Apple recruiting ex-Google staff to fix iOS 6 Maps

Last week Apple released the iOS 6 update just ahead of the iPhone 5, but the release of the new operating system hasn’t exactly been plain sailing for the company. The new software has been met with a number of early teething troubles, and now there are reports that Apple is busy recruiting ex-Google Maps staff to fix its Maps application.

The issues surrounding Apples new Maps application has left some wondering if the company should have released it as a beta to start with, and more recently we have heard that Google has submitted a Google Maps application for iOS 6. Meanwhile according to a report on Talk Android sources are claiming that Apple is busy snapping up ex employees that previously worked on Google Maps.

More specifically the company is targeting those that worked on the search engine giant’s popular Street View feature. An engineer is claiming that once this feature was finished by Google the team turned their attention to indoor mapping, and this led a number of employees becoming bored and looked for employment elsewhere.

The source is stating that one person was busy looking around for new work and ended up at Apple after he was contacted by a recruiter. Apple made a big effort getting him to Cupertino and he has now paid well working as a GIS Analyst. Another colleague that was a project lead at Google Maps that left the company was also contacted by an Apple recruiter about a position at the company and has now passed through two rounds of interviews.

According to the source Apple’s maps has a good chance of becoming at least as good as Google Maps eventually, but did say it has a lot of catching up to do. In the meantime users of iOS 6 will be hoping that Apple approves the Google Maps application that has been submitted for the App Store.

Do you think Apple can better Google Maps?


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  1. Ken says:

    Need google maps FAST!! I live in Thailand and now maps don’t have English. Makes driving Bangkok hopeless though turn by turn instructions are in English. Google maps were bilingual as is every street sign in BKK

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