Microsoft Surface smartphone launch could upset big names

Well now, we all know Microsoft has entered the tablet space with the Surface tablet, but it appears that Microsoft also wants a piece of the smartphone market apparently with the possibility of new Microsoft Surface smartphone coming out to play in the mobile space that might sport the company’s latest mobile operating system.

According to an article over on Redmond Pie, German site Wparea.de is reporting that a Windows Phone benchmarking app called WP Bench, has revealed the Microsoft Surface phone, which runs OS 8.0.9754.0, which is consistent with previous sightings of the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Naturally the above can’t be regarded as concrete evidence that Microsoft is indeed planning on delivering a Microsoft Surface smartphone, and this is the first time we have heard of the device, but then there’s a first time for everything isn’t there, so perhaps this is only the beginning and more will be revealed later.

If Microsoft is actually contemplating putting out their own Windows Phone 8 smartphone, it could possibly upset Nokia slightly considering they have thrown all their eggs into the Windows Phone basket as it were, and obviously other big names such as Samsung, LG and HTC probably wouldn’t be too pleased either.

so the big question is could Microsoft be working on releasing their own smartphone running Windows Phone 8? Well apparently back in June Microsoft did deny they were working on their own smartphone, but in the mobile space things can change and more often than not they do.

Still no doubt if Microsoft is actually planning on delivering a Microsoft Surface phone at some point in the future, more about the handset will obviously leak to the mobile space over time, as it is quite difficult to keep such things under total wraps without something leaking out.

So what do our readers think about all this, do you think Microsoft should deliver their own Surface smartphone, or do you feel they should leave the smartphone space to Nokia and other partners?


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface smartphone launch could upset big names”

  1. obvone says:

    I think Nokia is struggling as it is even with the help of Windows in customer satisfaction use of their handsets. Fine they’re beautiful and all but… they still fail. I have been a die hard Nokia user for over a decade and I’m tired of Nokia churning out new phones which miss functions their predecessor handsets had. And when they get on the awesome bandwagon (as they did with Windows) the handset prices fly sky HIGH! Thus, its time to move on… I want to see Windows bring a Surface smartphone to life but avoid inter integrating unhelpful Windows 8 principles into it and the excesses unnecessary for a phone e.g (41MP Camera, Cinema Projector just in case lights fail at the cinema, bullet proof glass just in case your phone is shot at– like wtf! ppl stop being stupid. Its a phone!

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