Super Wonderful and Weird Apps

Most of us own a smartphone or tablet device, so apps are a big part of our everyday life. We use them for banking, gaming, finding our way when we are lost and much, much more, but what about those super weird and wonderful apps that you can’t believe someone created? Everyone loves them and we’ve found the best of the best for you to download on all smart devices, including multimedia android tablets.

Shut that door!!
Have you ever found yourself wracking your brains trying to remember whether or not you locked your door? Get the Did I Close the Door app and you’ll never have this problem again! Tap ‘yes’ every time you close your door and the app will save the date and time that the door was locked. It can even remember dates for up to 9 different doors!

Viper SmartStart

Possibly one of the best in the list! This app has a number of features that are all linked to your car, allowing you to lock and unlock your vehicle as well as acting as a remote car starter. Not only that, this awesome app can open your trunk, send you push notifications when your alarm goes off and locate your car if you forget where you parked!

Bowel Mover Pro

We’re not sure why you’d want to, but this app allows you to track your bowel movements. Apparently, it’s a fantastic way to monitor your health, allowing you to track what you are eating and how your intake is turned into bowel movements. The app takes into consideration your stress levels, fibre, and water intake. A ‘bonus’ feature even lets you tweet your poo to your friends. Nice.

Geico Brostache
Gentlemen, finding it difficult to grow a moustache? Ladies, feeling a little jealous of your man’s facial hair? Don’t worry! Download this app and choose from 7 different ‘tashes, hold your smartphone up to your lips and it’ll even follow your words.

Game for Cats

If you enjoy your tablet device it’s only right that you share it with your cat! Dubbed “the first interspecies game on the App store” this app has different levels to test you cat using a laser pointer, mouse, and butterfly that they have to catch to accumulate points that you can then share in a leaderboard.


Specially designed to help men plan their private lives, this app tracks your girlfriend’s menstrual cycle and mood, allowing you to plan dates and save money. This app even lets you add several girls and if your girlfriend accidently finds the app and forces you to enter your password, fear not! The app saves individual passwords for separate girls so your sweetie will only see her details no one else’s. Ever so slightly misogynistic, but a tiny bit funny.

Bic Concert Lighter
If you’ve ever found yourself at a gig, singing along to your favourite band and wanted to really show your appreciation by getting out your lighter and waving it from side to side, but lighters have been banned or you just don’t have one, then this app is for you! You can flick your lighter on by touching the screen of your device and moving it from left to right will make the virtual flame move just like a real one!

Easy Metal Detector Lite
Have you spent a small fortune on your new tablet or smartphone? Then use this app to make a little money back. The device uses a magnetometer for the compass function and this magnet will help to detect metal objects, like coins! Wahooo! Boasting a pretty snazzy interface and a beeping noise that indicates when you’ve struck gold, this app could be just what you’ve been searching for.

The Schwartz Unsheathed
Like light sabers? Get this app! Choose whatever colour you want and get your very own light saber, against a space age backdrop, that emits that familiar electronic hum! Wave your device around to hear the characteristic “whoosh” sound and the occasional “crack!” that let’s you know you’ve made contact with someone else’s light saber (virtually). Awesome.

Conversation Starter

Have you ever experienced that awful moment when the conversation dies? Grab this app to ensure that you never find yourself in that awkward situation ever again.

Tips to Becoming Famous
A positive thinking e-book that has been developed into an app! This app claims to be able to offer you all of the advice that you’ll need to become famous. Despite the lack of talent.

Give these weird and wonderful apps a go, and make sure you tell us all about them!

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