Codename Android 3.5.0 ROM aka CNA is fantastic

While it may come under from some criticism for the way rogue apps can find their way onto the platform, Android offers users more of a chance of customizing their handset and running various custom ROMs that are available. Today we are looking at the fantastic Codename Android 3.5.0 ROM aka CNA.

An article over at Betanews is reviewing the Codename Android ROM, and the user after getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at first installed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as they wanted more out of their handset. This led to the handset being modded and the Codename Android ROM being installed.

CNA is currently on version 3.5.0 and is packed with more features than before with all the good items from Jelly bean being present. The ROM is stable and comes from stock Jelly Bean, and besides the CNA wallpaper there is nothing else that gives its existence away until the control panel is found.

This is located in Settings and opens up a range of configuration options, with the notification window toggles being found to be the most useful. There are only five toggles to be found in the Power Control widget in stock Android, which are Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, Sync, and Wi-Fi.

With CNA there is also a sound toggle, torch mode, and a mobile data toggle that all add to the options open to the user. In stock Jelly Bean the lockscreen area can be lacking to some users, but the user has since added a battery status, weather information, temperature, and a pictogram.

A calendar was also added to keep a track of events and Facebook birthdays, and the battery indicator can also be added to the notification bar. There is also the ability to overclock the CPU, and customize the time interval for the notification LED. While it’s not perfect and there are always features that are missing, you can find out more by hitting the CNA page for the Galaxy Nexus.

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