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Today is one of the biggest days on the calendar because an Apple event is taking place where we expect to see not only the iPhone 5 but also the next mobile operating system, iOS 6. We here at Phones Review would like to create a place, something we like to call a little lounge for iOS 6 problems. While the operating system update is not live yet we do know it will get a mention in a few hours times and as we all know, the iOS updates in the past have come with problems on board so this is why we would like to be ready for them.

We’re all getting pretty excited about the event already even though it’s still several hours away but for now we want to concentrate on iOS 6. We’ve already written many posts about what to expect from iOS 6 and have begun the countdown and although we cannot know yet whether it will be released to the public later today or some time in the next week or so, we are pretty confident that we’ll be a lot clearer on this once the Apple event is over. For your information we have already given readers worldwide times for the event and details of a possible live video stream so check those out for more.

Something that seems to happen with every new iOS update is millions of iPhone owners all beating the living daylights out of their update buttons and one of the most frequent problems is the servers not being able to cope with this. If we get a nice surprise and iOS 6 goes live sooner rather than later then it may be worth holding off until the day after release before you get your update. That way you can also avoid any other problems that sometimes come to light during the first few hours of availability. This is also why we decided to set up this page for readers so that if any problems or issues become apparent you can share them with other readers and discuss anything else related to iOS 6.

We would like regular and new readers alike to treat this as a community point to ask questions, discuss what’s new and report any glitches you find and we welcome all of your comments. We hope that providing everyone with a central place to talk about iOS 6 you will find it easy to get your questions answered and find out more about all the new improvements and features the upgraded operating system will bring. We’d also like to hear from you if you attempt to download the update when it goes live and it all goes smoothly. Feel free to leave your messages in the comments box below and remember, there’s comfort in numbers!


43 thoughts on “iOS 6 problems and discussions”

  1. Pretty in pink says:

    I was able to update, but each time the phone goes into sleep mode and I wake it up, a screen pops up asking for my Aple password for my Yahoo account. I put in the password for Yahoo, but it wouldn’t work. I tried my Apple password and that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  2. Rao says:

    I updated to iOS 6 last night on both mine and wife’s iphones and my ipad2. as everyone says, maps was the first app I opened and was utterly appalled. The names of reasonably major towns including the one I live in, were wrongly spelt. satellite view is not available – full stop. streets appeared to be scaled wrongly to their actual size.
    After this I explored other features and discovered that another major upgrade was the passbook and noticed only one app in whole store which will work with this app ie. lufthansa. Now that is disappointing. If no one is bothered to make an app to work with pass book like stores, banks and airlines, this will be of a very limited use.

    My messages completely got deleted, one of them unfortunately was an important one. The app icon on home screen shows 2 messages waiting to be seen but there is no message inside. This is very worrying.

    iTunes, another apparently great improvement, would’nt work, everytime I choose films, music or TV options at the bottom bar of itunes home page, it takes me to the app store and opens an option to download the london iTunes festival app.

    I was going to get up very early, and stand in queue tomorrow to grab the new iPhone, now I have second thoughts. I must admit for the first time. as I have had almost every product of apple from macbook, imac, ipod, iphone, iphone 3G, 4 and 4S, then ipad and ipad2. I was never this disappointed. I hope this is not the beginning of the end of apple.

    1. Cody says:

      Hey. After the update, I sent a message to my sister and a friend. All my replies to my friends messages would also be sent to my sister and when she replied they would go to my friend (mine you they did not have each others contact numbers). Not impressed

  3. Hamster says:

    Hey udated my Ipad3 today and it come up with error report after downloading the update and then went on to say try disconneting then reconnecting Ipad and retry update, big error came up, Itunes crashed, so rebooted PC and got Itunes running again and I have lost everything songs movies and Apps, now I have a Ipad with no operating system installed, so worthless piece of glass sitting on the coffee table now and no itunes to resync with as thats totally trashed as it says that the Library Xlm file is corrupt and cannot install, so have losted everything, logged back into Itune store and all purchases and apps gone, WTF. Beware…..

  4. rick says:

    I have tried to download IOS 6 to my wife’s 4S several times, It runs for about 20 minutes (or less) and the progress bar shows about 20%, then a window pops up saying that “software update Failed. An error occurred downloading IOS6.” I have tried it atleast 5 times. Same result, sometimes runs longer, sometimes shorter.

  5. Traceyanj says:

    I updated my iPad. Initial issues downloading due to exceeding cloud storage. Fixed issue deleting apps from storage; games, etc. My iPhone completely different story. Phone completed update & it looked like it was going to reboot but The phone didnt reboot-its totally dead. i made several attempts and it wont turn it back on. Battery was fully charged, it’s been charging for 2 hours. Nada. If my kids call I can’t answer their calls. This is so upsetting. I’ll be wasting my sat morning going to apple store to resolve this b.s.

  6. Trot says:

    Upgraded my new ipad to ios 6 last night and now my beloved ‘Solitaire’ game has crashed. I uninstalled the app and re-installed it, but to no avail. It is still not working. What to do. What to do. Grrrrrr.

  7. Duncan says:

    Well that was underwhelming.
    Updated my 4th Gen iPod Touch to iOS 6, and:
    The maps function does not allow 3D on a 4th Gen, guess I’ll have to go for a jailbreak, since that is now out there.
    The App store crashes as soon as it tries to load the 26th item from a search, no exceptions so far.
    My location on the maps is wrong by about a mile.
    The satellite view of my home is only in shades of grey and about 5-6 years out of date.
    The update went smoothly enough, but the result is way less usefull than I had hoped for.
    If you are still using iOS5, stay with it.

  8. Nicole Tabone says:

    I got the upgrade today and now I can’t connect to wifi. I tried reseting my network settings but it still won’t allow me to enable wifi. Apple really screwed up on this upgrade.

  9. beter of with android says:

    I upgraded iphone 4 did the tethered jail brake installed cydia manually all was well until I installed siri and cydia asked me respring but the phone did a full restart. So I tried to do a tethered restart but it just got stuck at the pineapple screen. I have to do a full reset and I think I’ll leave alone till the untetherd jail brake comes out :'(

  10. Rizwan says:

    iOS 6 charging sign not appearing in iPhone 4s when I connect to ac power or through usb, although it is charging with in both switched on/off conditions.. just the sign is not appearing

  11. Ellie says:

    Since i updated my Iphone 4s it will not let me enable Wifi, some of my apps will open for 10 seconds then go on to home screen again, when im on the phone i cant use my 3g untill im off the phone and my signal is all messed up and maps is awful.. help!

  12. Alzan says:

    hey, after i installed ios 6 to my iphone 4, my phone won’t turn on. after i connected to itunes like it showed on my screen, i got a message to restore my phone. After i have done that i got a error message and now my phone won’t connect to my itunes..!! If anyone can help me please..!

  13. Some Asian Kid says:

    I updated mine to the iOS6 but now am not able to move any music over which is very frustrating everything else seems to work ok since it is the first release to be used on the older devices. But for someone like me to put new music on my phone almost daily this becomes an inconvenience. Anyone else with this issue?

  14. Very unhappy user says:

    My iPod 4 8gb now crashes and freezes in all programs after it updated
    And when I type the screen goes in and out. It even crached when it was in the setup. My ipod is now useless it doesn’t work right at all now, it’s completely glitchey in everything. Whom ever is responsible for Creating the iOS 6 update needs to loose there job. Obviously they didn’t know what they were doing nor did they Test out the update to see what this software update would do to everyone’s iPods.
    They need to fix this fast or I will never buy another iPod ever! !^{

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