Pre-order iPhone 5 Grove wood case now

New smartphones bring with them a number of accessories from third party manufacturers that provide consumers a vast number of ways of enhancing and personalizing their handset. The Apple iPhone is one such device that has a large quantity of different products to complement it, and consumers have the chance to pre-order the iPhone 5 Grove wood case now ahead of the handsets release.

Ahead of the official launch of any iPhone model we often see Chinese manufacturers releasing cheap cases that are speculating on what the final product will be like. This case is different though, and is available at a lower introductory price for those pre-ordering it before September 30th with a refundable $20 deposit.

This will get you the Grove Case for the iPhone 5 for only $59 instead of $79, and has been totally redesigned from the ground up. The manufacturers promise customers a case that is beautiful, durable, and natural.

It is made from a plant fiber composite core that is fused to a solid bamboo exterior, which contains 100% post consumer fibres coupled with renewable bamboo. This means the case is both fresh and sustainable. The Grove Case gets its strength from being bound with water based resins under tremendous pressure, which provides a smooth feel to the case that is topped off with the graceful aging of the bamboo.

This case is precision milled from a solid block of bamboo before being hand sanded and oiled to provide a craftsman like quality. Each of the cases take several days to make before being delivered to customers and are made in Portland, Oregon.

The company stresses that the final design may change which will depend on the iPhone 5 itself, with the company suggesting they will get their hands on the iPhone 5 on September 21st. Deliveries are expected to commence at the beginning of October. To find out more and to pre-order click here.

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