Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Jelly Bean official confirmation

For those that own the Samsung Galaxy S2 who are currently playing along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, you just might like to know that old Sammy is already working on an Android Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S2, and the word is Samsung will be releasing the Android 4.1 update for the SGS2 soon.

According to an article over on Android.gs, currently just 1.2 percent of Android devices are running Jelly Bean, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 will gain Android 4.1 soon, and Samsung isn’t forgetting about their other handsets, and as such have officially confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will see an update to Android Jelly Bean soon.

If you take into consideration the jump from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to Android ICS, the Android Jelly Bean update could be considered a minor update that offers performance improvements along with little changes to the user interface like a new set of homescreen widgets, a more user friendly gallery app and expandable notifications, although Jelly Bean does bring improved NFC functionality and a redesigned keyboard.

Once your Samsung Galaxy S2 has been updated with Android Jelly Bean the user will be able to initiate photo sharing simply by touch with another NFC compatible smartphone.

Along with the confirmation that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 will gain Android Jelly Bean, Samsung has also confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will also be updated to Jelly Bean at some stage in the game.

Although Samsung hasn’t given any hard and fast date when owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 will gain Jelly Bean, according to the article the Android 4.1 update should become available to SGS2 owners sometime over the next couple of weeks, and should also be available both via Samsung Kies and as an over the air update.

So there you go, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 you at least now know your smartphone will be updated to Android Jelly Bean soon.


42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Jelly Bean official confirmation”

  1. Lara says:

    Does the Jellybean sort out the lost voice control features using bluettoth headsets?
    I was able to voice dial and send sms messages over my bluetooth headset just fine on Gingerbread then along comes the Ice cream sandwich and I can no longer use voice dialling etc without having to tap my phone first,kinda defeats the object of handsfree dialling!

  2. developef says:

    will jelly bean solve the problems with bluetooth connection to external keyboard or mouse? since I upgraded to ICS there is a big problem in bt kb and mouse support, mainly with pairing therefore I went back to gingerbread

    1. Hi, How does one go back to Gingerbread? I liked that OS much better than ICS. I have an S2, and ICS is no good on my phone…sticky, too-fast scrolling, apps are slower, lower battery life, keyboard/txting changes no good, etc. Thanks.

      1. Light says:

        go to settings > about phone > scroll down and look under ” Model Number”
        if its GT-I9100P then you have NFC
        if its GT-I9100G or GT-I9100 then you don’t.

  3. blackbrotherz says:

    I’m just thinking of switching back to ios, I’ve become fed up with this dysfunctional across Android devices – using a SGS2 for two years now and now I’m due for an upgrade

      1. hakim anuar says:

        thats why there’s jailbreak, and all the polished and expensive app that android app will be yours. coming from a user who use nexus 4 as a phone, and ipad. why not have both of the best? no need to be android or ios hater, each os have its pros and cons

        1. hakim anuar says:

          and not to mention, if you want to be the first receiveing updates, just buy a google nexus device, nexus 4,7,10. forget those flagship device so called samsung, htc, etc that comes with extra bloatware,touchwiz, sense which makes your phone lags even with hardware specs that beats apple down to earth. Nexus, pure android at its best, believe me.

  4. Thomas says:

    Sorry, but Jelly Bean is going make a non NFC phone, NFC compatible?

    “Once your Samsung Galaxy S2 has been updated with Android Jelly Bean the user will be able to initiate photo sharing simply by touch with another NFC compatible smartphone.”

    Sorry your reviews are terrible, and the people who write them are brain dead.
    Yes there was a NFC version of the phone, GT-I9100P; but the normal GT-I9100 does not have an NFC chip – so Jelly Bean would not add NFC functionality – maybe do some research before writing a review. Idiots.

  5. sadiq hameed says:

    I update my S2 but my whatsapp account missing the auto downloading button, so I can not sotp the auto downloading.
    what can do for this issue.

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