Chameleon Launcher for Android Tablets, questioning the price

Here at Phones Review we like to keep readers up to speed with the latest mobile apps and one we have news of today is the Chameleon Launcher for Android tablets. This new productivity app is earning some decent enough customer reviews although some seem to feel it’s overpriced while others feel the price is justified. We’d like to hear from our readers about the question of price for the Chameleon Launcher for Tablets app.

Chameleon Launcher v1.0 has now hit Google Play and you can see the download link here. The app has been a long time in development and was originally a Kickstarter project where supporters funded beta versions. Since then plans for the app have been expanded to also give compatibility for 7-inch tablets with phone compatibility to come in the future too. Although the project is still not complete the Chameleon developer team decided to issue the app on Google Play now to fulfill a date on Kickstarter. For instance at the moment there are no Google+ or Calendar widgets and Gmail is not as stable as it should be.

So turning to price the Chameleon Launcher for Tablet app is $10.26CDN (equivalent to US$10.52 or £6.32) and as Mobile Syrup points out that seems to be quite a hefty sum for such an app particularly as some functionality is missing, although the developers’ vision receives praise. It’s certainly one for heavy tablet users and it does seem like an app you could use for some time so some of you may feel the price is perfectly reasonable. For others though the price is questionable. If you want to see more on the Chameleon Launcher app then we’ve embedded a video below this story offering a closer look.

Chameleon Launcher for Tablets is compatible for devices running Android 3.2 or later and enables the user to create multiple home screens with different layouts of apps and widgets. Chameleon features a clever context based home screen system to best suit the user’s needs and Chameleon’s next generation of widgets include ones for Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Calendar, Clock, YouTube and more with a Media Player widget coming shortly. The app does look like it has a lot of potential and will definitely please some Android users but we’d like to hear what you think about the price.

Do you think the price is acceptable considering the amount of work behind it? Maybe you won’t pay that price just yet and will wait for later versions with increased functionality? Send your comments to let us know.


One thought on “Chameleon Launcher for Android Tablets, questioning the price”

  1. John Sullivan says:

    I think it is worth it. Just downloaded it a little while ago and even with the few minutes I was playing around with it, it seems really nice, solid, the transitions and app drawer are nicely done. Probably requires a bit of tinkering as most launchers but had a good old scout through and it I really like it.

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