Apple and Samsung battle to intensify over any 4G LTE iPhone

Apple and Samsung have been in the news quite a bit recently with their ongoing legal wrangles over alleged broken patents, and while the latest decision in favour of the iPhone maker is being appealed by Samsung, the battle between the two companies is set to intensify over any future 4G LTE iPhone that may be eventually released.

As the Android Community are reporting Samsung may have lost the most recent court battle, but the company is likely to win the war in the end. Samsung currently holds slightly over ten percent of all 4G LG patents and is set to move offensively if Apple decides to release an iPhone with 4G LTE connectivity.

It is being suggested that Samsung is basically saying to its bitter rival “we dare you” to release a 4G LTE iPhone, which is widely believed to be coming in the coming weeks with the iPhone 5 release. If as expected the company does launch such a device Samsung is waiting in the wings to sue its rival in an offense move.

Obviously the latest version of the Apple iPad features LTE technology, but it is believed Samsung has been waiting to attack Apple’s flagship product once released. There has been rumours that Apple and Google have been holding private discussions to end the long running patent disputes, but it seems Samsung doesn’t want any part of that.

If as expected Apple does launch the iPhone 5 with 4G LTE compatibility the company could quickly find itself back in the court rooms facing its fierce rival. Samsung could move to get an injunction on any such product in a variety of countries as soon as any details about the iPhone 5 are officially known.

It is thought Apple will be showcasing the next version of the iPhone on September 12th, but this has yet to be confirmed as no invites have been sent out yet. Do you think these various court battles will ever end?

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