US Galaxy Note 2 closer, FCC AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile variants

There’s promising news today for US readers as it seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) is closer to release with news that separate variants of the phone for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have now passed through the FCC. This is one of the most highly anticipated devices we can remember for some time and the news that the phone has hit the FCC is extremely encouraging for those in the US who are waiting, even though the Galaxy Note 2 will hit some other regions first.

In our many previous Galaxy Note 2 posts we have noticed a huge amount of interest about this phone from readers’ comments and so this is likely to be welcome news to many. We have already told how some in the UK will be fortunate enough to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 2 in the next day or so and we’ve also informed about a US Samsung event to be held on October 24 that now looks virtually certain to be for the launch of the phone stateside. News of the phone variants at the FCC further bolsters the chances of a release soon in the US, maybe even on the same day, or very shortly after the Samsung press event in New York.

Details of the FCC passage came to us from Engadget and there appear to be 3 different variants. Engadget has cleverly deduced that all the signs point to the SGH-i317 (FCC 1) as being the AT&T model, the SCH-i605 (FCC 2) for Verizon and finally the SGH-T889 (FCC 3) looks like the T-Mobile variety. Phandroid also points out that even though T-Mobile’s LTE network has yet to launch, all three variants of the Galaxy Note 2 for the US are LTE-equipped and that of course is good news for T-Mobile customers who want to be ready for when LTE goes live for their carrier.

News of the different variants veers away though from Samsung’s improved strategy seen on the Galaxy S3 phone. For the S3 the same model came to all US carriers (apart from radios), whereas there had been different versions for previous Galaxy S phones. It would have been preferable it this was also the case for the Galaxy Note 2 but different variants is the order of the day, which seems to us to be rather a backward step. This means that they may differ in appearance and also this can bring compatibility issues but at least it seems the US Galaxy Note 2 is coming and that will be what most people want to hear.

Other news that ties in with the FCC filings is that AT&T & Samsung have now officially announced the Galaxy Note 2 among other devices due this year, according to GSM Arena. The carrier didn’t give anything away about the precise release date though, simply saying it was coming “later this year.” However with the FCC news it does seem very likely to us that it could arrive by the end of the month rather than later in Q4.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this FCC news for the Galaxy Note 2. Are you waiting for the Note 2 to be released on AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile? How do you feel about different variants for different carriers? Let us know with your comments


15 thoughts on “US Galaxy Note 2 closer, FCC AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile variants”

  1. Blackeyed says:

    What happened to the Sprint addition? Sammy still shows 5 service providers, so am i missing something? I was really looking forward to pick up a Sprint 64gb internal with the ability to add another 64gb. Does anyone know any info on this? Thanks!

    1. note_lover says:

      True, I did hear that Sprint was supposed to get their variant of the Note 2 and think that every carrier should offer this phone. It’s going to be too good a phone, to limit availability to only one or two carriers. I’m waiting for T-Mobiles variant and do hope that they offer the 64GB because I will also be adding another 64GB. Can’t wait! Hopefully Sprint will be getting it for you to. Come on now, let’s release it T-Mobile!

  2. Note2Love says:

    I never write comments but the potential phone compels me too. I must say i’m happy that the dark days of the very limited iphone will shortly be behind me. I’m so anticipating this Phenomenal Note 2 phone from AT&T to hit New
    York in the end of October, it’s the best Birthday gift to myself.

  3. RockPlayer26 says:

    I could have upgraded 6 months ago but didn’t like any phones. I want the galaxy note 2 I’m with verizon. Can’t wait, I want to be one of the fe with a quad core phone. Just wish it had a bigger camara , check out my youtube videos just type in my name

  4. note_lover says:

    I have been waiting for this phone since the very start and this will be my Christmas present to myself! Can’t wait, go SAMSUNG, come on T-Mobile!

    1. yarrellray says:

      Verizon is pretty shameful with it’s useless shared data plans. Come join in the future of LTE ADVANCED on tmobile. They have true unlimited data and it’s Note 2 will be future proof for it’s lte advanced network coming in 2013. Tmobile is pretty unique they will fallback on it’s excellent hspa plus 42 network which stomps Verizon silly. I dumped Verizon for tmobile in June to purchase the Galaxy S3 which at the time ONLY tmobile was the only carrier with the Galaxy S3 in stores to purchase on June 28th 2012. I have been extremely happy with tmobile great reception, excellent signal strength, solid dBm/asu and supurb battery life. My Verizon Galaxy Nexus could hold a data connection always switched from lte to 3g to 1x all day and my battery life was deplorable. Verizon and it’s overrated LTE network has inconsistent devices and poor reception on various devices. Tmobile stomps a mud hole in Verizon’s backside.

    1. yarrellray says:

      Don’t worry about the shapes above all the devices will be the same coming to the states. And I am pretty sure the Galaxy Note 2 will ONLY RELEASE first with the 16gb model on all US carriers. The 32gb/64gb will all come later. So I already have the 64gb card in my Galaxy S3 so 80gb of storage is more than enough for me. Not to mention the 100gb I have with dropbox which I use very often.

  5. yarrellray says:

    We on tmobile are rejoicing with happiness. I current own the Galaxy S3 the best smartphone today. But on day one of the launch of the Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile I will make another appearance at tmobile to purchase this device as well. The best of both worlds is always great and even better will be the future proof device I have in the Galaxy Note 2. We won’t even discuss the unlimited data I currently have on my S3 which will be on my Note 2 also. Tmobile is doing some BIG THINGS and it’s customers should be happy with it’s current hspa plus network. But even more happier with it’s LTE ADVANCED NETWORK coming soon with a fallback to hspa plus 42 tmobile is about ready to make it’s move in the carrier game..

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