Samsung updates Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade list

One of the biggest criticisms of the Android platform is the continued fragmentation of it, with many devices that are not too old still sitting on old older versions of the operating system. It does seem though in some cases the upgrading to the most recent Android release is happening a little quicker, and Samsung now updates its Jelly Bean 4.1 upgrade list.

Only yesterday the company started to push out the Android 4.1 upgrade to the Galaxy S3 in certain regions, and now Samsung has listed another fifteen devices that are down for the upgrade, and according to the Android Community it is leaving out some of its older hardware.

This includes the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that was first given out to developers at last year’s Google I/O conference. Hardware definitely down to receive the upgrade includes the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 LTE, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S DUOS, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0/10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Music, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Ace Plus, Galaxy S Advance, and Galaxy Mini II.

All of these Samsung devices will eventually see the full Android 4.1 Jelly bean update that will include the likes of Project Butter for a quicker and smoother UI experience, automatic widget resizing, and improved notifications.

Obviously the upgrades will sit alongside the usual Samsung TouchWiz Android overlay, but Samsung didn’t go into when it will begin pushing out the updates for these devices with only a coming soon statement. It is thought that SIM free versions of the devices will see the updates first, and Samsung warns that versions sold via carriers will likely see some delays.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before owners of these Samsung devices get treated to Android Jelly Bean, which will give the hardware a new lease of life. Do you have one of the devices listed for Android 4.1?


33 thoughts on “Samsung updates Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade list”

    1. mamasita says:

      well, its because your phone hardware (processing power and enough RAM memory) may not be capable of supporting the Jelly Bean. Hence, even if you did get the update, your phone is gonna lag all the time… cheers 😀

  1. woody says:

    I have been told by my network carrier 3 my model of s 3 may not even receive the jelly bean update if this is true Samsung will lose a customer I love Android and my s 3 but this update situation each time is a joke apple can update all there users to there latest version of ios in one go the day the i phone 5 was released why do Samsung muck about with the updates.

    1. spepper says:

      that most likely is not android or Samsung , but your network that is doing that,
      the way this works is.
      android > phone maker (Samsung) > providers ( 3 ).
      android makes it, Samsung modify’s if (touchwiz) > provides add software and logo’s.

      now i am a android lover, so if the like of Samsung put the update out, and the phone is not updated, could apple then sue the provider or the customer.

    1. Karan says:

      what improvements do you see in regards to the ICS update was on this device. I mean to say did samsung really improved this device, expandable notification, project butter and more improments?

  2. jhonnyshah says:

    hey i updated my fone yest nly via KIES..
    i use a galaxy s2

    bt it got updated to ics nly. .

    i didnt recieve jelly bean firmware..

    @nana yaw ansah .. how did u update ua s2 wid jelly bean ?

  3. moe says:

    if samsung really releases the jelly bean update which is exactly as good as the one for S3, that must mean Samsung really listen to their customers wants and its worthy to stay loyal to Samsung.. Unlike Blackberry which is unbelievably idiot… Sorry Bb fans.. No offense but thats the fact

  4. Liam says:

    I’m excited … I have the Samsung galaxy s2 LTE from rogers and I’m very excited because I root my device and I love jelly bean… I hope the update the touchwiz overlay to touchwix ux (5) because when I updated it to ICS it still had the same old touchwiz 4 and basically didn’t even have any the features of ics

  5. Crazyjojo says:

    I have a galaxy S2 through uk carrier t-mobile, will i recieve the update to 4.1 obviously like you said a but later but would i get it .. Thanks

  6. Maarek says:

    wikipedia and gsmarena says that samsung galaxy s advance is upgradabel to jelly bean, but im from estonia and here its is not available. When it will be ?

  7. davidasd says:

    if samsung makes a 4.8 inch super amoled with gorilla glass 2 quad core 1.5 ghz processor/exynos/ 20 or more lumen projector/ flat backed samsung galaxy beam with touch wiz nature ui along with the newest or to be the newest 4.2 jellybean/lime pie phone then it will be perfect! also a camera with xenon or led flash with 8 or more megapixel of camera will help 😀

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