Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean October Release Date

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have been patiently waiting for the device to receive the latest version of the platforms operating system, and while many users have made use of the various custom ROMs available, the wait for the official release goes on. Now though we have news of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean October release date.

As Cnet are reporting Samsung has confirmed that its flagship smartphone will be updated to the new software as soon as October, but if that is too long to wait the 4G version of the handset will have Jelly Bean as standard straight from the box.

The company hasn’t got the best history when it comes to upgrading its Android handsets to the latest version of the operating system, with the Galaxy S2 experiencing a number of delays. Meanwhile UK carrier Everything Everywhere has also revealed that the 4G version of the handset will come with Android Jelly Bean as standard.

The device will be able to take advantage of the carrier’s new 4G network with its quicker data speeds, as long as you live in one of the sixteen cities that will have access to the 4G network at launch. For other Galaxy S3 users there is unfortunately no exact date from Samsung for the update to arrive in October, but this latest news came straight from the company themselves.

It is expected to arrive on SIM free versions of the handset first as each carrier will have to test the software individually, and the company went on to say that more details about the updates availability “will be announced in due course”.

Previously subscribers on T-Mobile and Orange were among the last to receive Android ICS on the Samsung Galaxy S2, but this time around they may be among the first to receive it in the UK. The update has been the centre of a lot of speculation recently with some suggestions it may arrive this week.

Are you looking forward to the Jelly Bean update?


15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean October Release Date”

  1. Nick says:

    I love my Galaxy S3, best phone I’ve ever had. The only thing I don’t like is the Cell Standby bug, which I hope is fixed with the JellyBean update. Looking forward to the update!

      1. Ray says:

        The standby bug is where the Battery Status page shows that the “Standby” uses majority of the battery (which is not true). But, anal people like to whine and complain about it like the world is going to end.

        1. It’s not really whining — we just wish to have reliable information. You wouldn’t want to have your car’s “Check Engine” light displaying all the time, wouldn’t you?

          1. Ray says:

            No, because the check engine light is front of your face while you are in your car. The standby bug can be noticed when you enter your settings then battery status. You are not forced to watch that screen. lol

    1. Adam says:

      I fixed this via rooting and a vpk file, takes no more than 10 mins. And doesn’t actually affects battery life or the parentage of battery, just displays it wrong on the battery information.

    2. Adam says:

      I fixed this via rooting and a vpk file, takes no more than 10 mins. And doesn’t actually affects battery life or the parentage of battery, just displays it wrong on the battery information.

  2. Obaidur Rahman says:

    I never new much about updates and I can’t wait for jelly bean because I know it will improve my phone. Even though it’s top I would like to see it better.

  3. Stipular says:

    spoke to someone from orange yesterday and was told that they not in control of the release now as its back in samsungs hands who are releasing it in a specif handset order. they are sorting it via what imei number you have or something which is why its being released in batches on all net works. when i asked how long will it be before i get it i was told he didnt no and it could be anything from2 hours up to a silly 2months. which i aint happy if i got to wait that long. we shouldnt have to wait that long should we? come on samsung release it already! there is another android update coming indecember ish aswell. this is silly. everyone should get on to samsung and get them to release it, everyone have a good windge at them to speed things up and stop dordalling about with it. once each network has finished putting there crap on it they send itback to samsung to look over etc etc and do there test and make sure its kosha so its them thats making us wait so long! everyone get on to them so we can hurry them up and also they willthink twice about messing and stalling with future updates!

  4. dear Samsung! just to let you know im rooting my s3 because you take too long with updates. its November and there is still no sign of a jellybean update for my t-mobile phone. key lime pie is coming out, and 4.1.2 is coming out yet i still wait for the old update. this is stupid 🙁 ! the greatest phone in the world cant even get an update! its a great phone but since you cant get things together ill do it for you! have a nice day!

  5. markeboy says:

    I have jelly bean 4.1 on my galaxy S3 (UNLOCKED phone) which came OTA on the same day I purchased it (14/11/2012). I have found that my battery is terrible on Standby.

    Charged at 9:25 = 100%
    Checked at 10:25 = 95%
    Checked at 11:25 = 94%
    Checked at 12:21 = 91%
    Checked at 13:25 = 90%
    Checked at 14:21 = 88%
    Checked at 15:25 = 86%
    Checked at 16:25 = 84%

    So that around 7 hours on standby only and losing about 16% (Oh that’s on a good day as well, sometime it can lose 6 or 7% in the
    first hour), that to me doesn’t sound too good. I used to own the Galaxy Note, and
    if I was to perform the same test, I would lose about 2 to 3% in a whole working
    day. I’m Not happy with this phone at all now, even my sons LG optimus 4X HD will only lose 1 or 2% in a 8 hours or so. So what gives?



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