iPhone 5 vs Android big screen threat

It is widely believed that Apple will be launching its next version of the iPhone later this month, and one of the main features that have been speculated about in recent months is the iPhone 5 screen size. It is thought that Apple will be offering consumers a device with a 4-inch display, but when you compare the possible iPhone 5 vs the big screens on offer with Android it doesn’t pose much of a threat.

According to an article on TechCrunch a larger iPhone may not be coming too soon because it has been found over the last 12 weeks the Android platform has pulled further ahead of the device, which has been led by the bigger Android handsets on offer.

Out of all the Android devices purchased over the last three months, 29% of them had a screen size of over 4.5-inches, which included devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, and others. The current iPhone has a screen size of only 3.5-inches, while Androids market share has risen by 20.2% in Europe over the last year.

This compares to the US where it actually saw a fall by 4.5% as the iPhone platform rose by almost 9% during the same period. It seems that the larger a screen a device has, the more likely the owner will use the device for more services.

It has been found that only 19% of users that have a device with a screen smaller than 3-inches download and watch videos, which compares to 65% of those that own a device that is 5-inches or bigger.

We have already compared the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to what the iPhone 5 may bring to the table, but surely an iPhone featuring a screen size of only 4-inches wouldn’t cause much threat to this or the Samsung Galaxy S3?

When the iPhone was first released the handsets screen was really out on its own compared to the competition, but times have changed with smartphones now acting as our mobile PCs. The growing popularity of devices such as the Galaxy Note is testament to this with owners doing so much more besides making calls and texting.

Do you think an iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display is big enough?


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  1. Gav456 says:

    The only thing that’s worrying me is the US patent office granting Apple a patent for 4″+ 16:9 screens on mobile devices, and the sueing android manufacturers regardless of prior art.

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