LTE iPhone 5 factor removes competitive danger

As we get closer and closer to the expected reveal of the Apple iPhone 5 at an event on September 12 the more speculation grows about just what the new iPhone will have to offer. For some time now one of the factors that has been widely expected for the iPhone 5 has been 4G LTE connectivity and it now looks as though that has been all but confirmed with a new report. It also appears that unlike the new iPad the 4G LTE aspect will be available globally and this could further remove competitive danger from Apple’s biggest rivals such as Samsung.

As we said, 4G LTE connectivity has been long-rumored for the iPhone 5 and many people would be disappointed now if the iPhone 5 doesn’t come LTE-equipped. Not long ago we told how 4G LTE looked increasingly likely when it was reported that Apple was in discussions with SK Telecom and KT in Korea to deliver the iPhone 5 for its 4G LTE network, even though this would mean a different LTE modem for Korea’s different frequencies. However, after Apple won its recent U.S. patent litigation with Samsung and proceeded to attempt sales of certain Samsung devices, we told how Samsung vowed to strike back and attempt to get the iPhone 5 banned from sale for infringing its patents, if it arrives with 4G LTE.

It looks as though Apple’s plans for a 4G LTE iPhone are going ahead full steam though with news from the WSJ. It reports that the iPhone 5 will support LTE to work on the fastest networks across the world. Although the latest iPad was released with 4G LTE connectivity it was only for use with some U.S. and Canadian networks. However, it seems the difference this time around is that 4G LTE connectivity will also be available for networks that support it in other regions such as parts of Europe and Asia. This means that as well as Korea, other countries in Scandinavia and France, Germany and Japan, could also benefit from 4G LTE speeds. Japan, like Korea and the U.S. has a notable number of LTE subscribers.

This would be a huge boost for Apple in its bid to outsell the competition and a few days ago we discussed forecasts of iPhone 5 sales totaling up to 10 million in the first week of sale. We agree that this looks possible, such is the hype and expectation for the next iPhone, but if the unthinkable happened and the iPhone 5 still arrived without 4G LTE connectivity then the sales figures could be seriously dented. Although the information of global 4G LTE for the iPhone 5 was supplied to the WSJ by the ubiquituous “people familiar with the matter” and so we cannot say this is official, it does look as though the iPhone 5 is 99.9% likely to have 4G LTE connectivity now, giving Apple back a competitive edge against Samsung, which has already begun producing global 4G LTE smartphones. Of course as more and more countries progress with LTE networks it would be a wise move from Apple to move into this area now, rather than later.

We’d be interested to hear what readers have to say about an LTE iPhone 5 to be sold in various regions across the world. If the iPhone 5 is announced on Wednesday without it would you be surprised and disappointed? Considering it looks almost like a done deal that it will be LTE-equipped would that make the iPhone 5 more desirable to you or would you purchase it either way? Let us know with your comments.


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