Apple iPhone UDID statement to clarify FBI request

There is a lot of news around online at the moment talking about the 1,000,001 iPhone and iPad identifiers being leaked and obtained from a hacked FBI laptop that is said to have held 12 million such Apple device IDs and personal information, so we thought we would give you a quick update on the Apple iPhone UDID statement to clarify FBI request.

AntiSec reported that unique device identifiers aka UDID that totalled up to 12,367,232 Apple iPhones and iPads were found via a hack and lifted after the breach from an FBI agents laptop, the UDID’s are unique with 40-character codes that are assigned to iDevices with cellular connectivity, these are used for the likes of app registration and tracking by developers.

The above news prompted us to find out more and whilst doing this we see that Apple Insider have a update on the matter, according to this source Apple has issued a statement mentioning that they did NOT provided any such UDIDs to the FBI. The statement in brief mentions that the FBI did not request information from Apple, nor did Apple provide it to the FBI or any organization.

Apple will be banning the use of UDID when they introduce iOS 6 a new set of APIs, which will potentially replace the use of UDID.

Whilst Apple issued its statement the FBI issues its own one, stating that AntiSec’s allegations were false. The FBI also mention that they distance themselves from using information that are private such as UDIDs and that there is no such evidence linking the purported UDID leak to the agency.

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