Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 GT-i9260 aka Premier pipeline

Following the success of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone it’s no surprise to hear that a successor seems to be in the pipeline. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 is also known as the Google Galaxy Nexus phone and was released in a blaze of publicity. Now we are hearing leaks of an upcoming smartphone, the GT-i9260, which looks to be a follow-up. It could be named the Galaxy Nexus 2 (Nexus II) or another possible name is the Galaxy Premier.

This news will please a lot of people who love the pure Google experience and a few details about the GT-i9260 have been uncovered from a User Agent Profile as reported by Pocketnow. Information so far suggests a phone with a display resolution of 1280 x 720 but there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the processor that will be used. It’s likely to be an ARM11 or an ARM Cortex-A11. The ARM 11 was used in the Nokia 808 PureView and also the HTC Dream but it might be more likely to be the ARM Cortex A-11, stepping up from the TI 1.2GHz Cortex-A9 dual-core processor of the current Galaxy Nexus.

There were apparently earlier rumors concerning the model number GT-i9260 and that it might have an improved 1.5GHz A9 dual-core processor but at this stage it’s all rather unclear. All we can really surmise is that the so-called Galaxy Nexus 2 or Google Nexus 2 is likely to have either a faster dual-core CPU or move up to a quad-core. Pocketnow also raises the point that the SoC denomination of the User Agent Profile could be a placeholder as sometimes happens so for now it’s anybody’s guess.

One more detail given is 2GB of RAM, which would sound like a logical improvement as other recent handsets are moving to 2GBs and in one further update we have learned the possibility that this GT-i9260 could even be called the Galaxy Premier, just to confuse issues even further.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the possibility of a Galaxy Nexus 2 or Premier. Maybe you’re the owner of the original Samsung Galaxy Nexus and would welcome a new improved version? Let us have your comments regarding the GT-i9260.


16 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 GT-i9260 aka Premier pipeline”

  1. Beny says:

    Ive had my Galaxy Nexus since December, 2012 and its the best phone ive ever had. I switched from the iphone 4s. I am a bit upset since just a week ago Verizon blocked google wallet but i hope this gets fixed soon.

      1. trailblazerz says:

        no theres no literally no Cortex A-11, currently most phones A-9 but ARM Cortex A-15 starting to be released by manufacturers, which is what i expect the next nexus to have.

  2. btc5472 says:

    I have the Verizon GNex and I hate everything Verizon about my phone. I want the gsm version. I really hope Google MAKES Verizon push updates to the nexus II as soon as they come out. I’m tired of Verizon crap all the time. I would want a better camera(even though my GNex camera is AMAZING despite what people say. Its high quality camera) faster processor. At least krait. I don’t want another omap processor. Possibly larger display. I’m not sure. MUCH better battery life. 1080p screen. Keep super AMOLED. I like the Software buttons. Better WiFi direct and android beam capabilities. Better Google now features. Faster Google now. Google wallet on Verizon genex. Thinner. Not made of plastic. Dedicated camera button. SD card slot. More mics. Better Speaker’s. Hmmmmm I think that’s it for hardware.

  3. Дизайн у текущего поколения вполне себе нормальный. Батарейки чуть-чуть не хватает. Нужно чуть больше оперативной памяти, например 2 Гб, нужен чуть более хороший графический процессор (интерфейс местами все-таки тормозит), и чтобы люфта корпуса не было.

    В остальном, ничего принципиально нового, на мой взгляд не требуется.

    1. John Balhatchet says:

      4G would be nice!!!! Higher than 300PPI you can’t really tell the difference anyway. Would have to have a smaller screen or higher resolution and I doubt both unfortunately 🙁

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