Motorola Droid Bionic ICS update Q4 with apologies

Here at Phones Review we always endeavor to keep readers informed about operating system updates and when the upgrades will be available for their devices. Some device owners are still waiting for the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update to come to the Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone on Verizon and this has been causing users a certain amount of frustration. We now have news that the Droid Bionic ICS update has been re-scheduled for Q4 (although that still leaves quite a wide timeframe for the rollout) and that Motorola has seemingly apologized

The Droid Bionic was originally set to receive ICS in the early part of Q3 and although there have been leaks suggesting that Motorola and Verizon were about to issue the update, differing rumored times have come and gone leading to false hope and disappointment amongst Droid Bionic users. As the Bionic was a flagship device when it released and is only just over a year old, users could be forgiven for wondering why on earth the ICS update hasn’t arrived yet, especially as some devices have already received the update to the later 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Now Punit Soni, VP of Product at Motorola Mobility, has addressed the concerns of many Droid Bionic users and asserted that issues regarding the phone are being worked on. On his Google+ page Soni confronts the issues regarding the lack of the ICS update for the Droid Bionic as well as other concerns such as the locked bootloader, conceding that owners had got a “raw deal,” according to Engadget and also asking for patience. He also stressed that plans for rectifying the situation were being solidified. The latest Motorola ICS update list, as reported by Droid-Life, now details the Droid Bionic with a Q4 ICS update release.

Although this still may not be the news many Bionic owners want to hear, due to the lack of pinning down an actual date, it does at least show that Motorola is taking the concerns of Bionic users seriously. However we would hope that Motorola is taking steps to push out the update nearer the beginning of Q4 than the end or Droid Bionic owners could be up in arms over the new delays. The latest full Android update info for Motorola devices can be seen here where you can see devices listed region-by-region. Under the US you’ll see many devices including the Droid Xyboard 8.2 also scheduled for ICS in Q4. Other handsets such as the Motorola Photon 4G, Motorola Electrify and Motorola Atrix 2 are all listed as “further plans coming soon.”

We’d really like to hear readers’ views about this. Are you the owner of a Motorola Droid Bionic and waiting for ICS? What are your thoughts on how long the update is taking to be rolled out? Send your comments to let us know.


119 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Bionic ICS update Q4 with apologies”

  1. Howard says:

    Apple iPhone owners don’t have to wait year for an update. Maybe it’s time to switch. Looks as though Motorola is more concerned about new models than taking care of current customers!

  2. mhump54 says:

    How soon we forget! There was a major update for the Bionic in the year it has been out. I think it was called “Gingerbread”. Wasn’t there a couple of tweeks since then? I guess its true, you can’t. Please everybody!

    1. zizzybaloobah says:

      Bionic was shipped with Gingerbread, and was flawed from the start. From the audio hiss and camera problems when it debuted, there have been problems which have been fixed via updates, but not bringing us to a new version of the OS. The last update actually made our data connection problems WORSE.

      When I last talked to Verizon, they read a Moto service bulletin to me that stated that the data connectivity problems would be addressed in a September update.

      That update clearly is not going to happen. I wouldn’t mind waiting for ICS, but the data connectivity problems make our phones unreliable. What are we supposed to do in the meantime?

      1. mhump54 says:

        One of the biggest factors for me was that it wasn’t an IPhone. Second was that it worked well. Everything else is gravy. However my view may be a bit skewed since my last phone was a Storm II. Blackberry beat me into submission like some claim motorola has them.

  3. Robert says:

    It is interesting to hear how Punit Soni is concerned with the users of Droid Bionic.
    Cheaper phones have been updated. Still, we, the bionic users have to wait for Q4 to receive ICS. Will it be a Christmas Gift? – Well, too much bla-bla-bla, and no action.
    We Motorola users should look for a real concerned company.

  4. Phil says:

    Have been a Motorola customer from the beginning. The Bionic will be my last. You’re not even mentioning the year wait for the Bionic to launch, now this.

    1. Kim Morgan says:

      it would be impossible to go from Gingerbread directly to Jelly Bean – but I *do* hope that they include us with the JB update which I don’t think is anticipated.

          1. nam says:

            That’s a safe bet for Moto: I don’t want another “smart” phone made by them. I would rather carry a dumb phone that works. Today was infuriating, I normally just keep the phone set on 3G and it works fine. Today, it couldn’t stay connected long enough to get an email I needed. I finally had to find a McDonald’s and use their wifi with my iPad. That’s bad.

  5. Ken says:

    This will be the last Motorola phone I buy. I’m not surprised by the lack of concern for the customer by any company. I owned an Apple IIc back in the day and saw what Apple did to its loyal (fanboy) customers. Look what happened to that company, 😉 So I don’t expect Motorola to take notice and change because of it but I’m voting with my feet.

  6. david says:

    It seems as if they just want you to buy newer models rather than have a device last the full year. Its almost the most outdated phone you could buy in the last year! Mite as well just use my Droid x. I think I am sorry to say that this will be my last Motorola device.

  7. Kim Morgan says:

    Poor guy, Punit Soni stepped into a new job and into a maelstrom of discontented customers. He has been very kind as customers flooded a post or two of his on Google+.

    I’ve owned a Bionic since it came out and am thoroughly disenfranchised – but mostly with Verizon at this point, and not so much with Motorola at the moment. Everyone dropped the ball with the Bionic and I’m glad they’re getting angry feedback from customers – we deserve MUCH better.

    Since Early Q3 passed, when ICS was first published as supposed to be delivered, forums have been taking up the topic. The main thing we Bionic users asked for was to at the very least have the stupid webpage updated to an accurate date since obviously early Q3 had passed. So, that’s what Moto finally did – but this time, just in case any other horrible delays happen (ahem, VZW), they just labeled the release as Q4.

  8. Jul says:

    Yes, I’ve been waiting patiently for the ics update only to find out that there’s something even better (jelly bean). Im very happy with my bionic and it sucks that the makers showed no love. This most likely will be the last motodevice I buy for a long time.

  9. droppin 4g like it's hot says:

    Ok, you fd us again motorizon, can you at least release a hotfix for the 4g dropping? Or at very least make the wifi the way it was before? It’s almost as if the .905 update was a sunsetting sabotage to force unlimited data users out of contract early. I hate apple, now I hate motorola. What a joke!!

  10. tf says:

    Motorola user for 9 years. I’m fed up with it. Loyal customers bought this product that Motorola hyped, and phones with fewer users have the update. I’m done with Motorola. I’ll happily join the flock of iSheep.

  11. Matt says:

    The simple fact is, the Samsung S3 is starting to look mo and mote appealing. I have enjoyed my Bionic, but without the support I am quickly loosing patience. Im going to have to agree with many people here and say that this will probably be the last Motorola device I own.

  12. coozers says:

    Ditching Motorola all together probably won’t happen for me, but I have no interest in ever buying a flagship phone from them at full price. Their value dropped significantly because of this delay. Bionic has great hardware and with ICS would still be a great phone at a year old.

  13. Pynt says:

    I purchased the bionic under tge impression that ics would shortly follow per the verizon rep. Instead i got a phone that would go black and not come back on. Moto eventually addressed that issue. Then each subsequent release made the 4g lte more unusable. Now in the heart of Atlanta i am forced to either shut off 4g or spam page refresh until the thing connects. This phone has the hardware to run everything the most recent phones run. My best guess is that verizon is denying the releases in hopes of people moving to a new phone and losing unlimited data. With all of the fully functiinal ics bionic leaks one must assume that verizon is the culprit. Ill be going att if they dont rectify this cluster f of a phone soon. And sadly for moto regardless of if it is verizons fault ill never buy their products again. Its not just the OS update. This phone was disappointing.

    1. john says:

      The whole “Verizon is trying force people out of their unlimited data” thing makes no sense. I’ve upgraded several times since they got rid of their unlimited deal. They have grandfathered me every time. Without even asking!

      1. Al says:

        Have you tried upgrading since the share plans? You either pay full price for your phone, or you can get the discounted new contract cost by taking the share plan (and leaving unlimited data)

  14. tominca says:

    I purchased my Bionic with the understanding it would receive the ICS update after the RAZR. It’s six months later, no ICS for the Bionic. My 4g is unusable. It drops. Constantly. WITH FULL SIGNAL…. I have held onto this POS brick of a phone in the hopes the software update would fix it. Since no update, no fix. This is my last Moto device, as this isn’t the first POS they have sold me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? That’s on me.

  15. The Bionic will be my last Motorola phone. Absolutely unbelievable that they would put this off until now, let alone another quarter. And we will likely never see Jellybean.

    As far as being forced out of unlimited data goes, I for one have not intention of signing a new contract to give up my unlimited data for a “share one thing” plan. With the phones I have now, I will save enough to buy a new phone at full retail after about a year by staying on my current plan. As long as you are willing to give up the $200 “discounted” phone and pay full retail price, you are not required to give up unlimited. Once Verizon decides to force everyone off regardless, it will be open season for me getting a new provider.

  16. pissed customer says:

    I think motorola can shove the bionic up their ass and the ICS update. Why the hell do we want an old update after the new update has already been released. We better be at the top of the list for jelly bean. This customer service is pathetic. Of course Verizon “has no idea about anything with the update” and motorola people who answer the phones also “have no idea” they act like its a bog secret even though they are about 3 months late on this update. And we can’t get a new phone bc if your “grandfathered” in you have to part full price for a new phone or get fucked over by Verizon on their money making schemes they pull to screw us customers over. Verizon and motorola..you guys are a joke.

  17. joseph errico says:

    It’s a good thing for Verizon that they have virtually wal to wal coverage for 4Glte. If Sprint or T-Mobile could offer the coverage, I would leave Verizon immediately. I have been a customer for over 15 years and I feel that they have no respect for their customers. $$$$$ are all that matter and I’ll be damed if I will trade in my Unlimited data for a family share plan.

  18. cnocant says:

    I have two and im tired of data issues hope ics fixes this. Ibught these 3months ago verizon new the phone had issues then and still sold it to me. I pay them 220$ a month of my hard earned money. And they screwed us all.

  19. LMDude says:

    For all the gripers who have a bionic (like me) buy a another brand phone on eBay like me or just buy your contract out and switch carriers. Sprint,T-Mobile and MetroPCS are all offering nice plans for the money. Super LTE speed is really not that important I could download movies on Verizon 3G and the other carriers 4G networks are pretty fast. This is a Verizon caused issue either dump them or stop whining about Motorola, they have released 9 ICS updates and Verizon keeps sending them back. FYI — There are several forums available to help you install ICS version 4.04.232 or later even the latest .244 without waiting.

  20. No More Android! says:

    Been a loyal Motorola users since early 90’s. Locked bootloader and lack of ICS has donre it for me. I buy Android so I can mess with it. Whats the purpose. Goodbye Motorola / Android.. Jumping ship this afternoon!

  21. jhamley@comcast.net says:

    I am very disappointed with both Motorola and Verizon Wireless as a loyal motorola phone user since 1986 and with Verizon Wireless since 1999. I feel all Droid Bionic owners should be allowed to upgrade to a RAZR HD Max with hopefully JB as soon as it is released without any early termination or loss of unlimited data penalty, subdized by Verizon Wireless with a new contract

  22. VerizonUnlimited? says:

    I’ve been with Verizon as long as I have had a cell phone (16+ years). I have always selected Motorola phones when available. I loved my original Droid, until the touch capacitance died about 30 days before my renewal date. Fortunately (I thought at the time), Verizon let me have the new Bionic. Well, it drops data, drops WiFi, and as much as I love all it can do, and the wonderful speeds I can get, they only are any good if I actually have data. Meanwhile, my son’s outdated Galaxy S Fascinate plugs along day after day, never a problem. I’ve been waiting for ICS in hopes that will fix things. Now another quarter has come and gone, with no update.

    Motorola, skip ICS and give us Jellybean in Q4. You can do it, we know you can!

    And, Verizon, you know every customer that has an active Bionic, why not be a little better about communicating with us about the issues?

  23. bill says:

    after all this jerking around,moto still is stalling. just replace the phone with one we can get all the updating promised.this has been going on for a year now.the bionic has gotten a bad name due to moto and verizon screwing up.motorola is too intelligent to let this happen. you need to rectify this at once or you will have negative impact. your choice.

  24. Saltz says:

    After this bionic mess, i will only look at nexus phones when my contract is up. And with Verizon’s new polices on Unlimited data they need to give me a massive incentive to stay because i have no problem looking at other carriers.

  25. schaef says:

    This will be my last motorola pos. This is a joke of an effort on verizon and moto’s part. Iphone and sprint here I come…..once my contract is up bc I spoke to my verizon rep and all i got was “wow that’s unfornuate, nothing we will do tho”. Gotta pay to leave or continue using crappy phone. Hate motorola and verizon. .Both crap merchants

  26. shane says:

    That will be it for me as far as motorola is concerned. same problems as every bionic user listed here. It is a brick as far as 4G and wifi far too many times.The only way I would cosider moto again is if they acknowledge by paying for their poor product(taking care of the customer) somehow.

  27. pissedbionicowner says:

    The only excuse i would except from motorola is bionic owners will get bumped to 4.1 other than that motorola can go to hell from all the delays

  28. Jeff Kovach says:

    I, unfortunately, have owned Motorola Devices since coming over to Verizon quite a number of years ago. (Why, back in my day, a razr was a flip phone!) But I digress. The hatred I have for the lack of concern from BOTH Big Red and Motorola is just another sign of the times in this country- big companies that stop truly caring for the consumer the very moment your card is swiped. I’ll be honest- I was really looking forward to this delayed device; I purchased it on the very first day it was available- and one year later I am still waiting for the device I anticipated back in January of last year- you know- the one that would be the greatest device ever up to that point, but was delayed, then cursed with bugs and immediately forgotten?

    And it is true- the device has pretty awesome hardware specs (even for today!)- but it has been cursed by being born late and unsupported. Admitting we got “a raw deal” is kind of offensive to me. You already took my money, now I am being slapped in the face. “Whoops, I am sorry we sold you a bill of goods, but thanks for the money, anyways.” Don’t make excuses and certainly don’t insult my intelligence. Shoot the Bionic to the TOP of the priority list and FIX the device, rather than telling me, “Yeah, that sucks [to be you]”.

    I am done hoping that things could be different because I don’t want to arouse what has already proven to be broken dreams (since it is a cycle that never seems to end.) Maybe the ICS update (major) is preparation for Jelly Bean (minor) upgrade? This is the one I am fighting against being hopeful over; since Moto and Verizon have failed in every respect thus far, unfortunately I am probably jumping ship as soon as I can. Geez, I paid for this device once, and now I will have to pay AGAIN to get out of this device… How awesome for me. (Whoops, I meant to say how awesome for Moto and Verizon).

    On another note, for “Raw Deal” owners, why not offer money back, or a free upgrade to a new device compliments of two multi-billion dollar companies that robbed its loyal customers on what turned out to be only lies? Saying we’ve gotten a “raw deal” costs nothing, ultimately proving nothing about the concern you really have about customers.

  29. James Wierzbicki says:

    I too purchased the Bionic with the hopes of getting ICS. The lack of communication to us Bionic owners is the last straw. I’ve been checking my phone for the update 10 times a day. Now to find out it’s not coming Q3 is unforgivable. I have 4 phones with a September Verizon bill of $260/month for my family alone. I will never buy another Motorola phone for my family or my company, and will begin switching over my phones to Sprint (unlimited data) as soon as each contract run out. Verizon’s coverage in Milwaukee area has gone from the best in Wisconsin to almost worst, (Only AT&T has worse network these days). 4G? I turn it off. All my Motorizon 4G does is burn battery and keep me warm. I swear you can keep your hands warm while ice fishing by turning on the 4G on my Bionic. I now lose data and phone signal on the second busiest interstate in Wisconsin. I don’t know how this company could go from being best to worst so fast. Hopefully someone at Verizon/Motorola is reading these posts. — First time poster

  30. supertech says:

    This is a good product. Just a bad company that made it. I hate that 4.1 is now floating around and we have to be excited about 4.0. Why don’t you just give us a Razor Maxx HD as a replacement and we’ll forget about all this and buy moto stuff in the future?

  31. The 4g issue was a known issue from the start. Verizon and motorola both knew about this. By the sound of it verizon and motorola broke their contractual agreement. I hope someone starts a class action lawsuit against them.

    1. Warren says:

      Everyone waits for Someone to take action. I took my action – I swapped Verizon for Sprint and got a Galaxy S3. I have unlimited 4G LTE and pay $30 a month less.

  32. toober75 says:

    I run windows xp on my home computer. I do not expect Microsoft to update my widows O/S for free I know that I have to pay for it. So, I don’t understand why phone O/S’s are expected to be free upgrades. Conversely if a company tells me that they will upgrade me for free I will expect that. Motorola has failed me in the keeping their word department, not in the free upgrade department. I will hold onto my atrix 4g until the next in line of Nexus phones come out and buy it off contract through Google Play.

  33. tim says:

    All I can say is that I believe my next phone will NOT be a motorizon phone. Extremely disappointed in the whole mess. Bought the phone, had it replaced twice due to “front facing camera” not working, only to later be told (on the third phone) we now know this is a known issue to be fixed in ICS. That was nearly a year ago. Now phones are getting Jelly Bean and I still have a phone that s not fully functional (ff cam), drops connection (4g bugs) and a handful of empty promises.

  34. DAffy says:

    I expect more from Motorola than Microsoft. That is why I don’t have a windows phone. So I don’t see any compensation for poor management coming out.

  35. jb says:

    I’m not sure who gets the official blame between VZW and Moto for the complete failure of the Bionic. It took an entire year to be released after numerous setbacks, then the Razr is released but only two months after the Bionic?!? And now, those of us who jumped on the Bionic are dealing with delays in updates. But hey, us Bionic users are used to delays by now, right? The Bionic should have just been dropped all together and full support moved to the Razr. Goodbye Moto.

  36. pkjai226 says:

    At this point, I don’t even care for ICS anymore. I just want to be able to use 4G LTE again without it dropping out every time it tries to connect to ANYTHING. I “upgraded” to the Bionic from the original Motorola Droid but this will definitely be my last Moto device.

  37. Motobrola says:

    I have been waiting for this ICS update for a full year, and they snatched away all hope remaining. Not only I am going to say F*CK the ICS update, I’m also never buying ANY Motorola product ever again. Completely dissatisfied with their services/ software/ and hardware. Why am I fretting over this inferior machine? It could be safely securing office papers on a desk somwhere… Bon voyage Motorola, may the next time we meet, be in Hell.

  38. renedrivers says:

    It’s really simple to me. They can either let me get a new phone at the subsidized price before my contract is up (none of this $100 off crap). Or I go buy a Samsung Galaxy S III or IV when my contract is up. As it is now, I just don’t see anything convincing me to go with Motorola next time around.

    And before someone screams about it costing them money. It’s going to cost them more in the long run when people stop buying their phones.

  39. The bionic is an unfortunate example of a Beta phone. They worked out all the 4G LTE kinks and the different processor so they could get their flagship product, Razor, correct before release. We paid to be beta testers then when their flagship was released they simply put us on the backburner. I have the bionic and the lapdock and still like it and use it often but it is really starting to show it’s age. The ICS/Jelly bean was where this phone was supposed to shine. Instead we are still stuck with this phone and most of us are in a 2 year contract and will be stuck with it for at least another year. So we ultimately have no recourse and threatening to shift to either another manufacturer or another phone won’t make a difference in the end. I have been a lifelong Motorola phone user but after this I will no longer be using their products(not that it matters in the slightest to Motorola). I am only 1 person who spent $200 on a phone.

    1. Sick of VZW. says:

      The worst part is that we get bamboozled on our unlimited data. If you want to get another 4G phone and keep your unlimited data you should get ready to shell out 600 bucks. Verizon and Motorola should be ashamed of themselves, it’s tantamount to collusion.

  40. I also bought my Droid Bionic in the assumption that updates will come soon. Now more than 1 year later I decided I will never by another phone that isn’t an “Android Pure” device such as the Nexus. No “enhanced” Motorola UI for me, just the regular interface that comes with ICS or Jelly Bean or future versions. LOVE it om my Nexus 7.

  41. Luke says:

    I may never buy a Motorola or Android/Google device again. The Apple iPhone 5 is looking better and better with each day/week of bad news for a loyal Motorola and Google customer! What a crappy way to treat loyal customers and a great way to lose customers!

  42. chuck jacobs says:

    Honestly, i look at ICS as a nice to have. I would just like a 4g phone that works. I carry an iphone for work along with my personal bionic and i always have internet on the iphone…i just want data to WORK properly on my bionic…

  43. pist ov says:

    I just wish Motorola would be a little more forthcoming with those of
    Us that decided to go with the Bionic. What’s the delay, what’s the target date you have for a release? But no, we get over four months of waiting and hoping.. disappointing to say the least..

  44. Guest says:

    Android 4 (ICS) came out last October. How can it take a year to update a phone to the version of Android that was available when the Atrix 2 was released? iPhone has gone through to iOS upgrades in the last year. Never buying a Motorola product ever again.

  45. motosuckmyballs says:

    Never ever paying for a motorola phone anymore! .. Going to Samsung
    For now on.. Although the bionic is a good phone, I’m not ever Going to put myself threw this bullshit!… Lies after lies! And inconsistent with their promises! F you moto!

  46. After waiting since Day 1 of Q3 for the ICS rollout for the Atrix 2 I’m pretty pissed. Let’s roll out ICS to every other frickin country but the USA?? Wait WHAT?!?!?!? And now we’ve been put on hold till they sort out the Bionic crap storm they’ve unleashed upon themselves. At the current rate we’ll be getting ICS but the time Lollipop rolls out in Aug 2013 and by that time I’ll be using my upgrade option to get a Sammy GS4. Screw you Moto I’m going Samsung!!!

  47. Bill says:

    Although Motorola has been lagging in bringing ICS to this now obsolete phone, Verizon has to share much, of not a greater share of the blame. My visit to Verizon Wireless yesterday, and viewing their Q4 update schedule did not have the Bioinic listed. In addition, they’re already willing to provide a trade in allowance for my Bionic to a Razr Maxx and waive any early termination fees to a newer phone, provided that I give up my unlimited data plan. So I guess that is the “Plan” Soni is talking about.

  48. Doug says:

    I never thought I would ever say this, but Apple doesn’t treat their customers this bad. I am sick of waiting. I will either root so my 4g lte will quit dropping out or go get the i-phone 5.

  49. DE_Bionic_User says:

    I’m a day one Bionic user and like many other Bionic users, I’ve searched / scanned / begged to various gods for the ICS update since 1 month after the phone was released. I am excited that Punit is posting and has committed to keeping the update a priority, but having dates like Q4 does endow ANY amount of trust that this is nothing more than the same silly story we’ve received all along.

    I love my Bionic, I just NEED ICS.

  50. Kev says:

    I dont see what the problem is. Im commenting right now on my bionic and it still works fine. I knew for a fact a better phone was going to be out in a couple of months, ex: droid razr. But thats how phone tech works. Thats how all tech works. Its still a fast and reliable phone. Ive never had a problem with it. People are spoiled by technology these days.

  51. Ken says:

    My thoughts on Motorola….@!$# them!!!! I will never buy another Motorola product again. Worthless. They don’t give a sh!$…and I don’t give a sh$! about them either…Good riddance Motorola!

  52. brianh says:

    This has been the biggest joke.. We never get a solid date, only recently have we even heard an apology.. Cut the bullshit and just put the damn update out.. Beyond frustrated with this and about ready to move to Sprint where I can do an upgrade and not lose my unlimited data

  53. Ken says:

    It’s great to see that there is a “plan” for Bionic and ICS – but, what about a plan for Bionic and Jelly Bean? We’ll be outdated as soon as we’re updated!

  54. KCGrate1 says:

    Mr Soni, if I could I’d throw my phone in a deep dark lake and get a Samsung Galaxy S3. I’m like the rest of the discontented Motorola customers in here. I’m tired of all the BS promises. Motorola & Verizon need to grant all Droid Bionic users and immediate earlier upgrade low cost option. Why should we all be stuck with a phone that continuously drops its 4G signal, plus everyone else has ICS and we don’t and have been promised it forever and a day. This is another faithful Motorola consumer who will not ever be buying another crappy Motorola.

  55. tom says:

    just patiently waiting for ICS. Now I want JellyBean. Giving us ICS will be frustrating. The boinic for me with the latest updates a few months ago at least is stable. I use my phone for work. I just need it to be stable and have a easy to use user interface. I should have just gotten an IPhone even with it being 3G at the time. Now that the iphone 5 is out. I don’t care what Android does I am done with bloatware and treatment like we have had with the bionic. I will miss swype though.

  56. alias73 says:

    Who cares about an apology. That doesn’t change the fact that customers were lied to and still don’t have ICS. How about some type of compensation. Oh wait, greedy companies of these days wouldn’t imagine such a thing as compensation.

  57. Grant N says:

    My Bionic never gave me any problems until about two weeks ago, when the speaker stopped functioning. I immediately took it in to the verizon store, where the first they did was to reset it to factory settings. I was told that in order to use the insurance I purchased I had to go through a third party that provided the insurance. As if that wasn’t enough, the reset caused me to have all the data issues mentioned, and the third party was out of stock and it would be 3-10 business days before I got a new one (I was offered a vanilla Razr instead, but I have some accessories that wouldn’t translate, and I’d never had problems before at the time). So I’m pretty much ticked off right now. The fact that Verizon announced the Razr line just after I got my phone and the lack of an ICS update used to irritate me, now it’s just icing on top of the rest.

  58. me says:

    I’m disappointed that its taken this long for ICS to be released for this phone. But I only paid $30 for my phone on contract. And it is still a great phone. So its not as “great” as the RAZR. So what? The RAZR itself isn’t that much different than the Bionic. And for those that are bitching about it not having ICS yet, you can flash 4.04 to your phone. I’m running it on mine. And it works fine. Everything works. You can even flash it back to GB when the “official” release for ICS comes to this phone.

  59. tex444 says:

    I guess there are more bionics than I thought. V’S 611 has been jammed since reschedule announcement. Who has 4g?………Big red and AT&T…….The rest are two bit. Monopoloies don’t care about your phone issues, there is another wallet right behind you.

  60. YoMama says:

    How is pushing back the release of ICS over and over evidence that ‘Motorola is taking the concerns of Bionic users seriously’? Last Motorola phone for me…

  61. I love my HTC says:

    Well have never owned a motorola before i owned the BIONIC…… I owned a HTC eris and After that I had the HTC Incredible I loved both phones very much and if anyone of them have had 4G i would go back to them right now even either one are going to get ICS. I got great reviews from family and friends telling me about the bionic after it first came out and since it had 4G and everyone kept saying how wonderfull the phone was , I decided to give it a try. I liked it untill the razor came and then the razor Maxx and now i hear the razor is getting bigger and better now with the new arivil of the razor X . seems like you arnt satisfied any of your phone???? i promise when my contract is up i WILL go back to HTC :):) they like there product !!!!! they dont have a new phone out every three months and forgeting about the one they just made three months ago.

  62. Troy Todd says:

    I am leaving Motorola for good. I’ve had nothing but problems with the Bionic which has proven to be true on multiple replacements. I simply don’t trust Motorola and don’t care to wait any longer. Unfortunately I must pay full price to switch phones and maintain carrier, but alas I deem it worthy. For $600; I can finally have a phone that stays connected to a 4G signal and will ultimately get more timely updates.

  63. Gary Spencer says:

    I am done waiting – I can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note II…I will NEVER own another Motorola phone. I used to work the company, and was a loyal customer, but they screwed the Bionic users…enough is enough…

  64. This is pretty annoying, I spent $300 on this thing the day it came out and while its a great phone you would think they would focus more time and energy on fixing issues like this. Next time I think I’m going with an iPhone where the newest phones get updated properly.

    1. Peter Everett says:

      I am computer retarded and want to try updating the leak myself but am afraid to mess it up? If you want to make extra coin shoot me an email and I will ship you my bionic to do it if you are on that level? I love everything my phone is except the dropped networks and service! would love it if it stayed on ics so I could keep a 4g signal…peverett08@yahoo.com

  65. Peter Everett says:

    I hhave had my bionic for about 6 months now and lost my unlimited plan in doing so! I was not into the technical aspects of phones and went by what the verizon salesman told me- that the bionic was the exact same running phone as the razormaxx except bigger! now that I have done research and am on my replacement phone because of connection issues especially the hotspot service I am very diapointed in knowing I was lied to! I am constantly loosing signals when There is noo reason for it and have never had a 4g connection since owning it and my friend who has the galaxy 3 has perfect 4g? I would do the ics update myself if I was a little more computer savy and would pay someone to do it for me if their is any techies out there wanting to make some extra money? I lovethe phones potential and am stuck 18 more months any ideas or takers?

  66. liquidator says:

    Does this also mean they’ll fix the data encryption hell they created? I just had to get a replacement phone and was surprised to find all the encrypted photos would not unencrypt. No one at vz or motor know anything about this bad joke….wasted 45 mins on hold for escalated support at moto.

  67. radar22 says:

    I was totally misled on my bionic purchase. I expected ICS soon, and it’s been a freaking year. The 4g is garbage, basically the phone is an unusable brick outside of sending and receiving texts/calls. Never again — ready to put it in a box and send it back… who cares about early termination fees.. ridiculous.

  68. Jon fisher says:

    Although having the new operating system would be nice, that’s not the issue. The issue is that we have a phone that is not working to specifications. I paid $299 for a device that was supposed to have 4G LTE. I am now on 3G because the data drops are unbearable. The device is a great device, I just wish that they would fix the problem of the data drops. I don’t care that the flash issues are not worked out, or whatever the problems are between Verizon and Motorola. They can put them on hold and roll that out later. At least roll out an update that fixes the problem of data drops.

  69. Colton Sorbie says:

    Next time I’m going with a Nexus device, since they are administered by Google, there is no real problem getting updates, since Google rolls out updates and support instead of the hardware manufacturers. I have a Nexus 7 and oy has been great, no update issues, of something is broken. (I had a Bluetooth problem) there is an update right around the corner to fix it. When Google promices an update, (like with the galaxy nexus) they get it, without delays. They promiced a job updater for the gnex in q3. The gnex got the update in q3 not q4. But September 23. Q3! Nexus it is for me next time

  70. chtism says:

    I have an xyboard 10 and have ice cream sandwich I have the bionic and I’m still waiting. Has anyone considered a class action suit for broken promises. Or maybe automatically update us 2 jelly bean?

  71. Dave in Az says:

    So Motorola is sorry? Let’s see if they’re sorry enough to let all the Bionic owners trade their phones for another model, free of charge. Anything less than that and I’ll neverbuy another Motorola phone.

  72. Rick in No. Andover, MA says:

    I will NEVER buy another Motorola phone. This software update is an embarrassment to both Motorola & Verizon. As far as I’m concerned, they both are at fault. Even an update at this point is pointless. I thought Motorola would have their act together after Google purchased them. I guess I was wrong….

  73. Seadooer says:

    I’ve owned a couple moto devices, couple of flip phones and the razr V9m, which I still have in a drawer and it is a folded over device that is still thinner than most handsets still coming out nowadays. Anyways though I’m an active android modder, I’ve installed the leaked 6.7.232 build (ICS for those who didn’t know). This bionic ics build according to the specs in the about phone Section of android, it was built on July 6th. Everybody I installed this leak in early August because I heard about it and was tired of waiting. To this day I have not experienced a single issue with anything despite it being a build released back in early July, battery life is normal(nothing stellar), 4g works fine for me but then again the coverage is pretty good everywhere I go also but the hand off between 3g and 4g and wifi is good as I can tell. Why they didn’t release this one i’m not sure, I’ve essentially beta tested for this device on their ICS builds and it is fine, there are no FC on apps, multitasking works great and the camera is snappy as hell(meaning quick, not bad) and you can set the volume buttons to be the shutter button too and you can finally get it to focus properly by holding the on screen button for a second just like a normal camera focuses but I digress… for anyone thinking about installing the leak it isn’t as simple as downloading update and applying it in stock recovery, I won’t describe it here but do a lot of reading for you do this and make sure that you do not install an update later than 6.7.232 because motorola changes security encryption inside the hardware that prevents you from flashing anything older rather than newer. There will probably be a workaround later on it but now this is how it is. Point being you can’t revert to GB when the official release comes out which would suck. Do lots of reading but in my opinion highly worth it due to the improvements brought by ICS and complete lack of bugs, I’m still not sure why this wasn’t the final build.

  74. Mad as Droid! says:

    I think all Droid owners should demand a FREE phone upgrade to an ICS phone. Mototola is negligent in managing this. I too will not buy another Motorola product. I thought this US company had it together. Obviously NOT!

  75. GS says:

    I am counting the days until the Galaxy Note II comes out!. I will dump my Bionic on eBay and never look back – I hate you Motorola!!!!…signed – loyal Motorola customer for 12 years…

  76. Steve says:

    I hope all the comments are getting sent to Verizon and Motorola so they know how many pissed off customers they have… Everyone 1 pissed off customer has 20-100 friends. Everyone 20-100 friends tells another 20-100 friends. I was told the Bionic was to be the best phone ever. I spent $800.00 on the phone, docking station, chargers, face protection plate. No less than a year Motorola and Verizon don’t even sell the phone anymore. They might as well put big stickers on the phone saying “GARBAGE” do not buy…

  77. Don’t mean to play Devil’s Advocate, I have been a Bionic owner since it 1st came out. Yes, i am upset about the delay in ICS update, but…..This phone has & is performing flawlessly for me. Have had NO issues, dropped calls, etc…. As others have complained about. Pull that wedgie out & calm down….If you got a turd Bionic for a phone….get a new phone! If your Bionic works OK, wuts the Big Deal? ICS, or not, yer still gonna make/receive calls & it still connects to internet….GIVE ME A BREAK !

  78. This is getting ridiculous now. By the time the upgrade comes out for the bionic, the razr HD will be out and it’d be pointless to stay with the bionic. Motorola should do something about this and something soon. I bought the Google nexus 7 tablet when it came out and it rums jellybean and going from my tablet (which I a, currently using to type this) back to my bionic to text people is terrible. I a, probably going to take my sisters upgrade and get the razr HD when it comes out and just give her my bionic being that she doesn’t really care about it as much as I do. Motoralo saying sorry for all this does not quite cut it in my opinion.

  79. They need to forget about ics and give me my $100 off so I can use it on my Droid Razr Maxx HD when it’s out, Cause no matter what im getting that phone instantly once it releases.

  80. srankin518 says:

    I hate this phone! I never seem to have an internet connection! It’s like it’s a conspiracy to limit data especially to those of us who are still unlimited. I’ve had this phone only 6 months and cannot believe it’s no longer sold at Verizon. We should all be given a comparable replacement free of charge!!!

  81. Justin says:

    Moto is sorry? Yea when I can’t pay my bill and perform like I promised, I get a late charge. Bionic has been a joke to them and me since I received the phone. Broken promises and bad support with no compensation is all I have received. Verizon and moto has lost alot of customers over this and they are losing another. Good ridens and I hope all your future scams burn to the ground. Thanks for taking my money and giving me a pile of excrement!

  82. Brandon says:

    I’d definitely like to get the $100 credit towards a newer phone. I don’t have any other complaints about the phone.. Just the fact that they got our hopes up by telling us we were getting the ICS by a certain time and then not falling through is a let down.

  83. JBJJ says:

    I for one am very disappointed with how this has been handled. I bought the phone under the impression I would receive updated versions of its OS to help keep my device up to date. The Bionic has wonderful specs and should be more than capable of handling ICS or even Jellybean. How could they not be held accountable for selling the public a product that promises updates, then yet never updates them. I am struggling on whether or not I will continue to be a Motorola customer due to this issue and how I’m being treated. My money and service is apparently not good enough for them to care. All I can say is keep it up Motorola, keep pissing people off and they WILL spread their discontent with your company to others. I have already been very persuaded to look into Samsung’s devices by a former customer of yours that was unhappy. Samsung is just as competitive as you and may even go that extra mile to retain my satisfaction and money. If you offer us Bionic owners a free 1 for 1 swap on a newer device, admit your wrong, apologize, I will stick around. If not, see ya!

  84. The only way Motorola could persuade me to buying another one of their phones is by giving me one free. And for Verizon to have me stay with them is to let me keep my unlimited data next time I upgrade. Other than that, I’m leaving Motorola and Verizon at the end of my contract which is in March. Of course for that to happen, both companies would have to listen to their customers first. I guess I’m switching

  85. Kyle Corser says:

    I was tired of waiting for the Bionic ICS update… So I paid the early termination fee and got the Galaxy S3. Totally worth it. I use to check every day when the bionic was going to get ICS. I then lost hope. Otherwise I loved the device, …until now.

  86. Pat says:

    this new stupid update is making my phone the driod bionic
    all screwed up i cant even use my phone its keep turning off and on by its self. what can i do to stop this. what can i do to get the old one bacl

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