Funny Samsung Galaxy S3 commercial loves iPhone 5

Regular readers and tech enthusiasts are probably a little bored by now of the cat and mouse game between Apple and Samsung every time a new iPhone or Galaxy S iteration comes out. The iPhone 5 was released on Friday and even before the launch Samsung was releasing ads getting in the usual digs at the new phone. However although the tit-for-tat can get tiresome sometimes the ads and commercials can be quite witty, as in the case of the latest funny Samsung Galaxy S3 ad that makes fun of the iPhone 5.

We previously told how Samsung ads comparing specs of the Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 5 had provoked Apple fans to hit back with an ad of their own. Although these ads are sometimes taken too seriously by both iOS and Android users and can be quite close to being offensive we actually find some of them amusing. Many sensitive Apple enthusiasts could easily feel quite insulted by the new commercial that once again portrays iPhone fans as sheep as they stand in line. However we’d like to ask people to put their sensitivities to one side and judge the ad purely on comedic terms.

You can see the commercial in a video that we’ve embedded for you below this story and it starts off with an inevitable line outside a supposed Apple store as people wait for the iPhone 5 to go on sale. Various fanboys/girls are seen making inane remarks such as one guy saying incredulously, “the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom,” then making a gesture indicating this blows his mind. As the commercial goes on we then see another man standing in line but he’s a Galaxy S3 user and merely holding a place in line for somebody. The people he’s standing in line for eventually turn out to be his somewhat middle-aged parents, definitely not cool. (I’m ignoring my own age here!)

The commercial, brought to our attention by Cult of Mac, goes on in much the same vein with more people arriving who say they’ve moved on to the Galaxy S3. Seeing how much the S3 has to offer, the people in the Apple line seem to become less and less sure about the iPhone 5. The tagline reads, “The next best thing is already here.” Regardless of where you stand on the long-running Apple vs. Samsung saga this is a clever commercial. When you think about it you wonder if Samsung could ever win Apple fans over by continuing to portray them in this way but ultimately it’s still funny, whether it works or not.

Before you all accuse us of being anti-Apple or anti-Samsung we’ll point out that we’re pro-both and pro-choice. Whether this commercial had been made by Samsung about Apple or indeed Apple about Samsung, we still think it’s smart and worth taking a look at. After all, were smartphones ever meant to be taken that seriously!

Take a look at the commercial below and let us know what you think. Are you an Apple fan but can still see the funny side of it? Would it make you think again about buying an iPhone 5, or maybe it backfires and would just make you not buy a Samsung product? We’re intrigued to hear from readers on this one so let us have your comments.


61 thoughts on “Funny Samsung Galaxy S3 commercial loves iPhone 5”

  1. HowlinWolves says:

    Gotta hand this one to Samsung…I can smell the singe of a great Apple burn. It’s not as if Apple isn’t inviting with their insane arrogance. I’m an Apple iPhone 4 and MacBook user but I have to admit the Apple attitude is increasingly pushing me away. Apple’s inflexibility is grating and their continuous excuse about offering a better user experience is completely transparent. The truth is that not only has Apple become like Microsoft, they’ve become worse. My kids have a PC that runs Windows XP and Office 2003 and it’s completely cross-compatible with everything else Microsoft has released since. Most importantly, it hasn’t cost me a cent extra. Apple on the other hand can’t seem to resist missing an opportunity to constantly force costly upgrades to stay compatible. Someone should re-release the 1984 Apple commercial with Steve Jobs face in place of Big Brother. The fact is, Apple has some of the most valuable cachet in the world right now, and they are about to lose it all. Samsung is going to help along the way. The next generation of users do not want everything controlled by Apple and so Apple is giving an opening to it’s competitors by making their products more flexible.

  2. Bartleby1945 says:

    Been an Apple person since the Apple II in the early 80’s. Had a Droid—swore to buy the next iPhone—saw the Galaxy. D’oh! Still an iMac and iPad person—but come on, Apple, admit it—the spoof is priceless.

      1. Not Gonna Do It says:

        Wow, what a coincidence, I randomly hammer on stuff too! Like my Galaxy 3 with it’s horrendous battery life. Be right back, I gotta go get a phone that will actually last for an entire day of normal use.

        1. m316 says:

          yeah just make sure its not a iphone cause that has the worst battery life on the planet never had a problem with battery life on my galaxy and its pretty simple to replace if i need it done i dont have to walk over to some genius in a store to actually do it either! hmmn i think i feel like hammering at the remnants of my iphone for fun think i’ll go do that!

          1. m316 says:

            Hahaha oh your so funny I got plenty of friends and they all use android products I guess when you’re a lemming you like shitty products like the iphone. Hurry and join the lemmings as they jump off the cliff!

          2. Katwink says:

            iPhone has awesome battery life never had problems, Samsung s3 has decent battery life for a droid , but it still stinks

  3. Radom man says:

    This is soooooo funny. And all sooooo true! Lmao! It reminds me of those “Mac” (black haired dork from the tv show Ed) and “PC” commercials Apple put out years ago. Soo funny when this sh/t turns around and bites you in the a$$, huh Apple! LMAO!!!!!

  4. I am an avid iPhone, ipad, and macbook user. I will probably not switch from my iPhone as I am too invested now in the apple ecosystem. This commercial is hilarious and so true about an iPhone launch. I love the Galaxy S3; it is an amazing phone. I personally like watching Apple get bashed by the Samsung ad machine.

  5. Sandman_NJ says:

    I have the Iphone 4S. It is my second Iphone, the first was the 3gs.

    The fact is I don’t want a bigger screen and I can text my playlist. In addition, I usually wait for a year to get the next Iphone. This year, I am going to get the Iphone 5 within a month of it hitting the market. Most importantly, I like waiting to see the new innovations of Apple products and when they make something I like I buy it.

    I don’t like the edge interface as well, so the Samsung commercial doesn’t offend me or persuade me for the following reason.

    I like my product which is why I spend my money for it. I don’t care about Samsung or their products, but if it makes those people feel better about themselves at my expense, so be it.

    1. Calvin says:

      Yeah but they do make the coolest adapters! apple are not innovators, they actually take other projects and slam a patent on it quickly ans say looky what we created… ios has not changed in 7 years! android are innovators plain and simple.

      1. great advert! does make me laugh how partisan a brand makes people!
        These are bits a tech to make life easier. Some people seem to think it is about smashing the other persons head in because they prefer Samsung to Apple or Nokia or HTC or whoever which means we should all like that one same brand.
        The truth is Apple created a phone that changed the mobile phone but as previously stated they have now become their own worst enemy by the arrogance and as Calvin stated, the OS has not changed.
        The public & media have also helped to create the monster that Apple has become because they are expected to be the creators of something new and amazing and mind blowing every year from hence forth for ever & ever.
        p.s just jumped ship from (jailbroken!) iphone 4 to Galaxy s3 (i always hated itunes and the restriction of transferring music, Apple are meant to be cool/free/hip but through smoke & mirrors (and i am not saying Samsung/Android is different) but it is all about controlling the user so i congratulate Apple for creating that illusion because it has done it very well.

      2. Steve says:

        Why make a major change to it when theres nothing wrong with it? Adding to an already superior iOs is what Apple does, rebuilding a whole new one shows that your previous one wasn’t good. Also, Android’s issue is there is no cross compatibility, every carrier and every phone operates on a seperate OS, I guess you can call that innovation…

      1. cyberwolf says:

        You will see less and less Samsung components in iPhones… LOL … Apple just dropped the LCD screens, and the Flash memories… The days of Samsung CPU’s are numbered … LOL … Schmidt is now shitting in his pants now that Cook dumped Google’s maps… LOL … There is a Russian proverb that says “Don’t spit in your own well” … LOL

        1. Aditya says:

          You really LOL a lot.. and that too on completely baseless facts..
          The iOS Maps app was created and controlled by Apple.. Google obviously wouldn’t let them control the app and provide all the additional features as well that Android enjoys.. Now that Google took over the Youtube app, I like it better the older built-in app already.. When (and if) Google releases their own Maps app for iOS, it will be much more feature rich than the older Maps app.. and probably with more ads, but that’s Google’s source of income..
          Apple wants to have everything on their own terms.. but they can’t bully everyone..

          1. cyberwolf6996 says:

            @Aditya In case that you Are you questioning my statements about Samsung, I strongly recommend that you do your homework. If it is all about Maps, the only fact is that Google Maps got dumped by Apple in iOs 6, and I will not engage in any speculation about the future. What is clear though, is that Apple is going Nuclear against Google until such time Google dumps Android !

    2. Your right, how you spend your money is your business. This ad was targeted towards individuals who are not buying the Iphone 5 and probably at a slightly higher intellectual level- People who spend their money on new innovative features. Please name one innovative feature on the Iphone 5.
      I’m willing to bet that you have never used a Samsung phone before, yet you are willing to dismiss it just to make yourself feel better about your iPhone.

      1. Penus says:

        Those intellectual folks are now slaves to there carrier who has done what to technology? Apple has and always has been innovating. The Pseudo-intellects of Android users (who now uses Samsung as there flagship brand) has what to be proud of? Cluttered UI (mostly stolen from iOS and Windows Mobile ), inconsistent piss poor performance (3D gaming on the iOS is so superior there is no comparison) oh and the satisfaction of voiding there warranty when they jailbreak there phone (Carrier slaves have no choice).

        And so now how are they slightly higher in intellect? As a software developer I find nothing but contempt for Android. It became the PC of mobile devices. Enjoy your viruses, I’ll fitted hardware-software relationships and of course my favorite. Ugly interface designs made by 1st year media student. Oh and I have been using Samsung devices. They are cheap for what they are and my first observation was. Cluttered, Overlapping functionality, confusing and absolutely inferior to iOS. The only purpose of Android is to fill in the gap Symbian left behind. It became the default choice for other manufacturers because they can’t compete with what Apple has brought into the industry. So there you go. Android is left overs and will always be the choice for those who don’t give a damn and disposable crap-phones.

        Here is a list of corporations that have changed the digital world.
        AT&T, Bell (Telephones, Created most of the programming languages the world uses)
        Motorola (Invented Mobile Communications)
        Apple (Invented Smart Phones and PDA’s)
        Xerox (Brought Human Interfaces to the World)

        Only one of those became a phone carrier, oh Samsung isn’t there? What did they do for the world?

        Nothing. Like most Asian companies (were I came from) we’re known for Bootlegs and Copycats.

        TLDR; you are not intelligent.

    3. Cyberwolf says:

      That commercial is just a morale boost to those depressed Android fans ! … LOL Samsung is running like a mad chicken with the advent of the iPhone 5 which beats the Galaxy on all accounts :speed, weight, thinness, robustness, style, battery life, screen clarity… As the Foxcon CEO announced it one month ago … The iphone 5 has put to shame the Galaxy … Walt Mossberg summarized it well by saying that those who do not need an outsized smartPhone are better off with the iPhone 5 as the best smartPhone … No wonder why Samsung had to pre-announce the Galaxy 6 to be shown in the CES Feb 2013 … LOL … Poor Samsung Engineers having to face the challenge of actually competing on other aspects besides size … The Galaxy 6 will probably have a 7 inch screen … LOL

      1. Just another guy... says:

        LOL! The delusions of the iSheep… Just entertaining as always… The i5 has been out of a week and we already have issues like mapgate and scuffgate and lightleakgate and here you are saying the iPhone 5 has put to shame the Galaxy… LOL!

        I especially am interested in the level of cognitive dissonance Apple Fanboys seem to exhibit… More data for my thesis!!

        1. cyberwolf says:

          Yeah … So much shame on the Samsung Flagship, triggered by iPhone 5, that it is now getting sold for $0 with 2 year contracts , on par with two year old iPhone 4 technology… LOL … Anyway that commercial reminds me of the “WAKE-UP” one made by RIMM … LOL … A desperate marketing attempt to steal the show … LOL

          1. Aditya says:

            So if Samsung is selling a better product with a lesser price tag, how does it go against Samsung? It just shows how much Apple marks up their product prices. Or that Samsung is ready to reduce their profit margins for increasing sales. Either way, it’s good for us as a consumer. It doesn’t work against Samsung in anyway.

          2. cyberwolf6996 says:

            @aditya :S3 better than iPhone 5 ? … You are definitely in SELF-DENIAL … LOL a Lower price means lower margins..Lesser profits … S3 is getting dumped by Samsung … iPhone 5 is about to do to the Galaxies what iPad 2/3 did to Samsung tablets… How do you think those consumers who paid $200 with 2 year contract a month ago for S3 feel like ?… You should sign a petition to get Samsung paying back that $200 … LOL

      2. Opinionated says:

        I’ve used both. I left Apple because they got left in the dust! The commercial is spot on! Walt Mossberg must be talking to the non-tech community that enjoys paying.

        The iPhone is nice, no doubt. I did like some of the ease of use features. But I don’t think I will ever go back. The android platform just offers someone like me more flexibility… & it’s not just screen size or clarity that matter…

        Simple things like a removable battery, or an industry standard memory port… WTF Apple… why you have to rape me to get more space?!? Not to mention that P.O.S. interface they call iTunes. (Which Samsung does also with their crappy software!)

        But don’t act like Apple has it all together, the iPhone 5 is what the iPhone 4s should have been. They are WAY LATE to the party. No NFP, no 3d camera…
        All and all, Apple is good if you need someone to think for you. I’ve never been that user. Good Luck though!

    4. Cyberwolf says:

      What those funny geeks do not seem to realize is the fact that within less than a week 100 iOS devices have been upgraded to iOs 6 … That is about 33% of existing devices ! … which means that 33% of iOs devices are now bypassing the Google maps … That is Google’s nightmare because, despite the huge Android market share lead (about 66% Vs some 20% iOs), about 70% of its mobile search revenue used to come from iOs devices … I bet the Android platform is headed to further chaos and chapter 13 … LOL

        1. Penus says:

          Crap or not. Google is losing more and more of there market. (Google not Android) Google makes most of there money from Advertisment revenues and not from android licensing.

  6. zoglet says:

    I’m a major Apple convert and user and planning to but the 5 but I love the advert nonetheless. It’s intelligent, well conceived and executed and does prey on the weaknesses of the latest Apple offerings and highlight some specific interesting Samsung features. Although I’m well informed and I doubt it will change my choice, It works well in making you want to review the Samsung offering. One thing I hate more than anything is our constant need to ‘one up’ to justify our unreasonably expensive purchase choices. There all good bits of kit, grow up and stop the ‘my bike’s bigger than your bike’ crap we left behind in preschool. I also agree with earlier comments that Apple are becoming somewhat more closed which is doing them no favours.

  7. Yam Enbar says:

    i am an iphone fan. i have commonarguments with my friends about iphone and samsung and which is better. and at the end of the day it all comes down to marketing and putting the brand on the buyers mind. and even though this commercial was very funny and good, the fact that i new it was against apple made me doubt samsung and made them look like they are playing dirty and not classy. when apple releases an ad they don’t need to compare themselves to anyone they tell you through the amazing marketing that they are the best.

    1. your right, apple doesn’t market against samsung, they just take them to court like sore losers. Rather than trying to advertise and market awesome innovative features, Apple just makes sure no one else can innovate

      1. Making similar features to an iphone and an iPad is not innovating. Apple sued Samsung for exactly that, not innovating. Now Samsung got a kick in their arse and started innovating. It’s the other way around mate. Apple sued Samsung so they would start innovating, and thus kicked themselves in the ass.

  8. skhpcola says:

    I read or heard recently that Apple is projected to be the first company to reach a $1 trillion market value. They make products that have comparable substitutes, and in some instances, superior substitutes. A trillion dollars. All generated by doofy douchenozzles like the crApple acolytes in this commercial. It’s a damned phone, you retards. And if you want to address the BS of Apple’s dubious superiority in the computer sphere, that is also contingent upon acknowledging that there is a sub-class of morons that enjoy being treated as cult members that don’t have permission to open their boxes or laptops and fix broken stuff or improve their systems. The myth of the perfect Apple product is just that: a myth.

  9. Metal Lord says:

    Iphone? Apple, I never did like anything made from Apple! I was & always will be a Microsoft person myself! I have been checking out the specs and everything else about the Samsung Galaxy S3 since it came out. To me Apple limits their available uses on everything. I am fond of Samsung products since the GS3 has came out I’m going to get 1 myself! Its no ones fault except for the company itself not to expand their horizon in for future tech. If Apple does not want to get left behind they need to do possibly what others have done, get more creative and have better engineers that have an imagination for what people desire.

  10. In the details. . . says:

    Samsung’s advertising agency nailed this. While I’ve not tried the Galaxy 3S yet, I gave up my iPhone in January for a Samsung Focus S (running Windows Mobile 7). My iPhones used to be constant sources of stress for me, with crashes, wildly inconsistent battery life, etc; the Samsung works extremely well, consistently, and has a huge design edge over any of the iPhones.

    It’s thin, has a huge, bright AMOLED screen, and, even with the mere fraction of the apps that were available on the iPhone is hand-down the best smartphone I’ve ever had. This objective reality makes the fawning over Apple even more frustrating to me!

  11. cyberwolf6996 says:

    Ridiculed in the West, Apple’s iOS 6 Maps are instead praised in China…
    Is the subject of an Apple Insider article… If true, then the fastest SmartPhone growth country appears tilting in favour of Apple Maps…

  12. TingbuDong says:

    I know I will get a hard time coz I think that a mobile phone is a mobile phone… that I can use on the move… if I can keep in touch with people, it works! But onto the Apple/ Samsung stuff… I have an IPad and Mac Air… love them, so I looked at the iPhone compared to the Galaxy. I immediately thought the iPhone looked like a (very small) brick and the Galaxy looked good, Ive heard that the battery life is better on the Galaxy and although the iCloud nearly swayed me, I decided that I could live with my ‘To Do’ lists being kept in constant sync.

    So as a user who wants a phone that provides me with comms and the occasional toy, can anybody persuade me which is truly the best phone, with impartial rather than personal preference for brands? P.s. dont give me a ‘all you need is a £10 micky-mouse phone’ because I’m not a sophisticated mobile phone user; prove that you know what you are talking about! 😉

  13. Tyrel says:

    I work for Verizon and I just wanna say that Samsung phones are way overrated, out of all android devices i am fixing Samsung the most, they always have problems. I don’t even try selling them, i try to get customers to buy the motorola if they are completely intent on getting a droid. and out of all phones the iphone has the least amount of problems from what i have seen at least. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have problems becasue it does, but just as a hole any android phone typically has far more issues then the iphones. I do own a galaxy sIII got it for my employee line, and it is a nice phone but again I would honestly take the new iphone over it. and my personal phone is a simple phone because I use all the data stuff on my employee line and dont see the need to pay extra for data when i already have a data phone.

  14. Katwink says:

    I have both, and although I think the commercial is funny , the operating system on the iPhone 5 just blows away droid, even though I am somewhat disappointed with the iPhone 5 , because I’m spoiled and expect more from apple, I mean the reality is you can barely download apps on the droid with out there eventually being a problem , it’s fun when a phone has a ton of cool features but when you really can’t enjoy all The features because the operating system can’t handle it or the battery life than who really cares what you claim it can do, although the Samsung has a much improved battery life you are limited if you want to really get the advertised battery life, and even I think apple should have delivered a better battery life at least you don’t have to tweak your phone to the point you fully can’t enjoy it in its entirety , to get exceptable battery life , there is some truth to the Samsung commercial , because iPhone has been revolutionary and their would not even be a droid without it , its not as impressive as it use to be ,the iPhone still is an awesomely made product and it runs smooth as butter, in that way there is just no comparison . The Samsung galaxy feels cheap , the iPhone feels like a Benz . What is Samsung suppose to do it has to belittle the iPhone it’s its major competition and the Samsung is a great phone in many ways and droid is catching up to the iPhone if there operating system would not be so glitchy and unstable it would have major argument, but, there are still added steps you have to go through on the Samsung that the iPhone just makes so much simpler , saving photos from Pinterest for instance , sending a pic inside text message , although w the Samsung it’s easier than other droids, if your on a website and you want to copy part of the text your reading droid is just useless , w/ iPhone it’s a breeze, it’s cool if you want more flexibility to personalize your phone but its not better or more clever to make it more difficult to do it, if droid was really so clever it would have the ability to be more personal but it would be as simple and easy to do as the iPhone, but its not , sometimes it’s just plain ridiculous. I mean droid wants to say it can do so much more than the iPhone, but than some of the more simpler tasks it can’t handle, like touch wiz freezing, not being able to end a call, dial pad going black, not being able to have wifi on or enabled and it seamlessly go from your providers network or a hotspot it does it in some areas but others it doesn’t and you literally can’t get any network connection when it happens, the flow of opening AppS or using the functions are often laggy not smooth. you just don’t have these problems with the iPhone or apple products .

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