Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update starts arriving ahead of schedule

The updating of Android hardware to newer versions of the operating system is often a slow drawn out process, which has especially been the case for the Ice Cream Sandwich update hitting various devices. Today though we have some potential good news for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3, as the Jelly Bean update starts to arrive ahead of schedule.

Earlier this month we told you that a Samsung representative had suggested the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update would be arriving for the Galaxy S3 by October and now as the Android Authority are reporting the update has begun arriving for the international version of the handset.

It is being reported that the first country to receive the Jelly Bean update is Poland, and it should be available as an OTA update as well as via Kies. The code for the software is I9300XXDLIB/I9300OXFDLI1, and the update is likely to be a staged one with the company not wanting its servers to come under too much strain.

If you decide to receive the update over the air once it is in your region, you are advised to do this via a stable Wi-Fi connection, and make sure the handset has over fifty percent of battery life left. Otherwise you can always do the update via Kies and if you haven’t yet received the notification for the update a restart of the handset may be needed.

Android Jelly Bean will bring a number of new enhancements and features to the handset, which includes Project Butter, Google Now, and resizable widgets. It is not currently known what other markets will follow receiving the new software, but Croatia and Macedonia have also been getting the upgrade.

According to the XDA-Developers the update is available on Kies for a number of versions, and the download is 774MB in size. Users that have tried the software have also confirmed the file is the official update for the Galaxy S3 and fully functional.


6 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update starts arriving ahead of schedule”

  1. woody says:

    I read this yesterday and was thinking great my galaxy s 3 will soon have jelly bean and google now only km ad told by my network carrier that my model of s 3 19300 may not be receiving the jelly bean update due to summit about jelly bean only being rolled out to Samsung devices with low end software frequency wtf does that mean i will be pissed off if dnt receive the update been waiting for google now since first saw it on the nexus will trade s 3 for note 2 straight away if this is true

    1. Martin Huizing says:

      What’s wrong with people these days. Apple fanbois are scared shitless whenever there is an update for their iDevice and droid-bergs can’t wait to install the next seriously undertested droid system!

  2. JP says:

    i just got the S3 and I have 30 days to take it back for an iphone 5. If I dont get the jelly bean update in the next 28 days samsung and Google will lose another 6 customers to Apple for life….

    1. Just another guy... says:

      LOL! If you really wanted the iPhone 5 then I doubt the Jellybean update will make you happy… I’d suggest you figure out what you really want first…

    2. Your Mama says:

      Your a dumb ass. FU and your IPhone who is behind the times wants to be a droid phone. Everytime Iphone makes a claim it’s been done on a droid and better. Enjoy your new headphone jack on the bottom of the phone and get ready to shell out more cash for adapters and toys for your stupid Iphone

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