Hate iPhone 4 / 4S iOS 6, downgrade to 5.1.1

If you have already upgraded your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S with Apple’s latest iOS software, iOS 6, but don’t really like it and would like to revert back to iOS 5.1.1 for whatever reason, you can do so as long as you have the iOS 5.1.1 SHSH blobs. Unlike the iOS 6 beat period, you do require your iOS 5.1.1 SHSH blobs saved for your smartphone because Apple has now stopped signing iOS 5.1.1.

So if you are one of the iPhone faithful that really wishes to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1, the guys over at iDownload Blog have come up with a video tutorial on just how to downgrade your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s to iOS 5.1.1, and of course we have that video footage for your viewing consideration below.

In order to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 you will require the latest version of Redsn0w, and they use the SHSH stitching feature to combine the iOS 5.1.1 IPSW file with the corresponding SHSH blob, and although if might sound a tad confusing, it is very easy as long as you follow carefully.

Firstly download Redsn0w 0.9.14b2, and the 5.1.1 IPSW file, you can do this by hitting up the guys website, then locate your saved SHSH blob and place it in the same folder as the 5.1.1 IPSW file. Next put your iPhone running iOS 6 into DFU mode, and then open Redsn0w and then click Extras> SHSH blobs> Stitch.

Next you click IPSW and choose the iOS 5.1.1 IPSW file for your handset, are stored on Cydia, click Cydia under the blobs section, or if your blobs are stored locally click Local and choose the SHSH blob for iOS 5.1.1 for your handset. Once you have selected both the blob and IPSW Redsn0w will then stitch them together to create an encompassing firmware file, and you will be able to use this firmware to downgrade.

In Redsn0w go back two pages, and click Pwned DFU, which will place it in Pwned DFU mode in order for iTunes to restore using the stitched firmware, if you don’t do this you will receive a 1600 error in iTunes.

Next open iTunes and it should find your device in recovery mode, and then Hold Option and click Restore and then choose the stitched firmware file, allow iTunes to completely restore your handset, you might be shown an error-1 from iTunes but do not worry. Open Redsn0w and click Extras>Recovery fix, put the handset back into DFU mode, and the Recovery fix should run.

When completed, your device should be completely restored back to iOS 5.1.1, and you are done. You can of course follow the instructions above, but you might fine it easier to follow the tutorial video below, so I’ll let you head on down and hit that play button so you can get to it…enjoy.


118 thoughts on “Hate iPhone 4 / 4S iOS 6, downgrade to 5.1.1”

      1. iPhone 5 owner says:

        how, in order to get the iPhone 4S into a pwned dfu, there has to be some low level exploit in the boot loader, which there isn’t so there is not way to really downgrade

      2. daniel0d says:

        Do you know what the difference between an iPhone 4 and 4S? I don’t think you do buddy. check your MEID number! if it starts with 99……….. then it’s a 4S, if not then its only a 4. I would ask you to check if you have Siri, but people can put Siri on jailbroken iphone 4 also.

    1. You can’t do anything if you haven’t saved your old blobs. Blobs are unique to your device and many people are saying that 4s still doesn’t downgrade even with the blobs (although I’ve heard different, I don’t know myself since I got the 4s with 6.0 on it dammit).. And next time you post something like that – try two things

      1 write some info like what phone you have

      2 read the other comments since this will give you a faster answer in most cases since someone else already asked

    2. You can’t do anything if you haven’t saved your old blobs. Blobs are unique to your device and many people are saying that 4s still doesn’t downgrade even with the blobs (although I’ve heard different, I don’t know myself since I got the 4s with 6.0 on it dammit).. And next time you post something like that – try two things

      1 write some info like what phone you have

      2 read the other comments since this will give you a faster answer in most cases since someone else already asked

  1. Warren says:

    help me. I bought my iphone 4s in ios 6 already. Is there any solution to downgrade to 5.1.1? I have another iphone 4s using 5.1.1 can i use it’s SHSH?

      1. What would be a real programming project would be to determing how the SHSH Blob is constructed/calculated. Then, one might be able to construct a low-level code (assembly language) app that could generate the blob.
        The real stink-bomb from this point forward though is that Apple reportedly registers each Apple device’s blob or unique ID to prevent people from backing out of the abominations that is IOS 6, once the IOS 6 install completes. This is also why I wish the same fate for Mr Cook and the Apple Technical sh*theads as their predecessor, Steve Jobs.

  2. Dumbassarticlewriter says:

    This doesn’t work on iPhone 4S morons and that guy confirmed it didn’t obviously hasn’t tried it. Limera1n cannot be used with iPhone 4S the chip won’t allow it, do some research before lying.

  3. Just Restored From iOS 6.0 Go Back To iOS 5.1.1 On iPhone 4-32Gb It Worked 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Now My Phone Can Jailbreak Any Time,,, Thanksss !!! For The Video …
    Keep Uo Good Work Man… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. if i knew that just in time i wouldn’t have messed up ! i have the White Screen of Death Now !! i’ll have to wait untill the battery drains completly and i’ll see if i’ll have luck fixing it !! :/

  5. Guys if you had upgraded to ios6 & you don’t know how to activate ur phone ! just downgrade to another version ! i did downgrade to 4.1 for the phone of a freind of mine totally worked ! + jailbraked with RedSn0w ! + Upgarded to BB 6.15.00 And installed Ultrasn0w Fixer ! totally worked ! but i guess in 5.1.1 BB 6.15.00 doesn’t work only 5.13.04 should work ! anyway wish you all good luck ! if u still have your 5.1.1 but it’s bricked don’t boot or stuck you should save your shs blobs with ” Tiny Umbrella ” and than follow the tutorial above ! totally works !but be careful don’t mess up things you’d face the WSoD !! u won’t love it ^^
    good luck everybody

  6. LobsterDerby says:


      1. Johan Hereora Hummerhielm says:

        Pete, did YOU not read? Just CTRL+F search this page and you’ll se the author mentions “iPhone 4/iPhone 4S” several times.

        Author: Fix this before more iPhone 4S users start this not working process on their phones!

  7. barkatalishah.ba says:

    I really want to downgrade my 4s to ios5.1.1 i have my old SSH i have waited alot but i dont know why they have not yet supported this for iphone 4s/a5 devices :S

    1. Iphone4ever says:

      Everyone please listen and just deal with it, you cannot downgrade iPhone 4s to 5.1.1.. Even jail broken devised. If you have ios 6 now the only way is to sell your phone and buy a new one or break it and get a new one with insurance that has stock 5.1.1. Fact!!! I sold my phone and bought another on Craig’slist and luckily the guy had not updated.. It sucks but it’s a fact

    1. Imtiaz Siddiqui says:

      Yes.. If you were jailbroken on 5.1.1 and then upgraded Cydia will have them saved automatically… But million dollar question is.. are you on iPhone 4 or lower… If yes then only you can downgrade using this iP 4s does not work…

    1. According to what I’ve read, shsh Blobs are tied to individual phones and registered on a server at Apple; getting someone else’s iPhone Blob would do you no good on those 2 factors alone. I’m in the same boat and would do/ pay damn near anything (within reason) to roll back my 4S to IOS 5.1.1

          1. slick says:

            4S cannot Downgrade
            for iphone 4 or lower if you dont have .shsh ur stuck
            cant share every phone saves its own

  8. sam says:

    iphone 4s is an A5 device not A4 therefore this does not work for iphone 4s or ipad2
    but please, by any means, if anyone with an iphone 4s was able to downgrade their device please share how you did it.

  9. Melz says:

    i followed the steps used someone a friends SHSH blobs and it worked until the iPhone bricked. The i did a normal restore and it came back to life thank god I know theres away how can i get around the SHSH blob stituation?

  10. RobJeff Bahamut says:

    ok so what if we dont have SHSH Blob File does that mean we are really doomed and wont be able to downgrade I never jailbroken my iphone before never installed cydia and never save my firmware.
    I tried downloading ios 5.1.1 firmware but its not working when clicking restore in itunes or even in cydia

  11. Dylan Farrow says:

    Sucks for me cuz i got my 4S recently and they put iOS6 on it even though i told em i wanted iOS5.1.1 and they said they would >.> frustrating

  12. A5..... says:

    This guide just have so much wrong information…
    why write in topic about 4S and downgrade to 5.1.1 when redsn0w current version 0.9.15b2 can’t handle iphone4s in stitch mode?
    You can only downgrade old phones 3gs and the iphone 4…..
    And when someone with iphone 4s tells it wont work, someone will post “it works” but they do only have the iphone 4 when testing… lol

  13. dr.phill says:

    to get your unsaved shsh from cydia you can use tiny umbrella and connect phone in regular mode and save them. shsh files will be saved in c:useryourusers.shsh
    it can be named abit difrent, i just direct translate folder names from my foldernames
    will only works on ios versions phone have bean jailbroken on..

  14. mundez says:

    i was enjoying my jailbroken 4s 5.1.1 till one time the resolution just changed and started displaying itself 1/4th of the screen.trust me i tried everything and couldnt navigate thru my phone i had to restore the firmware but IFUCK wasnt signing 5.1.1 no more and i had move up to ios 6. i HATE my iphone now, i have to wait God knows how long for untethered

    1. Ahsan riaz says:

      No… Every iphone have its own individual shsh.. Apple had stoped
      Signing 5.1.1 if any one upgraded to ios 6 then he is stucked even me too..
      Now the solution is to wait for ios 6 jailbreak..

  15. i have an iphone 4s, running on ios6, is it possible to downgrade to 5.1.1?, i have the shsh blobs, both local and remote on cydia..i lend my iphone to my girlfriend for the day, she accidently updated it, soo im up shits creek without a paddle..lol please help thanks.,

  16. You can get your SHSH blobs on tiny umbrella even if you didnt manually save it. Cydia automatically saves your SSH blobs and can get it remotely on tinyumbrella… i got my shsh blobs for 5.0 all the way to 5.1.1 coz i update and jailbreak every version…

    sadly i have ip4s and Pawned DFU doesnt work

  17. blanco says:

    can someone send me the ISO 5.1.1 for iphone 4 GSM plz my internet is to slow to download it pls help mauricemicock@gmail..com

    i need to update my iphone all of my icons are gone on my home screen ……….to fix this

  18. tharshnth says:


  19. Barrackobama says:

    Yeah it worked on my iphone 4s! Its funny because i really dont have to downgrade it since i already have ios 6 jailbreak. I just wanna try.luckily it worked.

  20. dennis r says:

    Yeap!!! : ( I was very excited when I read the title.
    “Hate iPhone 4 / 4S iOS 6, downgrade to 5.1.1”
    An hour later I realized it doesn’t work on my Iphone 4S. He clearly estates in his video that this works for A4 devices only, Buuuuuut, the title says other wise.
    I beg you, please correct it ASAP so Iphone 4S owners don’t waste their time like I did. Thank you for your good intentions anyway.

  21. AndroidBuddy says:

    Hello! Apple Fans. I just bought my newly Iphone 4s a few days ago and when i got home, suddenly my iphone 4s updated to iOs 6. Im not happy with it, i begin searching everywhere about rolling back/downgrading, but some of the Apple’s users says they dont support it or permit it. Then i took another search, and i found out about SHSBlabla. Sad to say i didn’t have it, i’m just new with this stuff. i was critically ashamed about apple’s world, they are super strict. It just like, you have no right to enjoy most of it, no freedom and support. You know guys, i prefer Android because they are everything, you know what, they even support xda-developers like rooting/unrooting, altering the cores,modifying a roms,kernels(engine) and everything! A FREEDOM! But Apple? nothing ? I am part of XDA-Developer and i owned several low-Androids unlocked to its full great potential and inside-cutomized. Well, is apple serving the community/owners a better knowledge and wide-support? how about rooting or Jailbreaking? why would we are not allowed to downgrade? did we just buy our apple and its strictly not to enjoy most of it or EAT it? and you call Genius? F-Apple! I might go back to Android!

  22. Anon says:


    So simple.

    If you did not save your SHSH Blobs but you have jailbroken it. Connect your phone to tinyumbrella and fetch your saved shsh.If it does not fetch something.Then obviously you’re out of luck. You’re dead. You can’t downgrade a 4S.You upgraded to iOS6 and that’s your stupid mistake.You can’t use someone’s SHSH Blobs since this blobs are unique ids and is only tied to one device.If you really hate iOS6 then sell your phone. Buy a Nexus 4 or S3 save yourself some money.

    Simple. You have an iPhone 4/3gs.You upgraded to iOS6 you have no BLOBS then you’re stuck with iOS6 you want jailbreak.You can jailbreak iOS 6 tethered(semi-tethered). Worth a shot. Try it.

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