iOS 6 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S

As usual with any new iOS release the launch of the latest Apple mobile operating system, iOS 6, has met with a lot of praise but also criticism about certain issues, such as the now infamous Apple Maps app. We’ve been posting articles about the benefits and also some of the problems that have come to light with iOS 6 but now it seems there’s another concern. There are reports from some iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S owners that since they updated to iOS 6 their phones have suffered from excessive battery drainage.

Strangely this iOS 6 problem ties in with some of our recent posts as earlier today we told about battery tests on the iPhone 5 that looked pretty impressive although comments to our article from some readers showed they felt otherwise. In another post we told how readers using the iPhone 4 and 4S could downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 if they were unsatisfied with iOS 6 for any reason.

At that time we were unaware of any reported battery issues for iPhone 4 and 4S users but now we are hearing otherwise and there are suggestions that those using the above phones should maybe skip iOS 6, despite the many improvements it brings. BGR informs that there appear to be widespread complaints about the battery life for these devices since the iOS 6 update, with hundreds of people complaining on Apple’s discussion forums. Some users are saying that their device battery life is dropping by more than half after only a few hours on standby.

It has been suggested that part of the problem may be caused by location services such as the Passbook and Apple Maps app and so one solution could be to turn location services off although this doesn’t seem to work for all. Over on Mac Observer they are also discussing how many owners are seeing massive battery drainage on their iPhone 4 and 4S’s where this problem wasn’t an issue before they upgraded to iOS 6. The Mac Observer reporter tells how he hasn’t even run the Maps app so that doesn’t appear to be the problem in his case. However he has noted his iPhone loses around 10% of charge every hour when it’s not even being used, which certainly shouldn’t happen.

You can see the Apple discussion forums here with iPhone 4 and 4S owners noticing vast differences in battery life since they downloaded iOS 6. The MacRumors forum here also contains details about this complaint from iPhone users. We recall exactly this same problem happening last year for iPhone 4 users on the arrival of iOS 5. Personally I’ve noticed a slight drop in battery life on my iPhone 4S but nothing too major. Of course it’s difficult for us to know just how widespread this problem is though and that’s where you, the readers, come in.

We’d really like to hear your experiences of battery life on your iPhone 4 or 4S since the iOS 6 upgrade. Have you noticed a significant amount more battery drainage on your device? Maybe you’ve noticed a slight difference but nothing too drastic, or perhaps you’ve spotted no change at all? Let us have your comments.


188 thoughts on “iOS 6 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S”

  1. Gino says:

    Our household is running two iPhone 4’s, one on ios 5 and one on ios 6. Since I downloaded iOS 6, the battery life on both drains very quickly whether on standby or in use. Help!

  2. Daniel says:

    Iinstalled iOS6 last Saturday on my i 4s and now my phone randomly shuts down and restarts. Battery life is draining slightly faster also but the random reboots may be causing this. Anybody else seeing this restarting issue on ios6?

  3. Andy hardy says:

    IOS6 upgrade has seen the battery life on my iPhone 4S decrease significantly to the point where it now goes from 100% to empty in 8 hours on standby !

  4. Kelly23 says:

    Has any one else after update to ios6 lost the sound of alert tone eg message tone fb tone. I can only hear my ring tones no music nothing ;(

    1. Judy says:

      My iPhone 4 charge used to last all day but after iOS 6 I run out of juice mid day and have disabled many of the features that are supposed to be the trouble makers. Also moving apps to different screens crashed my iPhone 4 twice and this has never happened before. I use assistive touch because my phone button is touchy and if if is the last thing you touch, phone does not sleep so swipe to a different page or some other gesture and phone will sleep. Husband has 4s and is OK with iOS6 upgrade. I should have waited.

    2. BR says:

      Since upgrading some of my incoming calls are silent but not all of them, weird! My alert tones are ok but i’m getting facebook birthday alerts through my calendar even though I have that switched off, frustrating

  5. jtaylor says:

    Since I upgraded to IOS6 on my 4S my phone will go from 100% to completely dead in 4 hours with minimal use…that is to say the occational email or text but no internet use. Not close to acceptable. I now keep it charging in the car, in the office and overnight.

  6. sancerre says:

    Definite hit on battery after upgrading to iOS6. My battery is at 51% as I type, and typically I would be in the high 80’s at this time of day. I have even noticed that the phone feels much warmer (at the top).

  7. Luciana says:

    My 4S gets really really warm from even minimal use or just from being plugged in. Also, my battery life… just no. In just four hours, I was on empty. For some of that time, my phone was off because of my courses being in session. I really need Apple to fix this ASAP!

  8. sbailey4 says:

    All great with iOS 6 for my 2 iPhone 4s and everyone else I know who upgraded. Mine is actually quite a bit better than 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1, and 5.1.1 was. That device will be a year old in November. Brand new 4s was upgraded on day of purchase and it seems fine as well. No complaints with iOS 6 and to me its the best iOS yet.

          1. sbailey4 says:

            Wow another great bit of information. I am sure that will help a lot of people. Thanks again!!
            Scott Bailey

          2. ShillTroller says:

            you are an idiot. You are mistaking the term “troll” which is someone who intentionally posts stuff to piss people off, for the term “shill” which is someone who is artificially posting positive stuff to support something that they are biased on. Get your terms straight, troll.
            These guys are shills not trolls.

  9. Cydia sinner says:

    Well a iphone 5 is a pimped up 4S , but a jailbroke 4S is Gods personal moby : p batt life on current iphone’s allways an issue .. Just gotta get on with it or get a charge case : / Oh only thing i did buy was new 5 earphones ..frikin amazing

  10. Joshua Nzama says:

    I am a proud owner of the iPhone 4s, but ever since I bought this handset, it stays in my room daily because of the battery problems, on full charge I can only use my phone for less than five hours, then another charging is required.
    I was also thinking abt downloading iOS 6, but couldn’t.

    I bought my iPhone early this year in April, and yet I can’t enjoy it on the outside world due to battery drainage.

    Joshua Nzama (Durban,KZN South Africa)

  11. Chad Horvath says:

    My iPhone 4S barely makes it 6 hours while being on standby since I upgraded to IOS6. I have gone to Apple and they say it isn’t the OS and that y battery is fine. I have tried restoring and nothing. I am really looking for a real solution because the only option I am given is to buy another 4S for $199. Then what, have the same problem?

    1. sbailey4 says:

      if you are using exchange email try and remove your email account, reboot the device, then add it back. Known issue with exchange email in previous versions after upgrading from 1 version to another. Also reset all settings, setup as new when prompted (that wont delete your apps or data). Reset wall papers and particular settings you had.Then drain battery all the way until it shuts down. Charge it back til 1.5 to 2 hrs past 100% undisturbed.

  12. Chris says:

    I had 100% charge when I went to sleep last night and just being unplugged it was drained down to 68% 8 hours later. Today I may have looked at email once while at work, didn’t make any calls and 9 hours later I’m at 12%!! This is really not gonna work for me. Oh, I have the 3G, waiting to get my 5.

  13. Nadiah says:

    Ever since i upgrade to ios 6..network and connectivity issues..Now i cannot even restore to the previous software when i cant even on my iphone..When connected to my laptop it prompt error message..How should i go about it??

  14. DanielleCathey says:

    I came to this forum because I was trying to see if others were having the same problem or if I was imaging it. It looks like I really am having an issue. My phone has to be recharged by noon rather than in the evening at bed time. I have an iphone 4

  15. Rc_cola52519 says:

    IOS6 I garbage maps are terrible battery does so fast gotta constantly be pluging it in to make it through the day when before I had no issue. I can’t use the email app anymore to check my yahoo mail I have to log on each time through safari to check emails the YouTube app sucks def wish I could go back to ios5 and another thing what’s up with not being able to touch Facebook photos and save them anymore that is garbage it doesn’t allow me to save photos from Facebook anymore I hate it please make a way to go back to ios5!!!!

  16. LMJ says:

    I experienced battery loss of 10% an hour after upgrading to IOS 6. The Apple Care rep walked me through resetting my ‘Settings’, and now my battery looses only 3% an hour. Before IOS 6 I lost only 1% an hour, for comparison. It frustrates me that I had to spend hours re-establishing all my ‘Settings’. You would think Apple could have a better solution. Also, the company should have a better test plan to ensure that a new software release is backward compatible.

    1. AP says:

      Hey LMJ, I don’t think Apple really go for the whole “backward compatible” thing. If they did, people wouldn’t upgrade as regularly…. ;p

  17. Jrob says:

    With ios6 my battery life is now about 41/2 hrs in stby mode. I could go all day before. Do not load ios6 on your 4 or 4s if you value battery life at all

  18. The battery life on my 4S is has decreased significantly. If I’m using the phone to take a few pictures and do some Twitter updates I’ll go down to 50% battery life in about 3 hours when starting from a full charge. Something that never used to happen to me before and I’ve always been an avid social media user from my iPhone. When on standby it’ll decrease about 10% an hour for me as well. I’ve tried disabling bluetooth, shutting off wifi and closing all my open apps and still nothing. I haven’t seen Apple address this issue and I feel that at this point they should.

  19. Gino says:

    After reading through many pages of Apple discussion about this problem going back several years, I happened upon a simple fix that does not seem to relate to the battery draing I was experiencing on my ios5 and ios6 iPhone 4’s. Go to settings open “general”, turn “restrictions” on and then off. Seems to have worked for both phones. Does anyone know why?

      1. Gino says:

        After reading Apple discussion entries, I found the problem and a temporary fix until Apple sends out something permanent. Go to settings, general, diagnostics & usage, diagnostic and usage data. If you scroll down and find many, many entries that say “webbookmarks”, there’s a glitch when you leave Safari running in the background. After using Safari, be sure to close it by double clicking the home button and holding your finger on the Safari icon long enough to get a minus sign, then hit the minus sign to close the program. This has worked for me.

  20. Angila says:

    I have a 4s and I just upgraded to the iOS 6 a week ago. It’s gotten to the point I need to charge it whenever I can so my phone won’t die towards the end of the day when i need it the most, like when my mom is calling me to tell me it’s past my curfew haha

  21. Boyfromoz says:

    The battery drain on my 4S is a serious issue following upgrade to iOS 6. A fully charged battery is fully depleted by lunch-time, even with no usage. I have turned off Siri and all location services (both rumoured to be potential causes) and don’t have any apps running in the multi-task bar. I have done multiple power-downs and resets and last night did a full restore. Nothing has made a difference.

    1. MS 31684 says:

      you are the only with out of world IOS 6 update…everybody else is just human and screwed by apple…still they wont learn..there r better phones out there in market apart from iToy…btw how much money apple is paying u to write this…:P

      1. sbailey4 says:

        Nope Frank is not alone. Both my two and several friends all have 4s and they are fine with iOS6. My battery is WAY better then it was with 5.1.1

  22. Kitterpuss says:

    My iphone 4 has gone from 100% to 60% in less than three hours. I listen to music on the half hour journey to work, and sometimes look at a news app, but normally that would only drain maybe 15 or 20% of battery.
    With the various other issues the new iphone has, like build quality and maps, I’m starting to lose confidence in the iphone brand.

  23. Renee says:

    notice a significant drop in my battery life in 4S after the upgrade. Now i need to carry my charger with me all the time, losing about 20 % battery every hour, hope apple comes out with a solution soon ..

  24. iphone 3GS says:

    uninstalling the facebook app helped me and few of my friends.
    now battery life got back to normal.
    installed the facebook again and battery went from 100% to zero in 15 hours,
    without the facebook it holds for 40 hours…

  25. Sean O says:

    Today I have experienced that my phone went dead, wake up button and power button didn’t work. This could be due to my recent use of mobile internet access and using maps a bit more than usual to track my progress to my destination. On arrival at home, I connected to charger on wall outlet but that did not work. I connected it to USB on my Imac and it did turn on after a few minutes and showing that there is still 80% battery power left. This is the first time it happened to my iphone 4 since I got it and I have updated it last week to iOS 6.

  26. Kate says:

    I also experience the same thing on my 4s, apart from the excessive drainage of battery life, wifi connectivity is disabled. it’s grayed out, and I can’t even turn it on and off. this is getting too stressful for me 😐

  27. Nik says:

    iOS6 does not bring a significant change as to older versions. I am having battery drain issues after upgrade. I also miss the google maps. Apple maps suck.

  28. Hhh says:

    Drastic reduction in standby time plus phone randomly goes dark and needs to be restarted! Would be Great upgrade but apple need to sort this out for iPhone 4/4s users (surely the majority of iPhones!)

  29. Reno says:

    My iPhone 4 was fine with battery life running iOS 5.1.1 After upgrading to iOS 6 I see battery life draining by the hour in stand by mode. The maps suck and the embedded YouTube is gone. If I knew iOS 6 was a permanent upgrade, I never would have installed it. It appears you could have downgraded from 6 to another iOS if you had beta 6 installed OR if you saved your SHSH blobs.

  30. GerFitz says:

    I am experiencing a serious reduction in battery life on my 3gs with IOS6, And I cannot find a way of turning off location services.Any suggestions?

  31. Sanjeev says:

    Yes I have many issues with iOS 6. I have WiFi, Bluetooth and Battery drainage. My batter drains very quickly. Before upgrading I used to charge my mobile only once daily. Now I need to charge my mobile 3-4 times daily. I regret I did mistake by taking the decision to upgrade hurriedly. I should have waited for some weeks before going for this upgrade. I am paying for my mistake now.

  32. adamski777 says:

    same as others, have a 4s that i foolishly upgraded to ios6. in 6 hours of normal light use i have gone from full charge to 37%. as soon as the windows phone 8 handsets are out im ditching apple for good 🙁

  33. wildo13 says:

    My Battery Life is fine … BUT my phone wont connect to itunes, wont play music, wont play music through alarms etc… lord knows what else. is anyone else having these problems??? iPhone 4 ios 6

  34. Yellanie says:

    I have an iPhone 4. Since loading the new IOS 6 my battery life has seriously decreased. It’s such a drag. I constantly close running apps, but it seems to make no difference.

    1. Gino says:

      I had the same problem with my iPhone 4. I found this solution on an Apple discussion page and it worked for me. Go to settings, general, about, diagnostics & usage, diagnostic and usage data, scroll to see if you have many, many entries that start: webbookmarked. If you do, this is reported to be a glitch when Safari is running in the background. If you use Safari on your phone, check to see if it is running in the background by double clicking the home button. If it is, hold the icon down until you get a minus sign. Hit the minus sign to stop it from running. Let me know if this works for you.

  35. The Dr says:

    Not only has my 4S battery drained in a few hours of standby since upgrading to ios6 2 days ago, but now none of my PCs will recharge it except my Macbook…surprise sur-friggin-prise (they did fine before). Worse, it’s overheating like crazy…enough to switch itself off and lightly burn my hand when I picked it up. This is my last Apple mistake!

  36. Steuart says:

    IOS 6 has probably reduced my battery life by 50%. One of the very few things I liked about my iPhone 4s was I could frequently get 2 days out of the battery, now one day is the maximum. I am a die hard mac fan, BUT I rue the day I ever bought an iPhone.

  37. Edd says:

    since upgrading to ios6, my phone has frozen three times. i have a 4. the last time it froze the battery was around 68%. my phone shut down and didnt turn back on for over two hours. when it did decide to turn back on, the battery was drained to a point that i got the super low battery picture on my phone. it seems, at least, to me, that apple is ruining my phone to force me to upgrade which i was planning on doing anyways. kinda frustrating.

    1. Gino says:

      I had the same problem with my iPhone 4. I found this solution on an Apple discussion page and it worked for me. Go to settings, general, about, diagnostics & usage, diagnostic and usage data, scroll to see if you have many, many entries that start: webbookmarked. If you do, this is reported to be a glitch when Safari is running in the background. If you use Safari on your phone, check to see if it is running in the background by double clicking the home button. If it is, hold the icon down until you get a minus sign. Hit the minus sign to stop it from running. Let me know if this works for you.

  38. iGuy says:

    I have just bought the iPhone 4S and as i got it home and connected to my LAN, it began downloading IOS which ve got on my iPad with no issues. within 3 hours my battery went from 70% to 8% and the Maps app wasnt being used. I was simply using imessage on Wifi. I think this may have something to do with IOS – a 6.1 Update Apple???

  39. CP says:

    I upgraded my iphone 4 to ios 6 almost two weeks ago, but hadn’t noticed any change until the last couple of days. I haven’t done anything differently, but my phone went almost DEAD today, twice, after just sitting on the counter and checking mail a couple times. This is crazy!

  40. Hasan A. Kayani says:

    My iPhone 4s keeps getting crash whatever apps i’m using (message, email, safari, whatsapps, games etc). When i am using the messaging and email what ever i have typed is lost even have to start from scratch all over! Done restore, factory reset!!! But this has been happening from the day i got it upgraded to iOS 6.0!! Have been a iphone user since past 6 months, never faced such issue!!! The battery life also drained out so quickly that at night it’s 100% & when i wake up for office it’s dead!!! In normal time before upgraded i can use for whole day & charged only once per day but now it had to be charged thrice after upgraded even it is the same usage before upgraded. Awaiting for the better upgraded version, hope you wont let your Apple’s users down!!! So else will have to switch!!!

  41. RMM says:

    Same IOS 6 devastated my phone is useless now hardly works for a day even with virtually no calls something is eating my battery – how do I go back ios 5
    – is this a sneaky way Apple get us to buy a new phone……shocking

  42. Jim says:

    The battery life issue I noticed immediately on my iPhone 4S! I keep all my apps closed to maximize battery life and my phone still loses battery life. I’ve also noticed that my iPhone 4S freezes every now and then which never happened. Very disappointed with the new OS.

  43. Eric says:

    This sucks!!!!! Ever since the update my iphone4s battery is horrible!!! I mean to the point where my battery is dead by 930am NO JOKE!! I wake up at 4am by the time I get to work at 6am my battery is at 45 percent. I have to recharge it almost 3 times a day. Wtf is going on

  44. markp says:

    4S user with the iOS 6.0 update and I now have to plan my day running from one battery charger in one location to another with moderate use and that’s no joke. if this thing is not constantly plugged in i’m dancing within the 10-20% range and in route to a charger. wouldn’t mind going back to 5.0 but losing the panoramic camera is a killer.
    Apple figure this out!!!

  45. KF says:

    Well I was getting bad battery drain losing full charge in 4 hrs on my 4s
    I deleted my email account and now this seems to have resolved the issue. Its been 3 hrs now and im still at 100%

  46. Chris says:

    My battery life on my iphone 4 has been absolutely horrible. My phone also freezes up at least once a day while I’m in the middle of an app and I have to wait 30 minutes until it finally shuts off and automatically resets itself. I am a huge opponent of iOS 6.

  47. Devin says:

    I have the iphone 4s. I am a new apple customer, and I was prompted to update to iOS 6 immediately upon activation. In the beginning, It drove me crazy that the phone would loose 1% power every three minutes during normal use. I became so frustrated that I went online, and I performed a search for “iphone 4s battery drain” the results were immediately insightful. I have seen no argument that the new iOS, in conjuction with the 4 series phones, does not cause this battery drain (drain) problem.

    The new operating system causes rapid drain. I have followed all applicable steps to limit the drain, such as disabling wi-fi, location services, and any app that auto syncs/pushes/updates. Additionally, I changed the screen brightness to around 15% of max. These steps have allowed me to slow the drain down to 1% every 10 minutes +/- 2-3 minutes during normal use. This is unacceptable for a product that is supposed to be so revolutionary. I have now resorted to putting my phone in airplane mode while not in use as this appears to limit the drain greatly (less than 1% an hour).

    I have spent a great deal of time online trying to resolve this issue. I love the phone, but it is time for a solution. If iOS 5 worked fine with the 4-series phones then the first step would be to check the updated (iOS 6) objective-c code for any errors/memory leaks that may be occurring in the newly added functions. If apple has begun the debugging process, then the deadline for resolution has to be pushed up, and more programmers have to be added to the debug-project.

    If management makes this a true priority, even going so far as to offer monetary incentives for proof of resolution, creating teams that can perform competitively against one another for greater reward, and allowing some form of over-time incentive as well; this problem will be resolved rapidly.

    Steve Jobs is not there any longer, but someone else has to know how to lead. Someone knew of this problem pre-release. Whoever gave the green-light, does not value quality. That cannot go unremarked.

    All that is needed for mediocrity to triumph is for good men, and women, to standby and do nothing,


  48. bigdactor says:

    IOS 6 on 3GS upgrade drains me, even on standby. Halfway through the day, I’m getting a low battery signal. Before the upgrade, I went all day without recharging and still had plenty left. Sometimes, I could use it the second day. There are lots of complaints here but no real anwers. Come on, Apple.

  49. Karen says:

    Battery life reduced significantly since iOS 6 installation, iPhone 4S now loses 10% of power every hour when not in use. Rubbish. How do you go back?

  50. tyhabib says:

    updated my 4s to iOS 6 a week ago phone suddenly dies without warning most of the time after a normal call phone only turn on when i press power and home together . the event is so irregular but generally battery level drops from 100% to 60% on two hours max

  51. runjacerun says:

    i recently upgraded from a iPhone 4 to a 4s and I’ve already noticed that my battery life is draining a lot quicker. for example an hour ago my phone was at 99% and now it’s at 86% with barely any usage… =

  52. Niko says:

    Brutal battery since upgrading, my phone doesn’t even last the day – charged it fully overnight, and by 2:30pm in the afternoon I am at 14% and haven’t even used the phone today.

  53. Paul K says:

    At the start IOS 6 did not affect my 4, but now it drains the battery at a ferocious rate going from 100% to 0% in about 4 to 5 hours. I have turned off location services deleted a number of suspect programs, reset my settings and turned off all push notifications, but nothing works. If anyone has a suggestion or a solution I would love to know.

  54. amanda says:

    Battery drained from around 60% to zero overnight (about 7 hours) whilst on standby. I’m also unable to turn the phone off. If i swipe to turn it off, it just restarts again.

  55. MoneyMike says:

    iPhone 4S user here and I noticed my battery drain drastically since iOS6 after a whole day normal usage for me before the update I would be between 50 and 60 % but now immediately after the update I end up with 10 and 20%…. I ordered a new battery I will post back if it improves…

  56. Fi says:

    Wish i’d read your review before I ran the IOS6 update on my iPhone 4. Since then battery life has deteriorated massively, to the point that it isn’t really mobile! This needs to be fixed ASAP!!

  57. Frustrated says:

    Exactly as you noted – once I installed iOS6, my battery will drain after a few hours on standby. I’ve turned off location based services but that doesn’t help. Very frustrating!

  58. Sheena says:

    I fully charge my battery and lasted well on standby now overnight is totally
    Drained ever since I upgraded yo iOS 6.0 🙁 from 100% down to 0% when not in use
    In 8 hours.

  59. Fivefourty says:

    Overnight, my iPhone 4 battery went from lasting me a day and a half, to only 4 or 5 hours. I also jumped from never going above 700MB in monthly data to 3GB. No change in usage on my part, just the upgrade to iOS 6. I called apple support, and they clearly had an easy fix – but they wanted to charge me $20 for their phone support to fix it. I don’t feel like paying them to fix what they broke. #Fail

    1. Cron says:

      Do you have a setting enable like GPS / Location services that may be set to ‘on’ after the update, where as previously you may have disabled such services / options?

  60. kankoh says:

    I’m experiencing the same problems as well. Since updating my Iphone 4 to the ios6 formate, my battery life as been dropping faster than usually. in the past i can go about a day and a half or more without recharging but now its every night i am forced to recharge it. Is Apple working on the ios6.1 and when will it come out.

  61. Jardon says:

    Hello all. Same for me. I have a high decrease of my battery life. It was quite funny to read this 10% per hour because I am not far from Those values. Although I do listen to some music in the morning for 45 min, I go from 100% to around 60-70. Of course I let you imagine what it is when I play games, videos or just browsing the web. A lot of helpers suggests to turn off some services like GPS and others things. Although this can be use for troubleshooting , it can t be used for permanent solution. Those phones may be very good but the price is extremely high, and it becomes worse when you read you need to turn off some services you payed for just in order to be able to use the phone normally. Not only this is incapacitating to have such a battery life, you may also consider the real impact on the battery life in the long run, until they make an update that may solve the problem. But it might be too late. Until then the battery will physically and irremediably suffer of permanent damage and people will just see no improvement. We are now feeling that Steve jobs is no more. Never he would let such a system come out.

  62. Ricky says:

    I have the same issue of very short battery life after upgrading to ios6 and was ridiculed by an Apple developer for commenting about this. Apple cut its teeth on the “it just works” selling mantra to justify the relatively high cost related to other products. If Apple can’t get its act together, its lead in the tech field is in jeoparday.

  63. shep says:

    my battery life on my 4s went from very good to very poor after upgrade the iOS6. If there any fixes besides the restore I would like to hear them. My wife has the same phone and did some of the location services fixes. I have done the same. Her’s battery life did get better, but even after trying to mirror the two phones I still have the same issue with battery life.

  64. ashleymay says:

    Horrible battery life. I could go 3 days without charging my battery, now Im lucky if I get through the day and thats with hardly using it. My coverage was always awesome but now my phone is always saying “No service” or hardly ever has coverage. My iMessages wont go through as iMessages, only as txt msgs. Its crazy how loyal apple customers are and how much money we spend for these products and then we are expected to “downgrade” back down to iOS 5. Pathetic. Maybe if they didn’t worry about bringing out a new phone every other day and focused on the current products and prefecting those, we wouldnt have this problem. Now the rest of us have to suffer because we can’t buy the new one cause of lack of inventory, waiting and cost.. and for what? So the earplug jack is at the bottom (where it should have been to begin with) and for an extra row of apps and some extra speed. Give me a break. #unhappyloyalapplecustomer #timeforasamsung?

  65. Kate says:

    I am experiencing significant battery drainage issues. I am losing about10% an hour with very little usage. I am very disappointed as I am sending this messages have list 5%.

  66. GINGER says:

    Omg terrible battery life, I have not been able to use maps all the things I bought the phone for have blew up in smoke since I stupidly downloaded ios6, shame on Apple whom I spoken to repeatly since this at least 6 hours and on pc also. I CANT STAND APPLE AT THIS POINT

  67. HalloweenQueen says:

    I am so disgusted with my battery loss since this upgrade that I will NOT be buying anohther iPhone, next time around. The Galaxy 3 looks better and better…

  68. Gino says:

    Check my earlier post relative checking through diagnostics if Safari is running in the background and stuck in a “webbookmarks” loop. It worked for me, your problem might be different. Post if this works for you.

  69. CTeas says:

    Yes, I have the iPhone 4. I had this exact problem. I read about this on another sight. Go to Settings–>General–>About–>Diagnostics & Usage–>Diagnostics & Usage Data. Do you see a butt load of error messages dating from the install of iOS 6? Delete all of your bookmarks from Safari. It really manages the battery fairly well after this fix is completed. It is annoying that Apple didn’t see this problem in testing. I’m not an Apple fan boy, but the iPhone is the best phone I have ever owned. I read where they have seen other issues like this on Mac Books in the past. It has to do with the iCloud service. It gets stuck in a loop.

  70. Mario says:

    Awful battery life… Till today it drained like 10% per hour which was more or less acceptable, but this morning it dropped around 30% in 1 hour being used for max 5 minutes. So, 55 minutes on standby, 30% off… Far away from acceptable.

  71. ST says:

    Terrible battery life. I am not using any more than normal, and Im having to charge by 3PM rather than overnight. I do not use Maps app or Passbook.

  72. Alex H. says:

    I am experiencing problems on my iPhone 4S almost immediately after I upgraded to the iOS 6 system. I am experiencing my apps closing unexpectedly, the physical phone is getting very hot, and my battery will not last more than 6 hours. I have already tried everything I can possibly do on my end with no positive results, it actually made it worse. Also, whenever I hold phone conversations the phone will cut out for 3-5 seconds where I will be unable to hear or talk to the person in the call.

  73. Nick. says:

    Experienced a significant drop in battery life as well,
    a consistent ‘locking up’ of my 4s. Never experienced it with os5.
    I’ve had to shutdown many times as a result.

  74. SD says:

    I am still on iOS 5 and while on this page alone I have watched my iPhone 4s’s battery life go down 4%. I haven’t had it very long but the drainage is beginning to concern me.

  75. Cathy says:

    Since IOS 6 my battery life is poor at best. I agree with others in that even when I’m not using my phone it drains down in approx 8 hours. Not happy at all and very inconvenient.

  76. Mahaa says:

    I recently updated my phone to ios 6 cause it got stuck on the apple logo and its raining battery like mad!!! it cant even last fro a day without using ( iPhone 4 )

  77. Adrian says:

    Massive change in battery life on my 4S and seems to be getting progressively worse. Overnight power drop when phone is not being used seems to indicate problem is in the background and unrelated to which apps are in use. Last night the phone had 45% available when I closed apps and went to sleep. 8 hours later it was at 1% and ready to die.

  78. 31gfroul says:

    the IOS6.0 update has drastically affected the battery life on my 4S. I have completed all the suggestions of turning off the location services and making sure all apps were “turned off” when not in use and these made no real improvement. I’m thinking I want to downgrade to be able to have my phone all day without having to charge it. I went from normal use of and 8 hour day and having plenty left to having less than 4 hours after an all night charge.

  79. Lorie Buhler says:

    the IOS6 upgrade ruined my phone. the battery drained within 1 day and my reception really has problems. Verizon just replaced my iPhone 4s for me. I just received it today and it does not have the update on it, thank goodness

  80. highvoltage68 says:

    I have also noticed a big drop in battery life on my 4S. I charge it every night and start the day off with 100%. before the iOS upgrade I would have approx 60-70% battery life left. I have not changed how much I use my phone at all but now I am having to plug it in after I get home from work. I am usually around 20-30% at the end of the work day. That sucks!

  81. I bought my Iphone 4s 3 months ago. Since the IOS6 My battery life has been the same, but sometimes when I get texts my phone will show the “Apple” Logo like it just restarted. Has anyone else experienced this?

  82. Kat says:

    The battery life on my 4 has decreased a lot. For example, had it fully charged last night before bed, closed all apps, and woke up to 80% battery. I talked on the phone twice today, for a total of maybe 5 minutes, sent sent one text and at 1pm it’s at 59%. It’s very annoying for those of us that don’t have home phones and rely on our iPhone for everything.

  83. I just did the update on sat (it is now tuesday) and since then i am running out of battery by 8pm every day. Prior to the update i would end the day with half or more of my battery. It is extremely annoying and i havent even been using my phone that much.

  84. Dutch says:

    I just got back from the Verizon store where they told me to go online to itunes and roll back the software to an earlier version. I have an Iphone 4S and from 9:30 in the morning to 3:00pm the phone goes from 100 to 16%. Was great before the software upgrade

  85. Christian says:

    The battery life has drop dramatically since I download i06 on my 4s without use it is going down half way this is not good at all I am so disappointing it was working well before I was do happy with my iPhone 4 but now after upgrading is just a nightmare ! Is a any solution about the battery life?

  86. Cat G says:

    The battery life on my iPhone 4 has decreased ridiculously to the point where it’s 100% charged at 8am, down to 42% by 10:30am and dead by midday – this is where 98% of the use during this period was standby. I had a similar problem after one of the IO5 upgrades but NOTHING like as bad as this – and resetting my phone didn’t work this time either. Honestly, what on earth?!

  87. Manning says:

    The battery life on my iPhone 4S has drastically reduced. After an overnight charge, the battery is dead by 12 pm or 1 pm, so it lasts 5-6 hours before having to be recharged. Bought it last April and problem started about 2 months ago.

  88. gailbentivegna1 says:

    My phone was fine until very recently. The battery is draining so fast that during the 1 hour drive from the office to home, I see a 50% reduction. Overnight it drains to zero. I have read the comments on the net. If I knew about this issue, I would have never purchased this phone. This is a major problem. I am going to replace it with another vendor.

  89. Packer says:

    I agree with all posts in regards to the battery life,
    I find it even worse when you only have limited range,
    Don’t know if that is because it is working harder to
    stream. As I write this which took 2 min it went down 1%

  90. Jim says:

    I’ve had radical drop in battery life with IOS 6, also issues with texting recently, but may be related to having needed to clear cache and history on safari – Battery life though has been dramatically poor!

  91. Lillypitt says:

    I’ve nothing but problems with wi-fi/3G and network provider connections since upgrading to IOS6 battery life is dismal too.
    Can’t seem to find a way to sort this in non technical speak.
    Seriously considering leaving Apple and going back to Samsung 🙁 I love my iphone but cannot be bothered paying for something I can only use when I’m outside.

  92. Weaver says:

    The battery life is pretty bad. My 4s now shuts down when it’s just in my pocket and then won’t cut back on. I don’t know why. I have the charger plugged up. IDK!!!!!!!! Any suggestions?

  93. Nadele says:

    I charged my phone last night to 100%. By the time i got to work this morning it had fallen to 83%, having done nothing but sit in my bag. I switched it off and on again at 3pm. By 5pm it had fallen to 50% and then again to 20% by the time i had driven home an hour.

  94. Gary S says:

    Had no issue on my iPhone 4S on updating to iOS6, until the 6.1 upgrade… Battery has fallen 20% in an hour, when previously if phone not used, would hold a charge of at least 90% all day. Guess I was luckier than most not to experience the excessive drain until now…

  95. MF says:

    1-employer sponsored iPhone 2-not keen on it at first but warming to it 3-two upgrades later Apple has shown itself to be an ordinary hardware provider. 4-experts suggest turning off the functions that make it “smart”. 5-I now have a device no better than what i gave up and still less battery life.

  96. Kev in OZ says:

    On 4s iphone the battery shows 70% charge left but then it shuts down. This is a regular occurance since 6.1 upgrade. Is apple frazled and screwing up a lot??

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