Apple now going after Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note

The bitter dispute between Apple and Samsung has been going on for ages now, and it seems there may be no end in sight with some new developments coming yesterday. It is being reported that Apple is now going after the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note among other devices in its latest move.

As it is being reported by Cnet following its recent victory against Samsung in a California court, Apple has now filed an amended complaint with the same court, but in a separate case. The amendments have added the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note to the ever increasing list of hardware that Apple says infringe its intellectual property.

The original complaint was first made back in February and included seventeen Samsung devices that were supposedly breaking patents owned by the iPhone maker. Apple looked to ban the Galaxy S3 back in June, but this was put on hold due to a packed court schedule.

Apple stated in the amended complaint that “infringing Samsung products include the at least 21 new smartphones, media players, and tablets that Samsung has released beginning in August 2011 and continuing through August 2012”.

The company lists the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, and Verizon Galaxy S3, along with the Galaxy Note 10.1 among the other devices. It would be a big victory for Apple if it could get a ban on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the device is selling really well around the world, which according to a number of analysts has helped the company to increase its lead over Apple.

Sales of the original Galaxy Note have been pretty strong as well since it was first released last year, but only yesterday we told you that Samsung may be planning to make an offensive move itself if Apple decides to release a future iPhone that has 4G LTE compatibility, as the company holds a lot of patents for the technology.

Do you think Apple has a worthy case against the Samsung Galaxy S3?


31 thoughts on “Apple now going after Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note”

  1. Richard says:

    Apple are just running scared because their market share is now dropping because android and more precisely Samsung is ripping apple a new one, doing what apple do but doing it far far better.

    They fear that they can’t compete so want to kill the opposition.

  2. Liam says:

    Apple have no need to sue Samsung, I currently have the Samsung Galaxy s3 and my friend has the iPhone 4s, and i can tell you, Samsung Galaxy s3 is alot more stylish, sleek, compact and very user friendly with a really beautiful interface! its alot better than the iPhone 4s and many of there Apple products, thats why there worrying! Samsung overwrites apple in my opinion.

    1. IIBladeII says:

      seriously gonna say compact? If I hold my S3 next to my iPhone, the S3 is bigger! Plus iOS is way more user friendly than Android, and that beautiful interface is slooooow. Plus you say all Apple products and i’m sure the iMac/MacBook Pro are the best in class if you look at 95% of review sites.

      You are basically posting you think your phone is better than your mates. Everybody needs to think that the phone they went for is the best.

  3. Not-An-iSheep says:

    So when does Xerox decide to go after Apple for their blatant theft? Because maybe they should.
    Shove off, Apple. You’re disgusting us all. I actually kinda of considered Apple products not long ago. Now? I wouldn’t buy Apple even if they were superior. Which they’re not.

  4. Dan says:

    It’s a shame for Apple to do such thing, instead of coming up with new stuff they stuck on their phone and go poking around… maybe they should creat an apple camera and claim that samsung stole their ideas to creat galaxy camera… tsssssss

  5. Paul says:

    Both me and my wife have bought many Apple products over the years, not anymore! Actually, the day after the ruling against Samsung we took our daughters out and got the family all new Samsung Phones. I got Galaxy S3, my wife got the Aviator, and my 2 daughters picked out Samsung Galaxy s2 and the other the S3. Screw Apple, they will never see another penny from this pocket again, and I know many more people who feel this way!

    1. IIBladeII says:

      I went for a S3 after being on iPhone, big wake up call. Android is slow, laggy and unresponsive. Sometimes takes 3 swipes just to answer a call. I don’t agree with all these lawsuits but google and samsung did take the copy route with apple. Now everyone gets mad when apple try’s to protect that.

      Samsung phones before the iPhone were just rip offs of Blackberrys because they were the most successful.

      The CEO of google was on the apple board when they designed iOS, coincidence? I don’t think so.

      Peter, as for bullying. Microsoft did it all the way through the 90’s and 2000’s, and I guess you use a Windows computer as you never bought Apple.

  6. Thiru says:

    I wish.samsung phones never get banned.what phone other than I phone does apple have.they r just scared.i beg everyone not to buy 5.thn wat abt t
    he people using samsung phonez apple ass holes

  7. Paul, my sentiments exactly. I have never bought an Apple product, but I had considered it; but now I certainly never will in future.
    Any company whose “business model” is to sue and bully their competitors – instead of simply competing fairly in the market, letting the consumer make their own choice – does not deserve to stay in business.
    It’s a good job the UK and European courts are more sensible!

  8. Ski says:

    I am sick of the whole scenario-am selling my IPad3 as I no longer will buy an Apple product. Maybe consumers can start showing displeasure with Apple by not buying their products-they stifle development and choice with their frivolous lawsuits.

  9. I have been a recent convert from Microsoft to apple and, bevcause of better connection and brilliant design (etc), to apple’s iPhones and iPad. However, because of Apple’s litigation processes, I will now not buy any further products from apple and look to Samsung. While Apple may be protecting their patents with Bully-boy tactics in the USA, I totally reject their attitude and feel that many others will follow the same line and. like me, vote with their money – elsewhere.

  10. Francis Badu says:

    This is a disgrace to USA legal system and it appears to be
    substandard as this nonsense of incompetent Apple who cannot compete in the
    market is doing cannot happen in Europe where there people belief in innovation.
    I wish Sony will sue apple for infringing on their MP3 intellectual property
    which then termed it IPod. I wish Samsung will appeal and continue to appeal in
    the international court. It appears Apple is just prosecuting Samsung’s
    innovation. Almost all

    smartphones look alike in appearance and functionality just like
    laptops, why is it that Apple is only prosecuting Samsung? US legal system
    should help maintain integrity in business and stop lazy companies who sit on
    the fence just to bully others who invest in R&D. God willing Apple cannot
    stop the choices open to customers and they will be defeated in Jesus name. We
    should all spread the news that because apple can’t compete they have resorted
    to legal actions against companies who can compete and that people should not
    buy apple products and Samsung should not pay compensation.

    1. tryingtobehonest says:

      Apple are a bunch of thieves who steal everyone elses ideas… Steve Jobs used to brag about it. He’s where he belongs and hopefully Apple will follow him to hell.

  11. I have been an Apple product fan for the past 5 years, and 3 years of that with a 3GS. I recently upgraded to the Galaxy S3 on the grounds of pricing flexability. I have been pleasently supprised with the S3 and I am now a total Android convert. I am dissapointed that Apple have carried on this pathetic fight as I believe that Steve Jobs wouldn’t let the company follow this path. When Henry ford produced a mass market car did he sue anyone else that used the same technologies ie. wheels, lights and a horn??? I would say no it made him improve his product which gave us the consumer CHOICE and I think Apple have forgotton how this all works and hopefully they will loose market share due to there greed!!!

  12. abner gonzalez says:

    I hope that apple will suffer big time on the sales of that stupid iphone 5. And i hope samsung sue apple on there stupid mini ipad that is 7 inch tablet. Apple to hell and burn for ever. I am so pissed off at apple for banning samsung cell phone. I hope that google and microsoft sue apple to block the piece of crap iphone 5 and mini ipad.

  13. Wj says:

    Apple might be in American company but they are made In china. I won’t support a company who bullies its way in the market place. They are over priced and its the prices they charge that keeps people from buying.

  14. scott7577 says:

    Lets look at this fact. I myself hate Apple because they have treated me like garbage whenever I have had a problem with one of their products. The products look nice, but they are junk. Samsung simply has the better products. I do not own any Apple products and probabbly never will ever again/ Why, because there are other people who can do it better. They can sue their competitor all they want but the will never get me back as a customer. It is foolish.

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