FIFA 13 iPhone problems to discuss

We’ve been giving readers details about the FIFA 13 iOS app over recent weeks and know how highly anticipated this app was. It finally released just under a week ago and has already proved hugely popular and has high ratings in customer reviews. However we’ve noted that some users of FIFA 13 for the PlayStation are reporting freezing and connection problems and we’d like to know if iPhone FIFA 13 app users are also experiencing any issues.

The PlayStation forums have accounts from users experiencing freezing and connection problems and from personal experience I’ve also noted issues with freezing for the PS3. It’s an immensely frustrating problem but somehow reassuring to know I’m not the only one and that others are also feeling the same amount of frustration. The issues for console users have led us to wonder if iPhone users of the FIFA 13 app are equally affected.

We recently told how the iOS FIFA 13 app was now available from the App Store and asked for player reviews on the game. We received some comments from readers regarding this saying that they were having crashing or freezing problems particularly with the iPad, although some who were noting problems had issues with iPhone use.

EA Sports has already issued an update to the iOS app, v 1.0.2, which claims to have fixed the game for iPad use and also improved game stability because of crashing issues and this is where we’d like to hear from readers. If you have experienced a problem with FIFA 13 on iOS was this fixed after your device received the v 1.0.2 update? Maybe you’ve had the update but are still noticing issues that are causing you annoyance? Send your comments to let us know.


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  1. hardware says:

    if you wanna coordinate a game with a friend via origin, you have to do it offline as there are no push notifications nor will you be notified when you’re doing something else in the game that doesn’t involve the main menu. There have been times in online quick match where the game freezes and exits before the game starts and you are rewarded with 3 points.

  2. Jex says:

    I was not really impressed when i came to know that games online feature works on Wi-Fi networks only!!! what if we are not in Wi-Fi area? why cant it not be played in 3G or 4G networks?

  3. Ishtiyaq says:

    I have iphone 5 my friend has iPhone 4S we are unable to play on wifi as when we are about to start the game it states connection between us are poor, so I went to his house and we were both connected to the same router and the same issue occurs?

  4. arman says:

    When i click on leaderboards.. it only shows my name and my rank since i dont have an friends added yet.. But as i play online, i verse other people and why cant i see other peoples records that i dont know?

    1. Kumat Mebro says:

      I find it won’t save after you play cup matches, you have to play complete a league game afterwards for it to save. Sometimes it won’t let you advance from the matchscreen at the end of the game, you’ll have to repeat the game in that case.

  5. Thaizir says:

    I have the iPhone 5 without the 6.01 recent update. I had about 6 menu crashes on the game since the game has been out and I play a couple times a day, everyday. Something else I notice is that if you are playing someone online, then either you or your opponent goes to the home screen during pauses to check the battery life or whatever else, going back to play the game after that creates poor performance as if the connection speed was minimal. I noticed that when playing with a friend. He would text me after I killed him, and want him doing the inviting instead of me. Going out of a game during online play isn’t good. If it wasn’t for the online play option, I wouldn’t like 13′ near as much. At least they didn’t change it too much from Fifa 12. You can still use your cool shots, passes and lobs the close to the same way. I’m downloading the update as we speak and you know how long that takes…. 2-7 hrs depending. It’s taken me 3-4 hrs downloading and installer 12′ and 13′.

  6. Victim of ea says:

    I have an iPhone 5. And I can’t get past the title screen. It always crashes to the homescreen. iv redownloaded it 10 times. This sucks so much. I feel like i was robbed by ea…

  7. Rafael Senff (Brazil) says:

    when I play a single player matche it works fine , on 90% of the online matches the lag is ridiculous , can’t play , it’s disgusting . If your fifa isn’t working good don’t play online guys, please

  8. Youngtrapzz says:

    I have a iphone4 and my fifa isnt even downloading saying i havent got enough storage on my device yet ive got more than what is needed anyone with same problem?

  9. Matt says:

    Every time I play ultimate team I play the whole game and just as the ref blows the final whistle the game force shuts down and my fifa restarts. I don’t get a win or lose on my record, just lose a games contract for each of my players. It’s done this consecutively for 5 games now. I’ve tried re downloading and it makes no difference.

  10. anas says:

    i keep disconnected after evrey game i play in ultimate team mode and my players keep loosing there contracts and i dont make any coins anymore . i disinstall the game but its the same problem . plz some one help

  11. LOLOLd says:

    When I join tournament in the ultimate team before they allow me to press continue , the game freezes and crash ten I have to restrt it all over from the start it is very frustrating thinking that I spent money for the game

  12. Iphone5dking says:

    Please fix it i have buy fifa in THE netherlands store for 4.49euro of i do à nee sesion whit coach carrière if i want play hè crashes then Ian back @ THE beginning of my iPhone screen Greet iPhone 5

  13. Sandman says:

    Please help my FIFA ultimate team crashes when the referee blows the whistle and when I want to quick sell there is a error. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  14. antim says:

    i have an iphone 3gs with ios 6.1 but while playing fifa 13 the game becomes slow some time in comparing to fifa 12 why ? can any 1 tell me please ?

  15. Teck Yuan says:

    I have iPod 5. My problem is the game like suddenly fast forward. All the players were running fast like their on steroids, even the passing of a ball is quicker then before. Its like when u fast forward a video. Please help, thanks

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