O2 UK Sony Xperia Ray, Neo & Arc denied Android ICS

Some bad news for those that own the Sony Xperia Ray, Neo and Arc smartphones, O2 UK has denied owners of these handsets Android ICS 4.0. This means that you will have to continue using Android Gingerbread instead of Ice Cream Sandwich, testing did go ahead but did not meet the requirements for the phones mentioned above.

The testing of Android Ice Cream Sandwich for the Xperia Ray, Neo and Arc did not meet the requirements for O2 UK, it seems it was not right for O2 customers owning these handsets, which we know will be upsetting for some.

Normally such software passes O2’s testing but a few small issues that the O2 testing team quickly work to fix, obviously O2 would like the best for its customers but unfortunately the Xperia Ray, Arc and Neo saw a few issues whilst test were carried out. Sony explains that Android 4.0’s hardware requirements are more advanced than previous software updates, and this means that your phone’s performance may be affected.

O2 decided not to approve the update because they do not wish its customers to lack performance, this means Gingerbread will stay put on these smartphones.

If you are into rooting and custom ROMs there is always a chance you could get Android Ice Cream Sandwich, many phones not receiving the official ICS update leaves customers looking for a AOKP Custom ROM, please do let us know how you feel about the above news, thanks.

We here at Phones Review will always keep you up-to-date on what handsets will get or will not get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich as well as Android Jelly Bean, sometimes we get good news and then we also get the dreaded bad news we have to let our readers know. Sorry about the above news but we thought you had the right to know, please do post your comments below.

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