Missing Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update means lower prices

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) has attained massive sales and proven extremely popular but many owners are patiently, or not, waiting for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. This is on its way and shouldn’t be too much longer but now it seems that the lack of Jelly Bean so far means that prices for the Galaxy S3 are getting lower, especially in the wake of the big reveal of the Galaxy Note 2, which will be launched running the latest Jelly Bean operating system.

We’ve been keeping readers informed about when the Galaxy S3 would receive the 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade and most recently told how the software update is scheduled for some point this month along with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and hopefully also the Galaxy S2. However even bearing that in mind there are reports of price drops in some regions for the unlocked Galaxy S3, which seems pretty odd, especially when considering the unexpected boost in U.S. sales of the Galaxy S3 after the recent Apple victory against Samsung in patent litigation and also the fact that Jelly Bean is just around the corner.

Even so, Pop Herald reports that the international Galaxy S3 HSPA+ model is being lowered in price and claims this is because of the new Galaxy Note 2 that will be launched with Jelly Bean in tow, therefore deterring customers from purchasing the Galaxy S3. It seems that some retailers have dropped the price of the Galaxy S3 to $700 from $800 and that other outlets are selling the 16GB Galaxy S3 for as low as between $650 to $680. The idea that this is because of the reveal of the Galaxy Note 2 in Berlin last week is backed up by the fact that these lower prices only started to appear after the Note 2 was officially announced.

We’re also informed that even when the Galaxy S3 does receive its Jelly Bean update, one retail store source told how this would not affect the latest unlocked price. It will certainly be interesting to see if these price drops become more widespread and if they go lower still, but remember, if you already have a Galaxy S3 then your taste of Android Jelly Bean should be with your shortly.

Are you waiting for the Jelly Bean update to arrive for your Galaxy S3? Are you surprised that the international Galaxy S3 is dropping in price in the wake of the Galaxy Note 2 with Jelly Bean that will be released soon? Send your comments to let us know.


62 thoughts on “Missing Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update means lower prices”

  1. Ryan says:

    Sad as it seems samsung are letting us s3 buyers down?
    Such a darn good phone , beatin up by apple . All waiting for jelly bean 4.1 and 5 in the future ?.
    What would the car industry be if it had been Apple and not Ford ?. Apple are for weathy peeps and no better than Pc or Android .However , they are darn good at marketing. I believe in choice ,my wiffy has an iphone and I a Galaxy S3 . My choice , could have had an iphone . Just liked the S3 , u cannot compare either as they are not alike. The iphone has more and then so does the Galaxy s3. Grow up, it’s a personable choice , no one cares about who designed what. If I did then ok , English designed ,built in China ,made with Samsung parts , say no more.

    1. tkd_aj says:

      what the check are you talking about? “apple is for wealthy peeps”? that makes no sense at all. the newest iPhone is the same price as the s3 or very close to it depending on where you look, and you can get the older iPhone 4 or 3gs for much cheaper. Oh, and, they are actually quite similar… I’m not really sure where you got the idea that android and iOS are not similar, but you are incorrect. they are similar, but android is better, and that’s really all there is to it. An android can do pretty much anything an iPhone can do, plus tons more. The people who buy iOS devices over android ones are either someone who wants to look cool, someone who wants a simpler smart phone than an android, or someone who makes an uneducated decision to buy one because they think it is better.

        1. I don’t get this attitude. iPhone is around the same price as S3. I had an iPhone 4 for 2 years and liked it, recently went to the S3 because it’s a BETTER DEVICE! not because it’s an effing fashon statement. Grow up.

          1. Petero1818 says:

            Nonsense. I regularly use an Iphone 4 but switched to Nexus S last year, and back to Iphone. Both are very capable devices. The galaxy S3 is certainly a more advanced device. It is capable of much more than the Iphone. That said, the Iphone is VERY good at doing what it does. It handles the tasks it was designed for better than any Android device I have seen or used. I went back to the Iphone 4 primarily because it handled the integration of personal and exchange email as well as calendar and contact migration better than the solution I was able to jerry rig on my Nexus S. There are things that I miss about my Android device for sure. Large screen size, widgets, flexibility, turn by turn, but at the end of the day, 80% of my time was spent using the device for email, calendar and contacts and Iphone’s solution for that was seamless. Android’s not as much. I hope that the Galaxy S3 does a better job of it, though I am seeing issues on various boards around exchange with GS3.

      1. chshamich says:

        Im not agreed with u. Im using iphone since 1st gen. It was the best phone in whole world. But recently i moved to android(s3). Because i was looking for a device with a bigger screen. So many people moved from apple to android because of iphone small screen and apple failed to introduce new fetures. But when i bought s3 the 1st thing came in my mind was “its a much better phone then iphone” but then i realise its a good phone but with not a very good OS. I never have any issues with my iphone. But with s3 i have many issue. If u compare ios with android. Ios is very simple easy to use well organised and very stable but without full flash support. On other hand android gives u custmization, Widgets, but complex os. Not very orgnaised and also hard to use. In ios apple kindof does every thing for u but in android u have to do it manualy.
        I wd love to have ios on s3. Or nokia 920.

    1. Chiru says:

      Go to Settings -> About Device -> Software Update -> update
      it’ll check for the update and downloads and updates your OS. You doesn’t need KIES for updating the firmware..!
      I always update like that only. Never did it from KIES.

      It is really cool..!!

  2. This is really sad that jelly bean update is yet not available. What SAMSUNG is trying to prove, we Galaxy S3 user who bought the most expensive device few month ago will now have to buy another Galaxy Note 2 only for to use new anroid OS. If to increase sell of Galaxy Note 2 they are holding update of Galaxy s3 this would be very lame. I think all Galaxy S3 user have thought the same like me we should have received Jelly bean update by now. Shocking !! why there is so much delay …..

    1. ronf57 says:

      i was expecting s3 to ship with jelly bean in the isa….since we didn’t get quad processors, ok, we got door number 3…2gb memory which i don’t see how they shipped any without.

  3. Richard says:

    Samsung never said that Jelly Bean would be available in August – that was a rumour that became “fact”. The leaked releases apparently have a few bugs so they are most likely fixing those before release. Be patient and calm down everyone – there is nothing wrong with Android 4.0!

  4. Sam says:

    I bought a galaxy s3 last week from ATT. If Jellybean does not come out before the Iphone, I’m returning it and getting the Iphone. I’m being completely serious. That, and the battery on the s3 is so bad, the phone usually craps out after 100 texts. I’m so disappointed in Samsung. I’m never buying their products again. :c

    1. Bob says:

      What the hell are you talking about the battery life on the S3 is amazing, currently I’m lasting 16 hours on it, and that’s using it pretty frequently. Your phone might be defective, i’d return it ASAP.

      1. That’s interesting… I only get 10 hours with moderate to heavy use…. I installed juice defender and get double that, sometimes more, what does frequently entail for you?
        Because, most of my friends say that 16 hours or more is only possible with moderate use. Even and Iphone goes in 5 hours depending on what you’re using. I’d like to know
        your secre

    2. s says:

      the craps out after 100 texts? either you have a phone with a fault (and dont say apple doesn’t have faults – i seem to remember the not so long a ago episode where people couldn’t make a phone call from the iphone!!) or your an apple sheep hows just wtote a load of rubbish – my phone lasts for ages with emailing, texts, games, sat nav everything – including yes making a call which the iphone at one point couldnt…

    3. Lee says:

      Are you taking the Mick????… I have been using mobile data all day from 10 am it’s now 2.40am my Wi-Fi is on now and my battery is40%…and I have been texting calling and using whatsapp…

  5. huila says:

    Amit dey is super right.
    Why there is no update for jelly bean yet.? If the actual iphone device wouldn’t be so ugly and the screen so smallish i would buy ipone tomorow. I am tired frok this android fragmentation crap. My galaxy s3 is full of bugs. This isnt a finished product.

  6. KID ANDROID says:

    I dont get all the ppl complaining about the Jelly Bean update because Jelly Bean was only released what a month ago, which is ridiculous to think that it should be out by now. The Galaxy S2 took close to a year to recieve ICS which was different because it was a complete rebuild of the OS from the ground up but at the same time you cant get mad about only a month after the update was first released.
    On top of that you guys just got your Galaxy S3s so enjoy it & be patient. The Jelly Bean update will not look any different really & the only feature in it that youll want is Google Now & its still a work in progress so it will not be a huge deal to those who are not in business & or travelling alot.
    -KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  7. alan1for says:

    If your not happy then go buy an iPhone.. course iPhone updates come out quicker, they only have the iPhone.. Google have first to code the new OS then the smartphone manufacturers then have to recode android and tweak it to run properly on the 20 or so different android devices. All these ppl bitching and moaning.. grow the hell up. IT’S COMING, JUST SHUT UP AND BE PATIENT LIKE THE REST OF US

    1. Jon T says:

      My friend tried to put a rom on his S3 and bricked the phone and had to buy a new one. After seeing that, I sure don’t want to mess around with any rom related issues with my S3. Jelly Bean or not, my S3 still runs like a champ.

  8. karlos says:

    I’m happy with my s3 apart from my bluetooth not sending files to any device! Get 99% done and get a could not send file, operation failed! Other than this, its an awsome phone! Never used apple devices so I cant comment!

  9. Marc says:

    IMO I think that Samsung have been delaying the release of Jelly Bean for the S3 so they can release it the day that Apple hold their iPhone 5 event. They will at least take some of the limelight away from their biggest competitor. However I for one won’t be getting and iPhone 5, I just traded my 4S for a S3 and I have to say, “Hello Android!” ICS is a far better OS than iOS 6. I can’t believe I’m saying it but yes I am an Android convert.

  10. Brendan says:

    Come to Hong Kong and pick up an unlocked S3 for US$525…And use the change for a good night on the town! Might need someone to sponsor the flight, etc though 🙂

  11. Shahnawaz says:

    Yes! I am waiting for Jelly Bean but I have the patience to wait till fully compatible wid my device without any bugs.. and the more you wait the more you have its value…

  12. iDroid says:

    I owned an iPhone but had to switch to android because I got T-Mobile and don’t want 2g speeds. I liked how my iPhone never freezes up like android does. I found the iPhone to suit my needs better. I enjoy playing games like GTA and Max Payne on my device and love the gaming quality on the new iPad. I do use jailbreak allowing me full customization and seamless performance. You can do pretty much anything an android does with a jailbroken iDevice with all of Apple’s perks. But I’d have to say galaxy s3 is best of android devices.

      1. Dustin says:

        Samsung has unlocked the bootloader to the S3’s. Not to mention after rooting you do a Nandroid backup via Custom Recovery so in the event of a possible brick you can restore the Backup and be good to go again.

  13. fredsau flores says:

    I just recently bought my galaxy s3 last 3 weeks ago, and its disapointing to know that the device that I have bought will marked down its price, so I should have waited for the Iphone 5 rest assuring the price will remain until the new model will come out not like samsung, just like nokia thats why I never liked nokia.

    1. Jon T says:

      don’t feel too bad, resale value of S3 is very high. Don’t let a few bucks let you down. See for yourself, ( movaluate dot com /samsung/galaxy-s-iii-att-blue) They just provide price guidelines but it is very accurate since they get the price from ebay completed auctions.

  14. jacko says:

    samsung are doing what they do best ie this is what you could have had but this is what you are stuck with shame they dont deliver the goods when they should

  15. Ryan says:

    It would be kind of Samsung to KEEP us informed , after all we are paying their wages by purchasing their products. And weren’t we well and truly caught as the cost of the GS3 has dropped and it ain’t been out very long. Yer I know it ain’t a VW… iphone 4s price still up ba apple

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