Samsung Galaxy Note 2 customers on Verizon could miss out

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) smartphone, or phablet as some call it, was recently announced in a whirlwind of publicity and first impressions are that it’s set to be another massive success story for Samsung. It has not yet been confirmed which U.S. carriers will stock the Galaxy Note 2 but initial information suggested a release on all four major carriers, similar to the Galaxy S3 launch. However it now appears that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 customers on Verizon may miss out on this much-awaited new handset.

The Galaxy Note 2 has a lot to impress such as the fact it runs on the latest Android OS, 4.1 Jelly Bean, has a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, whopping 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel rear camera, 2GB of RAM and much more. Although we have already posted on leaks of an AT&T Galaxy Note 2, as well as possible Sprint and T-Mobile versions, we haven’t yet heard anything regarding a Verizon model. We can’t help but feel that a lot of Verizon customers would feel significantly left out of the picture if they can’t get their hands on it.

Back in February we told how a petition had been set up by Verizon customers who wanted the carrier to take up the original Samsung Galaxy Note and now we’re wondering if there might be a repeat performance for its successor. Auto-oMobile reports on the rumor that Verizon may not carry the Galaxy Note 2 because it has chosen instead to carry the LG Intuition. The LG Intuition is a rival phablet-like device with a 5-inch display on Verizon. It lacks some of the higher-end specs of the Galaxy Note 2 as it has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor rather than a quad-core processor and runs on Android ICS rather than Jelly Bean for example. It would seem a shame therefore if Verizon has chosen to skip the Galaxy Note 2 in favor of the Intuition and we reckon there would be a lot of disappointed Verizon customers if it turns out that Big Red doesn’t carry the Galaxy Note 2 because of the LG Intuition.

Another reason why tongues are wagging about Verizon possibly not carrying the Galaxy Note 2 is that benchmark testing sites have shown it for AT&T and T-Mobile but not Verizon. However as we’ve also heard rumors of a Sprint Galaxy Note 2 and that hasn’t been mentioned on benchmarks we wouldn’t count this as a reason why it may not appear on Verizon just yet. The Galaxy Note 2 is set to release in the U.S. in the fourth quarter but no news so far on Verizon carrying the phone is already provoking reaction from Verizon subscribers.

An IBT report tells how comments are already flooding in to the official Verizon Wireless forum and as you can see there are plenty of people expressing their dissatisfaction and disappointment over the fact that Verizon may not carry the Note 2. Do we sense another Galaxy Note petition on the way? Of course nothing is confirmed yet and so we’d welcome your thoughts on this as we wait for something official.

Are you a Verizon customer hoping to get the Galaxy Note 2 on your carrier? Would the LG Intuition satisfy you if Verizon skips the Galaxy Note 2? Maybe you’d be frustrated and jump ship to another carrier instead to get your hands on the Note 2? Send us your comments to let us know.


41 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 customers on Verizon could miss out”

    1. raffi says:

      Ditto again! I’ve been with Verizon for more than 10 years (since they were Airtouch Cellular) and I have 5 lines with them. I don’t mind paying the cancellation charges to switch and get the Note.

  1. Jake Marsh says:

    I think its a joke that verizon will not carry the galaxy note 2,if they don’t carry it, I will be saying good bye to verizon,and thats a promise

  2. mike says:

    i’ve been with verizon for over 12 years and I would move if I cant get the note 2. what’s the point of having a cell phone service that doesn’t have the best phones. afterall, phones are no longer just phones. They are our portable cpu’s. I will miss verizon if I have to move b/c they don’t offer what everyone else does.

  3. rant says:

    You guys fail to realize is that in 3 months you verizon clowns will switch back once the galaxy note 3 releases for verizon.

    the problem is people will ALWAYS want the latest and greatest phone but once they get it, they are always researching what is coming out next. i just got my galaxy s3 for tmobile and i will be getting my note2 this october and giving my girlfriend my gs3.. why? because i dont want to pay the full price for the phablet so hello family plan. but my point is we are never satisfied and if cellphones were made better less frequent and with less competition there wouldnt be these stupid threads… maybe all carriers should merge and the profit could made 5g towers so EVERYONE is happy.. afterall tmobile isnt even tmobile anymore..

    1. Clem says:

      Im still rocking a DROID X my friend. I was waiting for Verizon to get the original note which they didn’t. They are not showing the commitment to there customers to offer the larger phones. The LG Intuitin is an aoute joke and about a year behind the curve.

    2. ronf57 says:

      actually if the USA could get TRUE 4g towers and networks that would be enough of an improvement.
      Secondly, this article doesn’t mention whether the quad core processor to 4g incompatibility issue touted about way back in may,june,july 2012 – when the S3 international version was announced has been solved. has it? was it just bull? i have a dual core S3 because verizon and other isa carriers claimed the quad core was incompatible, but we at least got 2gb memory, which IMHO it should have 4gband 2gb is the bare minimum. I can’t imagine a quad core and 1 gb S3

  4. Hnt says:

    I been 8 plus years and would leave also.LG version of the Note Verizon you are idiots. I havent heard of any of us that wanted it.I posted a question about the note2 on Verizon Facebook page and it was removed

  5. m9powell says:

    I wanted the original note. Had too settle for the S3. Very disappointed in Samsung’s lack of a decent car dock for the S3. I am using an AT&T infuse car dock with the S3. Not completely satisfied. I hope VZW carries the note 2. I hope Sammie pays a little more attention to car docks & vehicle usability. What I

    really wish would be for Sammy & Moto to work together. Sammie screens with Moto’s dock expertise would make a great phablet.

  6. van says:

    I was hoping this time verizon bring galaxy note 2. When phone be release i will change to at&t. I thought this time verizon wouldnt be such idiots, funny part they think Lg would compete with galaxy note. I am very dissapointed

  7. Eric says:

    Dont worry. the NOTE II is coming to verizon. A picture has been leaked with the Note II screen showing SCH. which is what verizon uses for samsung models

  8. Eric says:

    Will seriously consider leaving vzw for the Note II. I’ve been eligible for an upgrade for since June, I am sick of waiting for a device I want, and I want the Note II.

    1. istayripped says:

      I’m currently with Sprint too, and like you I’m ready to jump ship. I would love to go to Big Red, but if they don’t get the Note 2….then hello AT&T!

  9. L Holmes says:

    The Note needs to be with Verizon. How can the largest, most reliable wireless network NOT GET one of the hottest phones on the market? They got the iPhone, why not this? AT&T is starting to look really good about now!

  10. elboogie says:

    How can the largest, most reliable wireless company NOT HAVE the hottest, best and most sought after Phablet on the market??? Someone PLEASE HELP ME understand Verizon’s thinking? AT&T is looking very promising right now as a provider to switch to. I pay for the best service provider and I EXPECT to have access to the best phones! Everyone whined about not having the iPhone on Verizon and it finally came. Don’t screw this one up Verizon or you may find yourselves looking up at the competition.

  11. Strong says:

    I’m with Verizon for over 15 years and love them but I will switch to AT&T to get the Note 2. I have already checked there plans out and also checked if my number is transferable.

  12. CR says:

    If you read some of the reports from other websites you will see that the note 2 has popped up with verizon radio branding and a model # that coincides with previous samsung releases on verizon. IMO I think that it will come to verizon and that they would be fools not to release it considering how well the S3 did!

  13. Joey says:

    People calm down Verizon will carry the note 2. My contract is finished in November actually one of my lines is now due for an upgrade but I’m waiting out for the Note 2. Verizon has heard our petition on the Orginal Note and will are going to get the Note 2 instead

  14. tst4echo says:

    I have been waiting for the Note to come to V since it first came out on ATT. Bottom line is the intuition is not even close to the same phone. Side note:
    when you look at the other carriers the phone inventory seems every changing and fresh. V is stale and seems out of touch with trends.

  15. gravebelly says:

    I love my LG intution. This my first LG and i have owned many phones. I have no regrets at all. Does everthing and more then i neee. Screen is nice so is netflix. I love excel and powerpoint. This phone should not be overlooked. Its the all in one for me a phone and tablet love it.

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