficult to say right now exactly where this will leave Samsung and a fund manager at a Korean asset management company said, “There are still too many variables including the final ruling to come at least a month from the recent verdict, and whether there will be a sales ban on Samsung’s main sellers such as the Galaxy S3,” according to a Reuters report. The Californian jury found that Samsung had infringed on six Apple patents but it’s fair to say that the speedy verdict surprised many, following only three days’ deliberations. Another giant of the mobile world, Google, is also draw into the battle as its Android operating system powers the Samsung devices that were deemed to have infringed on patents.

Analysts now predict that Samsung earnings this year will fall by around 4% while Microsoft could see a welcome gain because of its rival mobile operating system, Windows Phone. Indeed in early trading on Monday, shares in Nokia, Microsoft’s handset partner, rose by 6%. A further hearing has been set for September 20 when Apple is expected to file for Samsung sales injunctions although Samsung insists that the verdict “is not the final word in this case.”

We’d like to hear your thoughts on Apple’s win over Samsung. Do you feel the verdict was correct and will amplify Apple’s success story? Maybe you feel the outcome will lead to less consumer choice in the market? Send your comments to let us know.

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