Motorola Droid Bionic owner frustration over ICS update letdown

Today we want to discuss the Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone and the frustration that many owners of this device are feeling over the lack of Android 4.0 ICS update so far, another letdown in a rather sorry tale. While many device users are already enjoying the delights of 4.1 Jelly Bean we shouldn’t forget that plenty of other phone owners still haven’t been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. People who have the Droid Bionic are amongst those still waiting for ICS and you can hardly blame them for thinking that they got the short straw when they purchased the Bionic.

We can still remember the initial excitement when the Droid Bionic was first unveiled way back in January 2011 at CES. At that time the Droid Bionic looked as though it would be a radical improvement on most other Android smartphones bringing with it some really top-notch specs. The Bionic shortly became one of the most highly anticipated smartphones that we can remember with many potential customers vowing to purchase it as soon as it was released. However at that time they couldn’t have possibly have foreseen that it wouldn’t release until September, some 8 months later! Indeed at CES Motorola assured customers it would be released in Q2 of that year.

The trouble with a manufacturer taking such a long time between the announcement of a device and the actual release is that in the interval other devices come along. It wasn’t too long before these newer phones were also offering the similar high-end specs of the Droid Bionic and then after even more months went by, even better phones arrived. There was even speculation that as so long had passed since the Bionic was introduced it may be scrapped altogether.

However many loyal customers originally excited at the thought of the Droid Bionic continued to hold on and eventually many months after expected, managed to at last get their hands on the phone. We’re not saying that the Droid Bionic isn’t a decent enough handset but the time between its debut and actually hitting the shelves certainly contributed to it being just a ‘decent enough’ handset rather than something groundbreaking.

Putting it bluntly Droid Bionic owners haven’t received the best customer service from Motorola and we’ve been keeping readers informed as to when the device should receive the 4.0.4 ICS update. Motorola confirmed that the Droid Bionic was one of its phones that would receive ICS way back in December 2011 and yet owners are still waiting. Again Motorola has let Bionic owners down with this so far, as users were eventually informed the update would come in Q3 this year. Remember that was already some months after many other device owners received ICS but still Droid Bionic owners held on patiently, or not so patiently. Two weeks ago we gave readers the latest situation on the Bionic ICS update as a Motorola executive acknowledged the complaints of a multitude of Bionic owners on his Google+ page.

Motorola Mobility’s VP of Product Punit Soni accepted that Bionic owners had reason to be unhappy with the situation and responded by saying that Motorola was currently working on the issues regarding the phone. Complaints included not only the update to ICS but also the locked bootloader, 4G problems and other concerns and Soni went as far as saying that Droid Bionic owners had received a “raw deal.” Soni asked that owners be patient while they addressed these issues but at the same time Motorola released the latest ICS update list and it showed the ICS update for the Droid Bionic had now been pushed back to Q4 instead of Q3.

Of course this means that although the update could arrive shortly, it could still be two or three more months away and this news incensed many owners. We had a huge amount of response to this post with many readers commenting about their annoyance and disappointment at the software update being pushed back after already waiting so long. You can see our post and the many comments to it here and see for yourself just how vehemently many reacted to this latest letdown from Motorola. Plenty said they will never purchase another Motorola device again and there was a lot of hostility directed at Motorola and Verizon as well as regret that they ever purchased the Droid Bionic in the first place.

Some Droid Bionic owners also mentioned that if Motorola could accept they’d had a “raw deal” then the company should offer some sort of compensation and a Phone Dog article makes a very good point about exactly this. It asserts that as the release, support and updates for the Droid Bionic have all been so badly handled by Motorola and also as Punit Soni said there was a “plan” regarding the device, that some sort of monetary compensation should have been forthcoming.

For instance those Motorola customers who have already been informed that their device won’t get the ICS update at all have been offered $100 credit towards the purchase of a different device, such as the upcoming Droid RAZR HD or the Droid RAZR MAXX HD. However Droid Bionic owners who have waited months for the ICS update and then seen it pushed back to Q4 have been offered nothing at all and can surely be forgiven for feeling that once again they’ve been dealt a bad hand.

This is where we’d like some input from you, the readers. We’d like to know how you feel now about the fact that there’s still no firm date for the ICS upgrade to come to the Droid Bionic? If you own the Droid Bionic do you feel disappointed or plain angry that you still don’t have Ice Cream Sandwich? Would compensation towards a newer Motorola device make up for how Motorola has managed this situation or maybe you have no intention of purchasing another Motorola phone, so it would make no difference to you? Let us know with your comments.


234 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Bionic owner frustration over ICS update letdown”

  1. Sims says:

    I’ve had my Bionic since the day it was shipped way back in 2011. I’ve had a chance to upgrade my device for the Razr but I figured I would hold out and save the money while I try the new ICS update. Now that it’s been delayed time and time again, I think we should get some sort of gift. I’m holding out now for the DROID Razr MaxxHD. Can’t wait. Just don’t disappoint us again!

    1. Robert Soyars says:

      My next phone will definitely NOT be a Moto phone. The Bionic was a decent phone, but the fact that Moto refuses to keep it updated and the way they’ve handled this “flagship” phone (for all of 6 weeks) is the last straw. All of my smartphones have been Motorola phones, but no more.

  2. Anomynous says:

    It has been disappointing. Promises, promises and little action. There have been, what 10 ICS leaks?. Does ICS need to be perfct? Release a workable version and if necessary, dom a patch. Maybe Moto should offer another device at no charge to us Bionic owners..

  3. Scott says:

    I’ll take compensation, however I would like it to go to my current carrier instead. I’m pretty disapointed with Moto all together. Maybe something better WILL come out next year but as this is going, no thanks.

  4. John says:

    I bought the Bionic thinking it was a great phone. Friends were jealous of it.
    Even my friend who bought a Droid X2 the month before, which I found came out 2 months before and was replaced by the Bionic. After finding that out I had a bad feeling; I was right the Bionic got replaced by the Razr 2 months later. Just like the X2 owners we became shunned. i think that doing this one is really bad, but 3 time on the same carrier is ridiculous ( I’m counting the Droid 3 too).

    I finally got tiered of waiting for ICS so I installed the leak. And I’m really happy with it, no more data drops. The only problems I have experienced is bad battery life, and no Flash. Which is far less issues I had before applying the leaked update.

    what makes this a really insult to the stupid phone decision is the fact that Motorola is part of the “Androiud Upgrade Alliance”. For the people reading this who don’t know what that is, This was a group of phone manufacturers who agreed to Google that they would keep all their devices up to date with the latest Android software for 18 months.

    So far Motorola has broken their promise on all their 2011 devices. The Razr doesn’t count anymore because Jellybean is out, source code and all, and the Razr has alrealy replaced by the next generation, and Motorola is already ignoring the Razr owners. Not only did they lie to the customers but Google as well.

    I regret ever buying a Motorola product, and plan to not buy one again, unless they turn their act around. Which at this rate its not going to happen before my next upgrade.

  5. Jesse says:

    Motorola really let down bionic owners. A huge mistake on their part to not put more resources into getting this update out faster. I was a first-time customer and i doubt that i’ll be a repeat customer. They should realize that promoting new products is useless if they abandon the people who would buy again. Bad business, Moto, bad business….

  6. Eric says:

    Well im done with motorola. As soon as i get a chance im going to samsung.this whole bionic thing just goes to show that motorola doesnt care sbout there customers.

  7. Anomynous says:

    I will probably stay away from Motorla products in the future. They usually need replacement phones within a year. My brother and I both have the bionic and got fed up and rooted the phone with ICS. We never wanted to do that, but it’s actually really nice. Our hope is that Motorola will skip ICS all together and go right to Jelly Bean because really whats the point of rolling out an old software when they’ve had months to do so? Just a hope, but with the bionics like i dont see it happening.

  8. Justin says:

    The problem is VZN keeps tossing Motorola under the buss on this issue. The Droid Bionic is proprietary only to Verizon so they have the final say on ICS, not Motorola

    Verizon has no intention of letting Motorloa upgrade their phone to ICS this late in the game. Especially with a slew of newer models, pre-loaded with Jelly Bean about to hit the market for the holidays.

    1. Michael says:

      I have to agree with you Justin. The sad fact is that as long as there are proprietary phones between manufacturers and providers and long term contracts, we the consumer will always lose.

    2. Angela says:

      Justin, well said. I’m don’t get why many here can’t grasp that the issue is with VZN. Motorola probably made a great phone but since it’s branded (dummy down) and locked to only the Verizon network, it’s a Verizon phone, plain and simple!

      VZN is who they bought the phone from, it’s who they connect to for text, talk and data, its who they call or visit when it breaks. And maybe…just maybe, it’s VZN who will make ICS available to the phone. It is and will always be a Verizon phone since it’s locked to their network.

  9. Grambler says:

    I have had many phones in the past and always had the best from Motorola. I want ICS as soon as possible, but not until it’s ready, the last thing I want is a malfunctioning Droid.

    1. Grdlgrl says:

      I would call Verizon’s customer service center everyday demanding an upgrade to Razr Maxx. They reluctantly submitted to my request after me insisting on a creditfor everyday I had connection issues.

  10. jds8710 says:

    I have been a long time Motorola user due to there signal strength, but the bionic will be my last Motorola device. I would rather get a iPhone. In my opinion Motorola has even given android a bad name. I have had such bad luck with this phone I am worried about getting another android device. Thank you Motorola for ruining my android experience.

  11. jeff says:

    This will be my last Motorola phone! Had nothing but a bad experience with the Bionic. Tired of getting the run around about ICS. Waste of my time and money

  12. HOOF HEARTED says:

    The compensation towards a new phone should be a lot more than $100. especially now that Verizon has switched to shared data. In order to keep my unlimited data plan (which I have not been able to enjoy due to the bionics crappy data connection) I will have to purchase my next phone at full price.

  13. Dave says:

    Justin (see below) has a valid point. Perhaps our anger and outrage at being the whipping boys on this issue belong more with Verizon than with Motorola. Now that Motorola is “under new management” perhaps they will move forward quickly on the upgrade. The other option would be for them to offer, not just $100 toward a new phone (who would benefit except only those who were up for an upgrade…otherwise phones are several hundred dollars and $100 would only be a spit in the wind) but a FREE new phone with Jelly Bean already installed. They have promised, and broken their promise so many times that only a new phone FREE OF CHARGE will keep customers loyal to both Motorola and Verizon. What do the rest of you think?

  14. Benny says:

    Wake up people! How many of you purchased your Droid Bionic from Motorola directly? And who’s name is on the bottom of the phone? Bet Ya it says
    Verizon”. They are to blame and as long as their name is on the phone, they one it – and you, via the contract you signed. Like someone posted earlier, Verzion has the final say on ICS. At least Motorola spoke up last month on the issue while Verizon continues to ignore the issue.

  15. Anon says:

    I, for one, will never buy another Motorola. The bionic was my first smartphone and it left a really bitter taste after all the delays. I would say it’s fortunate that Google bought Motorola, because their old business model sucked. Hopefully Google will change that, but until I see proof of that I’m buying Samsung.

  16. Abo says:

    This will be my last Motorola device for the foreseeable future. I’ll be going to Samsung as soon as I possibly can. It’s going to take a lot of improvement in customer service and support to win me back to the Motorola camp.

    The half-ass apology is meaningless. Saying that Bionic users got a raw deal, then postponing the update further is simply ridiculous. Good bye, Moto.

  17. Last moto phone EVER. The only reason for the upgrade (i was content with my DX) was for 4g, and as we all know this phone has failed hard. Not only am i done with moto, if verizon isnt willing to make it worth my while for the frustration, im done with them too.

  18. David Jessamine says:

    David Jessamine david.jessamine@intel.com
    I also will never purchase another Moto Mobility phone or product. I have alredy moved two of my four Moto phones to Samsung, and in a couple of months I will move the other two Moto phone to Samsung. I have been a loyal Moto customer for over 16 yrs, but no more. The whole situation was handled badly, and no info updates. Very disgruntled at this point and done with Moto forever.

  19. Hunt4antlers says:

    I owned 6 Droids including the Bionic, three on my plan now. I am tired of waiting and just moved my wife to iPhone 5 just because I do not trust Motorola. I am looking at Galaxy S3 for my grandson and me. I want to buy soon!!!! Not wait another 3 months for Motorola to make up their mind about a possible credit. I feel that Motorola should provide at least a $200.00 credit, not trade-in, which covers the plan cost I paid. We keep the old phone to do with what we wish. Get the Razr Maxx HD out there before I say “screw it” and jump completely to Samsung and iPhones.

  20. BLAME VERIZON says:

    I agree 100% with others that Verizon is the culprit – not Motorola. After all, they stand to loose with an ICS upgrade so close to the holidays with all the new Jelly Bean phones to be released. Right now, their push is to get as many customers as they can off their unlimited data plan to their new share everything plan.

    Someone else had a good point too. As long as Verizon’s name is on the bottom of the phone, they own it even though you paid for it and they have the final say on any upgrade since it has to come from their servers.

    Lastly, we all signed the contract putting us on the leash like a abused puppy.

  21. Tom says:

    What is the probability that Verizon doesn’t want those grandfathered in with the unlimited plan happy with their bionic so they would have to buy a new phone and go to a new tiered data package? This phone had so much hype and promise and nothing in fact my phone got worse until I put on the leaked version. I think we are all deserved compensation and I will only go Motorola again if its clear google has improved the company and the idiots running it.

  22. Helen says:

    I have the DROID Bionic and am very disappointed to the point I am considering switching to At&T. All DROID Bionic owners should be offered a free Razor phone free and now, not when they are eligible for an upgrade. That is the only thing that will make this right.

  23. Dont know how Moto can let its top phone go to crap. Been a loyal moto user off all top phones. But if they dont come out with something better or start getting us Bionic users updated, im never buying another.

  24. Rockmanla says:

    This agonizing and unacceptable delay by Motorola while Razr and Galaxy get ICS clearly deminstrates that Motorloa doesnt care about thier installed based once they get their money. My next purchase will be a Samsung for sure. FU moto.

  25. concerned customer says:

    I feel that us bionic owners should receive a 200 dollar credit towards our bill for or long awaited ics update . Give us something for our patience

  26. For those of you blaming Verizon, do you really think that if it was just Verizon holding the update back that Motorola would just let their customer base become so upset and lose them and not say a word about Verizon? I know that Verizon is partly to blame, but this is mostly Moto!

    Personally, I think the only compensation options that would save my respect for Moto is either a firm date on ICS update or JB really soon or an upgrade to Razr Maxx HD with JB.

    1. Larry says:

      The Droid Bionic is proprietary only to Verizon. Therefore Verizon has it built to their specifications and controls how it will perform, including what crapware to put on it. Even the tech at Verizon told me that they have to approve any upgrades since its distributed off their server.

    2. Bill says:

      When you bought the phone, did you buy it from Motorola or by signing a contract with Verizon Wireless? Since this phone will only work on the Verizon network (locked), Verizon has them built to their specifications, as do the other carriers. That is why Verizion has their name laser etched at the bottom of the phone. It’s their phone, not yours and it always will be since they control what upgrades, if any will be pushed off their servers.

      I don’t know of any cell phone manufacturers that allow you to directly download patches or upgrades from their site. You have to go to who ever your cellular provider is for these.

      Motorola got tired of being tossed under the bus which is why they finally spoke up a few weeks back while Verizon has NEVER publicly acknowledged this issue. And they don’t have to. They know they have the best network coverage and with us all leashed to a contract, they only need to provide the minimum customer service necessary.

    3. Lou says:

      I’ve noted in these posts, and others across the web that Verizon is holding up the ICS upgrade that Motorola released last month. The updates on Motos website is based on approval from the respective service provider.

    4. Paul Hanna says:

      Of course it’s Verizon. And they won’t loose a thing, or hardly make a dent in their customer base over this. They know they have a superior network and with a contract leash round your neck, who needs superior customer service?

      Besides, every day they hold out is a day closer to the holiday release of the new Jelly Bean equipped phones. And everyone here, like a bunch of drooling zombies will be so entranced in needing the latest and greatest will quit their griping, willingly give up their unlimited data plan and trade in their obsolete Droid Bionic.

    5. SimonSays says:

      Thus the reason why Motorola’s new Vice President of Product, Punit Soni, made a public statement about the Droid Bionic two weeks ago. Verizon on the other hand continues to remain silent on a phone they co-branded with Motorola. Yet, VZW has the ICS upgrade Motorola released them last month so one has to wonder….

  27. matt says:

    My last motorola product and last Verizon phone. It just isn’t that difficult to keep customers happy but there has been no effort on the part of either Company for bionic owners.

  28. Nate says:

    I am very disappointed in my bionic and Motorola. The only way I will every purchase another Motorola is if they give me a free upgrade now to another phone running jelly bean, which of course will never happen. Two thumbs down Motorola!!

  29. ICSsux says:

    I have ICS on my Droid and it absolutely sucks. Buggy and lags. Jelly Bean would be better.. so not having ICS on the Bionic is a a good thing. I really want to get rid of ICS

  30. Ed says:

    Along with the Bionic’s other problems, this has been the worst phone related experience of my entire life. Short of giving me a new phone IMMEDIATELY, there is nothing Motorola can do to pull themselves out of the hole they’re in with me.

    On a positive note, I’ve had well over a year to vent my frustrations by trashing Motorola on a constant basis. Anyone who shows me their phone, or asks me about mine, gets a long winded rant about the nightmare Motorola has put me through. I’m sure I’ve convinced well over 100 people to never even consider a Motorola phone, and that’s just in my personal life. Hopefully posts like this reach many more!

    I know treating customers well can hurt a company’s bottom line, but I’m ensuring Motorola that treating customers like garbage will hurt their bottom line a thousand times worse.

  31. never again moto! says:

    Will never ever purchase a motorola phone after this bionic.. Broken promises
    And just feeling like we are some random customers.. I am a very loyal motorola and Verizon customer but this breaks the ice! Sinces sprint is offering unlimited plan
    Offering a Samsung s3… That is definitely on my future plans! Bye bye big r! ed! And F moto!

  32. George Jetson says:

    I purchased the Bionic is Sept. of 2011 right after its release. What ticks me off is that I purchased it because it was a flagship product on the bleeding edge of performance. When you purchase top of the line products from a corporation, you should get top of the line support. Instead, we got abandoned. Then in August 2012 they released an OS update (load 905) to “fix” 4G connection problems. I never had experienced any problems with my Bionic previously. The 905 load destroyed my battery life, and caused my phone to drop its 4G connection continuosly. I was going to complain to Verizon to get a new phone, but I thought ICS was coming soon, then they announce the delay to Q4. So, I said screw Motorola and installed one of the ICS leaked loads. As someone in IT who depends on his phone working 24/7, I couldn’t deal with the connection issued anymore. The leaked ICS load works great. But this is deifinitely my last Moto phone.

  33. mntdrew says:

    Given Verizons new data model, 100 bucks towards a new device is not enough as many adopters of the bionic probably have unlimited plans. So I’m stuck with this phone until it dies, because I’m not paying full price for a new device.

  34. The real problem is the data drops . I have 2 bionics and both lose data ! When you call or go to Verizon with this problem they send you to Motorola who sends you back to Verizon . The only reason I want the update is to make my devises work ! Like I paid for almost a year ago ! 60 $ a month for almost a year. And no I don’t want some phone I can’t replace the batterie in . Why one year warranty two year contract

  35. sentient says:

    I moved from an iPhone 4 to the Bionic. Not intentionally, I knew next to nothing about either the Bionic or the Android OS. I had simply had it with Apple. The story a bit too long to go into. This will happen to Motorola Christmas Eve 2013 when my current contract is up. Watching and being a victim of all these ICS delays really hardens a soul. In my only call to Motorola tech support which happened a few weeks ago now, I asked how I could prevent the ICS update from occurring on my phone. They said all I would have to do is reject the update 3 times and I would not be asked again. Because this Bionic is going to stay on GB until the bitter end (i.e. Xmas Eve 2013). I neither want nor care to experience ICS or anything Android ever again. I am happy to get by on GB and let MS work out some kinks in their new smartphone OS, and that will be where I am going. It is stupefyingly simple to lose ones credibility, and stupefyingly simple to restore it amongst the weak-minded. Motorola will never get this customer back. They have lost their credibility. They did it themselves, and still have generous opportunity to cement the hole even further closed. So Q3 came and went, Q4 is a week old, and I do not care. Bring it out whenever you want now. I will be rejecting it. Three times, thanks for the advice. This is a celebration of the intellectual genius which could bring a dual-core phone to market and saddle it with a single-core operating system, for most of its existence.

  36. smokethis says:

    Make it right by upgrading directly to JB. A discount to purchase another Moto is an insult. Why should I pay additional funds to Moto because they failed to deliver. I will solve problem by going to another vendor.

  37. I am disappointed. I bought a Bionic the week it came out (then $300 on a new contract) and I’ve gotten nothing. All this has made me want to do is buy a Samsung device. If Motorola wants to keep customers something has to be done. Releasing the Razr so close to the Bionic was another horrible move.

  38. Droid Bionic user says:

    My stupid bionic reboots 3 times a day. And when I try to answer an incoming call. Thanks for the crap phone with no recourse moto.

  39. Robby says:

    I have had the Bionic, and have only had Motorola phones since my starTac. After the Bionic, this will change. I think Samsung may be the answer

  40. OmegaSupreme says:

    Like many others who have posted, I had a Droid X that I was completely happy with, other than the lack of 4G. When the Bionic hit the market, I quickly jumped on it. With the only real hardware advantages over DX being a dual core CPU, 4G, and a slightly better looking screen, It wasn’t that much of a step up given that my Data pretty much works only over WiFI despite the fact that I live DIRECTLY UNDER a Verizon tower!!!

    Have patiently waited for BOTH Motorola and Verizon to address this serious problem, since I am forced to pay $60 a month for a data package that I CANT EVEN USE! However my wait stops here. As an loyal customer owning seven distinct Motorola phones over the years, I m happy to say “screw you” to both Motorola and Verizon, by switching next week to SGS3 and Sprint, who charges a flat rate of $99 per month for truly unlimited data, text, and voice – instead of $60 just for “Unlimited Data” (with a 5GB bandwidth limit).

    See Ya

  41. Firenado says:

    I have had this device since the launch. Nothing but problems. Verizon has replaced my SIM card thinking that was the issue multiple times. I have complained for over a year now with this phone and no one seems to care. Which makes me wonder why I stick with Verizon. They told me I could upgrade at full retail price, however my way of thinking is I got the “raw deal” why should I have to pay monthly service fee for something that works less than half the time. I am at a loss of what to do. Last week I called and was mad because I was at the point of dropping service which they didn’t seem to scared of. What happened to customer service?

      1. Scuba907 says:

        Yes. but did you have to surrender your original Bionic? I don’t think the Razr is much better…it has been replaced rather quickly with the Razr Maxx…maxx Hd and Razr M. The original Razr has a bad battery life and It might be that classic “out of the frying pan into the fire” scenario but I guess you don’t have the data drops

  42. jimi p says:

    I was scammed by Moto. 3 months after I got my Bionic, out came the Razr. Verizon doesn’t even offer the Bionic for sale anymore.I have a droid 2.3 that works almost as well as the Droid. An upgrade to 4.0 is sorely needed. But I think I am stuck with this dog until my next upgade date in 2013. I really don’t like I phones so, it looks like I will buy a Samsung. …..notgonnabeaMoto!!!

    1. Bill says:

      Remember, it’s Verizon who determines what phones they want built for them, Motorola just makes them to their customers specifications. Think about it, did you buy it from Motorola directly or Verizon?

  43. C.A.Marsh1987 says:

    Every Droid Bionic owner is so completely ticked off about the ICS update being pushed further back for the umpteenth time. I for one will never purchase another Motorola Device as long as I shall live, not even so much as a bluetooth headset. I don’t believe a $100 credit, yes it’s a credit, would teach them a lesson. Verizon would have no problem issuing a $100 credit to every Droid Bionic Owner, they really wouldn’t lose any money. Now if they sent $100 cash to every Droid Bionic Owner, then they would possibly feel a slight sting. And it’s only a ploy to get Droid Bionic Owners to “upgrade” to a new phone, hence losing your Unlimited Data. If you wan’t to keep your Unlimited Data you have to pay full price for a newer phone, and trust me $100 wouldn’t be anywhere near helping, it would be almost 1/7th of the cost. Which again means you get absolutely nothing from Motorola or Verizon, except a stale apology and a fading twinkle of hope.

  44. Ho Hum says:

    Despite not getting the promised update, I still like my Bionic. I’ve seen and toyed with all the others (Samsung, Apple, etc) and they ALL have their issues. Yes it would be nice if Motorola and/or Verizon would step up, but with that being said, my Bionic is still performing like a top notch phone. I’ll stay loyal to Motorola because I still believe they make a quality phone that stands up over time. I can’t say the same about Samsung phones. They’re very flashy when they first hit, but the luster wears off pretty fast. IMO of course.

  45. George says:

    Im tied in to all the accessories I own for my bionic. I will mostlikely stay with until my phone dies.
    Car dock
    Rapid charger stand
    Extended battery standard battery
    Moto brand cases and charger
    I really like that I can battery swap and not be tied to a wall. I think its a shamethat there doing away with the lapdock feature way in future devices. I hope to pick up a lapdock 500 in to future if I can snag on for a good price. Lets hope that when ics gets here it will support all my toys for it.. Oh yeah does anyone else get double @@ when they hard press?

  46. Waiting says:

    This is an opportunity for Motorola to do the right thing. If they care about their customers, act. Offer the credit or, hey, jusy swap it out. However, if they choose to nothing as they have so far, there are better choices for me than Motorola.

  47. vwis67 says:

    Dissatisfying..disappointed…Motorola is a has been. Look how many new moto phones released since the bionic. We are in a bad economy and they took our hard earned money, then offer $100.00 credit towards the purchase of another motorolla w/out the latest jb…right. bye bye moto

  48. shawn says:

    Moto and Verizon need to suck it up and put us in a phone with ics without leaving our unlimited plan. equally to the bionic. somthing for being lied too for so long.

  49. clint says:

    I was hesitant when I switched from Iphone to Bionic. Now Im regretting it, i’ve had nothing but headaches with bionic. The update may have helped but it appears that bionic can’t handle it. If some kind of compensation was offered I possibly would considered staying with moterola. If nothing is done I will probably go back to Iphone or try another brand.

  50. kd says:

    I don’t plan on buying motorola again, ever. Unless they somehow magically have a big turn around related to being purchased by Google. Not a happy camper still running ……gingerbread.

  51. Robert Carpenter says:

    I got my Bionic a week after it came out and i still love it! I’ve had ICS for about 3 months now (non-root
    Downloaded official leak which isn’t hard) and still leaning new things! Beautiful design and runs waaaay smoother than Gingerbread. All the people who aren’t satisfied should look into downloading the leak and you’ll soon be enjoying ICS like I am.

      1. Robert Carpenter says:

        Just play around with it. Google is the best for thesebthings. Most of the links require a torrent to download but if you don’t care about that then you’ll have the leak in no tine. Also once you get it you can look onYouTube for the correct way to install it without messing your phone uo

  52. William Ross says:

    My bionic does not have 4g anymore and now no update or actions for this or this nonsense? They can’t give me credit for a new phone because Verizon doesn’t offer unlimited data to their customers anymore for 39.99 and when switching a phone you don’t get grandfathered in. Way to screw your customers Motorola. Had the x, x2 and now the bionic. For over a year.

  53. Ed Valis says:

    I have enjoyed the Bionic, but have relegated it to backup status because of my recent purchase of a Galaxy Nexus. If there was any glimmer of hope for an ICS upgrade for the Bionic, I would have held off on buying the Galaxy Nexus. Because of Motorola and Verizon messing this upgrade, and the Galaxy’s Jelly Bean upgrade, I am really considering switching to AT&T when Verizon forces me off my Unlimited data plan. Booooo, Verizon and Motorola for alienating your customers!

  54. alex says:

    i like my bionic just like i did the original droid..had a galaxy nexus and i will pick the bionic even with the drop data..I feel Samsung products have very low quality feel to it , but they do great marketing for the phone just like the i phone..I like Motorola products is an American Company..

  55. Jason Church says:

    This is the last Motorola device I will ever own. The droid bionic has been a complete let down for me since it came out of the box. Verizon Wireless as well as Motorola hasn’t been very helpful with my concerns or problems with the phone. I am due an upgrade in May, unfortunately I do have to stay with Verizon since it is the best service although their customer service is HORRIBLE! Although I will NOT be getting another Motorola device, ever!

  56. blakvoice says:

    Hell no! 4g acts up even after the latest update! The ics update pushed back seemingly until infinity!! $100 would go towards any $600+ new phone, what a joke! At this point I’d just like their best phone free to stay with moto! I was one who thought I was getting a top of the line phone when I bought this shortly after release, have been checking for the update EVERY DAY, only for it to be pushed back and get a simple “bionic owners have gotten a raw deal.” Keep your phone ics and what would essentially be a rebate instead of a make up to us bionic owners!!

  57. VindizO says:

    I am so done with Motorola and Verizon. F#CK THEM both. Hello samsung and possibly at&t at the end of the month for me when my contract is over..

  58. derpderp says:

    Why don’t we take this convo to all of Moto and VZW’s social media sites and see how long it takes them to fix it when everyone can see their lack of customer service?

  59. Matt W says:

    After fights with Verizon and Moto and getting nowhere I finally made the big switch the galaxy S3 and couldn’t be happier. I traded in my bionic to verizon for 50 bucks towards the S3 and after a long fight at least verizon let me keep my unlimited data plan. I guess that somewhat makes up for the bionic fiasco.

  60. dnha14 says:

    They screwed me with the Droid Global. Now they are screwing me with the Bionic. Motorola will never screw me again. I either get a free new razr with no extension of my contract or my next phone starts with an “S”. The phones are OK, but the company sucks.

  61. Matt Gibson says:

    Time to go Nexus, and avoid all the other vendors completely. Samsung Moment was a terrible let down, and the Droid Bionic is following the same script

  62. Earl says:

    Free top of the line phone or Moto can go F themselves. They arent getting another dime of my hard earned money. It is too little too late IMO!

  63. I am very disappointed. I thought that I would have this new OS early August. Then to hear that Jellybean is already out for some phones and the Bionic won’t get that either. All of the hype convinced me to buy this phone and becauise of this I probably won’t buy another Motorola product.

  64. hungover2x says:

    Was lucky enough to get the leaked ics for the bionic, couldn’t be happier, didn’t require rooting or anything. Put it on my sdcard and bang, took it like a Verizon update, runs smoother. Way nicer. Still have the file if anyone wants it.

          1. Armando says:

            @9d5577c85ac300248a34b527c2e927a2:disqus : Got file on sd card now, but how does one install this? SOrry, I’m clueless.

          2. Armando says:

            @9d5577c85ac300248a34b527c2e927a2:disqus Never mind. I got it and Thanks a million for the file!

    1. hungover2x says:

      http:/ www .4shared.com/zip/VcflvNPt/Blur_Version59905XT875Verizone. html

      hard to get these links on here but remove spaces and as soon as the upload is done give it a try

    2. hungover2x says:

      So this link finally works- if anyone wants it. http:// www. 4shared .com/zip/pOm2HlVw/Blur_Version59905XT875Verizone. html?

      have to remove the spaces but i’ve been running it since June and haven’t had a single glitch yet

  65. Skoad says:

    If they actually cared about us customers, they would do something about this. Majority of Bionic owners are people who did wait 8 months for the release. I held off on an upgrade the entire time waiting for the Bionic. The customer service has been insanely bad. Theyve been leading us on this whole time and just need to drop the phone and give all of us loyal customers a free upgrade to a newer device.

    1. Bill says:

      In the world of cellular phones, there is no customer loyalty. After all, it’s all governed by a “Contract” so once they got you, you’re stuck.

  66. SJB says:

    I think Droid Bionic owners should form a class action lawsuit against motorola and Verizon for selling defective phones that don’t work and knowingly selling them without any sort of update to reify the problems. forums are filled with droid Bionic owners who are experiencing data connection issues.

    1. Bill says:

      Class Action Law Suits never work. They’re expensive and take years to settle. And in the end, only the law firms reap any profits while the defendants hand over some pocket change penalty and we end up with some measly $1 check.

  67. Kerry says:

    While I would like ics this has not been a deal breaker for me. I do not like the fact that we have been jerked around with getting the update though. Who knows if is really a motarola issue or Verizon screwing us. I do not want another brand of phone though. I had an htc before bionic and went through 3 of them and it still didn’t work gfriend had a Samsung and hated it and I did not like either. I say give me a razor max hd when it comes out and I will be happy.

  68. Charlie says:

    As a Bionic and Incredible 2 owner, (one for work one for personal) I can say that the lack of updates from Motorola, HTC & Verizon have been very disappointing. Both devices were promised ICS updates earlier this year. Punit Soni has spoken up for the update about the Bionic and has acknowledged the whole thing as being a “raw deal” for Bionic owners. HTC has said nothing, Verizon has said nothing.

    Those of us that can and have rooted both phones no full well that these devices are capable of handling the update. It is a huge disappointment. I will not be purchasing a device from either of these manufacturers in the future. As for Verizon, their coverage is the best, but their bloat is horrendous.

  69. shweav45 says:

    Verizon should offer early upgrade to any phone of their chosing, and moto should offer razr hd at no fee and 100 for maxx hd, if they want us as customers. I am thinking of moving my family plan to us cellular, even paying the penalty.

  70. nate the great says:

    I bought this phone the first day it was available at Verizon. Worst $300 I have ever spent. The phone has very little battery life and extremely inconsistent data connectivity. I have a creeping suspicion that when my phone says it has 4G it really means your battery is dropping by about 2% every minute and your data will load less than half the time. I don’t plan on ever buying another Motorola device due to how Motorola has dealt with the bionic. Or should I say how they haven’t dealt with the bionic. I doubt the compensation they offer for our troubles will be enough to make up for our their terrible service. But as a poor college student I have no choice but to wait for the ICS upgrade and hope they notice how unsatisfied we all are and have the ability to not only admit their mistakes but actually do something about them.

  71. pissed says:

    I had only bought the bionic 6 months ago, had it replaced 3 times and the last phone had the plastic trim imediatly crack, which now has physical damage, 4g problems, lagging functions, wi-fi problems, battery life problems,……. I have talked to Verizon and Motorola- they know its a problem and do Nothing. $100 would be good if it is at the new contract price, at full price – worthless. Absolutely PISSED OFF!

  72. Ben Dover says:

    I’ve been with Verizon for about 5 years, mostly with Motorola phones. I too am sick of the lies, and firmly believe a free uprade to the Droid Razr Maxx HD is the only way to compensate. My Bionic was $199 w/ 2 year contract, so a $100 credit of a new model aint enough! Time is up, No more bullshit! Do the right thing!

  73. Jeff Ripp says:

    Well I have to say That I gave Motorola a second chance after I bought the Xoom (another Failure), although it does run better on ICS although it took at least a year for that system to get it too. But with my Bionic going on two years. Well I have to admit, Motorola has lost a lifetime customer. As I have only ever bought Motorola phones, but the Bionic was the last one I ever buy. I am disappointed, for one they admit it, and that they still delayed it. Seriously unprofessional, and shows that they only care about the money coming in, not the customers.

  74. William says:

    Motto accepting and acknowleging we got a bad deal is like saying yeah we f’d up… Deal with it. I hope your f up was worth the loss of my, and countless others business because that is where this will end. Even if they offered a free phone to us I will never own another Moto device again.

  75. Bill says:

    I highly doubt Droid Bionic will see ICS or Jelly Bean at this point. All the manufacturers and cellular providers are scrambling to have the latest phones out in time for the holidays and they will all be preloaded with Jelly Bean. With the new iPhone 5 out and soon to be released Windows 8 phone, Jelly Bean is the only software that can compete in this market. Verizon, as with other carriers have the final say on what they want the manufacturer to build into their phone. After all, you’re buying it from the provider, (under contract), not directly from the manufacturer.

    Verizon’s big push is to get as many people away from their unlimited data plan, and chances are, dogs on a leash, most of you will whine all the way to the store, and hitch a new two-year leash to your collar in the name of having the latest and greatest phone.

    Its too bad we don’t have the freedom to go to our local retailer, walk down the cell phone aisle and purchase a phone of our choice since they’d be compatible with all carriers. Then walk further down the aisle and select the carrier using their monthly flat rate unlimited plan. And best of all, no contracts! Only then would the consumer have the upper edge as this would truly instigate competitive pricing and customer loyalty.

    Sad to say, this is how cell phones are purchased in many other countries.

    1. RandyD says:

      I remember being stationed in the UK and buying phones like this. You went into the local electronics store, bought a phone (no contract) and then selected your carrier. Again, no contract. And you paid a monthly flat rate fee. They didn’t measure things line minutes or number of text messages unless you were calling internationally. And if I went to Germany, Iceland or another country, I would just drop in a new SIM card and continue. Still, no contracts or over-inflated prices.

      Then I got stationed back in the USA and it was a culture shock. “You want me to pay how much for that piece of crap…and sign a contract???

      Come to think about it, most electronics have had a considerable drop in price, except for cell phones (in the US). Heck for the full price of a half way decent phone, you can get a full size plazma television with surround, Wi-Fi and Blu-Ray…and not have to sign a contract!

  76. Earl says:

    Free top of the line phone, AND keeping the unlimited data plan. Nothing else will do. Last Moto product ever unless this minimum is offered. $ towards a new phone is not enough, I already paid for this useless heap of electronics.

  77. bionic says:

    They need to do something cause this silence is bullshit moto u hav.e really let the phone world diwn and is communication in ur guys vocabulary cause talking to everyone once a year and saying ur going to fix it only to push it back even farther is some more bullshit. Another pissed off user, upgrade the bionic to the razrmaxx hd with out getting rid of unlimited data and we all would be happy again.

  78. Rick says:

    I purchased the bionic the 1st day it was released .. now daily I Google Droid Bionic and check under lasted news to see if the update is available I have had nothing but trouble with the phone since I purchased it… icons that auto delete and horrible 4g connection… as of right now..how could anyone with any common sense want to purchase another Motorola device… wake up guys… you blew it (you know that)… admit it (you did)….and now do something……anything…… just stand behind your product….offer something as a good will gesture.. I have to do it every week in my small business, but that’s because I care about my business and customers…

  79. jfulton says:

    I love my bionic. Its not prefect yet, I’m hoping ics will fix the final small issues. If it does I’ll be fine. If it doesn’t, I’m looking at a galaxy 3

  80. AC says:

    Completely agree. I’ve had a 4g connection problem that has never been addressed, and the lack of an OS update just adds insult to injury. I will DEFINITELY NEVER buy a Motorola phone again. Although I loved the Bionic when I first got it, it’s just too unreliable and too much trouble to take a gamble on another Motorola product. They should be ashamed,,,,

    1. DennisRex says:

      I had a similar 4G problem that the technician at Verizon admitted would be resolved with ICS. But the problem is VZW has been sitting on the upgrade released by Motorola last month due to some conflict between corporate officials. Interesting is that he also gave the Droid Bionic high praise and that it’s Verizon’s software that’s dumbing it down. Compared it to buying a new laptop and loading Windows XP on it. LOL.

  81. Andrew H says:

    I’m very satisfied with my Droid Bionic. It does what I need it to do and I must admit, it has not given me any problems. It’s even taken a bounce or two off the ground and still keeps working. Even 4G works flawlessly. Yes, having ICS might be an improvement but most of what I do is text and talk with the occasional internet look up or navigation.

    I was fortunate to pay $165 (brand new) using my companies employee discount and national account with Verizon Wireless so when I activated it, I was still able to stay on my old plan and avoid entering any new contract. As someone else put it, I don’t have a leash around my neck to some cell phone company and I enjoy that.
    I do believe cell phones are way overpriced as businesses often pay a fraction for the phones, and the service than what the individual consumer pays. I also know our IT department is authorized to do minor repairs on Verizon phones and claim the Droid Bionic is built beyond the capabilities that Verizon allows it to have. That leads me to believe that even though Motorola is taking the heat, the upgrade ultimately rests on Verizons shoulders.
    But if ICS comes, or it doesn’t, I’m okay with not having the latest OS on my phone

  82. Bob says:

    Seriously, they need to compensate us for the whole year with a non working phone. And don’t tell us there is a plan and then don’t share the plan with us! Just another slap in the face from motorola and Verizon

    1. Bobby says:

      But there is a Plan. it’s called getting you off of Verizon’s unlimited data plan and into the new share everything plan! Seriously! I just spent the last hour or so with them and they’re willing to buy back my Bionic for $100 towards a newer phone provided I enter a new contract. And it doesn’t have to be a another motorola either. But they also told me to wait as newer phones with Jelly Bean are about to be released soon.

  83. hungover2x says:

    http:// www. 4shared. com/zip/pOm2HlVw/Blur_Version59905XT875Verizone .html?
    Droid Bionic ICS if you want it. Just remove the spaces.
    And if you want to root it-
    http:// www. 4shared. com/zip/ex3YMGZN/razrs_edge_windows. html?

  84. DennisRex says:

    NO ICS for the DROID!

    So after more data drops with my Droid Bionic 4G and another visit to the local Verizon store, I ask the technician if ICS would resolve this issue. “Absolutely” he replies and continues to tell me that they too wish their company would release the upgrade Motorola sent them last month. He says it would save them a lot of headaches and ear ringing from angry customers. He concludes that the Droid Bionic was built well beyond the capabilities that Verizon allows it to go, kind of like buying a brand new laptop and loading Windows XP on it. But he also says that they too are left in the dark on the specifics but there is a new line of Jelly Bean loaded phones on the horizon for the holidays and that I may want to hold off.
    He also mentioned there is some bad blood between VZW corporate and the new owners of Motorola Mobility that is causing a lot of problems to customers.

    1. Nate says:

      I got a similar story this past weekend through my verizon store. I’m just south of washington d.c. and also heard that the bionic bgot caught up in the midst of the google acquisition of moto mobility but verizion didn’t want the droid bionic to have all its capabilities that ICS would bring. Sad to know that both Vzn and motorola are more concerned with their profit line than our customer experience.

  85. Colton says:

    I’m moving to a nexus phone when my plan expires. Google manages it so I don’t have to deal with this manufacturer garbage. Nexus it is.

  86. Keith N says:

    Motorola should buy all of us a GS3 because I never plan to buy another Moto phone. I’m not so worried about the ICS update. We just need some sort of support for fixing the problems with the phone anyway. Here’s a thought – try turning some of these phones on and using them before you sell them to the public. My original Droid was the best phone I’ve ever had. The Bionic is probably the worst. It’s call customer service, guys. Look it up….

  87. brad says:

    It seems as though most everyone is rightfully pissed off, including myself, primarily because we have this sense of entitlement for ICS. Rightfully so though, as it was promised to us a year ago. However, the phone works and does all the things a smart phone should. In the future however, it may be wise for Motorola to just surprise users with an awesome update as it becomes available rather than make a promise and not be able to deliver. I feel that the broken promises and lack of customer relations is the fuel behind bionic owners anger, myself included.

    1. Don says:

      I would have to agree and from what I’m learning, Verizon has an equal, if not greater share of the blame. After all, they’re holding up the ICS upgrade Motorola sent them last month only because they’re on the doorstep of the 2012 holiday release of JellyBean equipped phones. Several mobile posts from prominent sources confirm the Droid Bionic has the technological capabilities way beyond what Verizon allows with their modified Gingerbread. I like how someone else phrased it…”like buying a brand new laptop today but loading Windows XP on it.

    2. Robert Soyars says:

      The phone doesn’t work as intended. Have you not seen all the problems with the radio and data connections? It’d be one thing if the phone worked fine, albeit with the older Android, but that’s not what’s happened.

      I got fed up after I bought this phone that 3 weeks later the Razr came out. But, hey, Moto said the Bionic will still be getting updates, so no problem. Then the months passed by, with data dropping constantly. I got fed up and got a leaked Motorola leaked ICS build (2233) back in March and installed it. I’m still using it to this day, almost 7 months later. There are some quirks with it, but nothing broken, especially the radio. Motorola could have come out with ICS back in May if they truly wanted it. Verizon has a part in this delay, but not nearly what some people are suggesting.

      I refuse to get another Motorola phone unless they make a Nexus. They’ve lost me as a consumer that trusts them. It’s that simple.

  88. Eric Middleton says:

    My first cell phone is the Bionic, and I’m never getting a Motorola product again. When my contract is up, I’m heading for Samsung (Galaxy S4??).

  89. Phoenix VZW says:

    I to have been longtime Moto user, way back to the huge white phone with the big black antennae, a real brick. I believe that Verizon should swap out “even” for a phone of our choice. I have the unlimited plan and now if they give me some credit I have to pay full marked up retail so I don’t lose my unlimited. So $100 or 200 does not work for us on the unlimited plans. I do think Verizon should be responsible to us and let Verizon and Moto fight it out. Verizon created the hype, they are responsible to us. I wonder if everyone just takes Verizon or Moto to smalls claim courts what the courts would rule. Most small claim courts charge about $25 to rule on a case. I would sue for full price, $699 my time $200 and the $25 court cost. That would be $924 total. Then I would get what ever I wish and still keep my unlimited plan.

    1. Lionel says:

      By the time the courts get involved, the holidays will have passed and everyone will be sporting their new phones loaded with Jelly Bean. Verizon is already willing to waive my early termination fee and offering $100 to trade up my Droid Bionic to a newer phone but I’d have to enter a new contract and loose my unlimited plan. Besides, If I get ICS on a newer phone, there is no guarantee it would be upgraded to Jelly Bean when the newer phones come out in late November.

    2. PatriotGuy says:

      Better yet, time to get the Federal Trade Commission involved since they should be taking a closer look on how the cellular phone industry is taking advantage of American consumers. The key is to get rid of “contracts” and “proprietary phones” and allow manufacturers to build phones to work on all networks. Then let the networks compete for our service. Only then will there be true competition, quality and customer loyalty.

    1. Bruce Landy says:

      Best to see who has reliable coverage in your area. As for the phone, they’re all built to the carriers specification so that’s a personal preference.

      The big V is great in the Richmond/Norfolk area of Virginia but T-Mobile and Sprint are almost non-existent. AT&T does ok as long as you’re on a major highway or directly in one of the major cities. Other than that, consider a pay as you go before getting harnessed into a contract.

  90. Some Guy says:

    Motorola bungled the whole thing. I understand that timelines slip, but this was no less than catastrophic in its slippage. The worst part about it is that, other than the one or two statements by Punit Soni agreeing that we’ve had a raw deal, we have no other details. We’ve seen no further information about the “plans” for the device’s future, we have no additional information on even an order of magnitude as to when ICS will be released, and we don’t even have any juicy tidbits hinting at what the compensation will be. By now we’re all so fed up that even ICS will be probably be a bit of a letdown considering the buildup. At this point, based solely on Motorola’s terrible customer service toward Bionic owners and some others, I doubt I’ll be purchasing another Motorola phone without a magnificent display of customer appreciation. Of course, any incentive we receive, if financial, will probably be toward the purchase of another Motorola device to try to keep us as customers. I’ll pass, thanks.

    The problem may or may not be Verizon’s fault, but better insight into the process would at least let us independently decide whether or not Motorola or Verizon is to blame. I have to believe it is Motorola’s due to the lack of information as to where in the process we are.

    The worst part for me, despite a variety of news articles that show up on the Bionic on a weekly basis, is that apparently the complaints put forth by the user base fall on deaf ears, largely. I emailed Verizon support and got the company line, of course. I mean, where else can we go for answers? Nowhere. Well, I bet most of us are going to another manufacturer for answers when it’s time for upgrades.

    1. XVZWtech says:

      Motorola built the Droid Bionic exclusively for Verizon, based on Verizon’s specifications to compliment their network…plain and simple. It is no secret that Motorola has sent ICS updates to Verizon to distribute, only to be denied for reasons unknown. Granted, Google acquired Motorola Mobility in May 2012 so no doubt that muddied the waters, not only for Verizon but all carriers and with the onslaught of JellyBean enabled phones in position for holiday 2012 promotions, its not marketing magic to comprehend the shareholders desire to profit on this.

      I sincerely doubt the Droid Bionic will ever receive ICS this late in the season no more than I’d upgrade my Windows Vista to Windows 7 while Windows 8 is weeks away.

      At least Motorola tried to make a stance on the issue while Verizon has continued to be the “deaf ears” towards their “valued customers” and remained extremely silent.

  91. Jess says:

    I am strongly upset with moto tbs is my second phone from them and they both suck… I either want a refund and buy me a Samsung stratosphereor they give me a dang razor maxx. I’m about done with moto.. Next screw up and I’m out.

    1. Larry says:

      The Samsung Stratosphere is garbage, and it won’t get ICS…they’ve already announced this. The Razr Maxx with ICS is full of quirks. Best to wait until later next month when the new jellybean phones come out

  92. BILL says:

    have 3 phones. 2 bionic one just regular phone for calls only and are on a share plan. regular phone was 9.99 per month and only for talk. verizon in their brilliance increased the regular phone to 30.00 per month. took that away today and got new plan for less than the 9.99. one down 2 to go. bye bye verizon and motorola. your competition loves you. your loyal customers no longer love you. R.I.P.

  93. bionicuser says:

    The timing of the last update is so suspect. They did the update and it caused everyone so many dropped data problems then continue to push back ics… seems like they intentiinally did this as there has not been a fix. Seems like they want ti force every one to upgrade before the contract is up so they can make the money off of the early upgrades. Seems like there needs to be a class action suit filed against verizon and moto.

    1. Logan says:

      Class action lawsuits are a joke. They have about as much punch on major corporations like VZW and Moto as any of us getting a parking ticket. The only difference is CAL’s take years to settle. Besides, that contract you signed to get your phone already has a liability waiver clause against the manufacturer and the carrier.

  94. Nikki says:

    Definitely done with Motorola. Always stood by them, never wanted to hop on the Apple bandwagon. But I am definitely considering it due to all this frustration.

  95. FulltimeArcher says:

    I just want my phone to be updated. It sucks that the people I work with that have I-Phones are able to do things that my phone can’t but should. I need to be able to login at a website with my phone but can’t because I can not upgrade to Google Chrome. I would settle for a phone upgrade if Motorola would realize they have screwed Bionic owners.

  96. Joepeace55 says:

    I am leaving Verizon. I think they and their locked bootloaders and Rootcheck is where the problems stem. It will take a sizeable discount (Free newer device would be better) and grandfathering of my $30 unlimited data plan to keep me. I have never been with a different carrier, however, many of my friends have no complaints with Sprint or T-Mobile

  97. NvrMotoAgain says:

    Its pointless now. There is no use in even getting the update because it will still be out-of-date. ICS was cool in dec 2011, and it is now just a few months from 2013. Even if Moto did provide some incentive for a new phone, i wouldnt purchase it. The only way for it to be considered is if it was something so amazing that it made samsung and apple look outdated. A company like Moto should be smart enough to realize that wasting time costs money, but more importantly it costs customers. I would like to shake hands with that project leader and congratulate them on being a yebehind on their work.

  98. Dustin Andrews says:

    Since I work just two doors down from the local Verizon Wireless store, I know some of the technicians that work in the back. During lunch today, I began teasing them about the Droid Bionic and they came back to tell me that Verizon has approved the latest release and (Version 247) and the Driod Bionic is next in line for OTA, could be as early as this week.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath but they know I’ve been pestering them about this for several months.

    1. Lou says:

      In part, they’re pulling your chain. Build .247 was indeed delivered to Verizon over a week ago but Verizon has not approved it’s release. This is the fourth time over the past six months that Verizon has disapproved and ICS build, usually sending it back so Motorola can dummy it down more. I have to agree with others that Verizon is holding out for the holiday 2012 release of pre-loaded jellybean phones.

    2. Craig says:

      @ Dustin,
      I think you’re so called friends at Verizon are playing you.

      After fighting with Verizon Wireless on with my Droid and it’s excessive 4G data drops, the techs in the (Baltimore, MD) store told me Verizon has no plans to upgrade my phone to ICS. He confided that they’ve been sitting on the latest build from Motorola for the past week but Verizon’s decision is the phone is now considered “unsupportive” and no longer eligible for any upgrade. Instead, they’re willing to replace it with a Razr Max HD, not extend my contract and allow me to keep my unlimited data plan. Its more of a warranty replacement than a trade in.

      He also said that starting next month, newer phones loaded with Jellybean will be hitting the streets in time for the holidays.

  99. Acdarko says:

    This has been a huge let down…they have been stringing us along while we pay for services not provided. I’ve ranted on several other pages and frankly I am just tired of it. They will truly have to make things right too keep me as a customer and for me not to go out of my way to tell others how poorly they handled this.

  100. eric says:

    I have owned numerous motorola phones over the years, but due to the way they’ve handled this situation has forced me to make this the last for me and my family

  101. Andy says:

    I highly encourage Droid Bionic owners to take their frustration over the both the Motorola and Verizon forum websites. At least your voice will be heard instead of shouting into thin on sites like this.

    Although Verizon won’t respond, Motorola is addressing these issues on their forum and providing almost daily updates to where this firmware stands. They also are not letting Verizon toss them under the bus…no train, on this issue and Moto has indeed been sending updated ICS to Verizon, only to be shot down for something or another. Probably because they can’t get their proprietary crap-ware included.

  102. stop crying about it geez, its nice as hell for them to even offer anything when they dont have to at all &no other company seems to be doing so. You all are saying Ill never buy their product again but every other company has devices that they are not updating & they are not offering them anything so Motorola is actually treating you right & you still complain.They should give you a free phone right lmfao, thats ridiculous. Google just took over Moto so this is when you want a Moto if you like them.I am a Samsung fan so Im not sticking up for them because I am a fan of theirs either.-KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  103. Joel says:

    $100 towards a new phone? How bout just $100 period? I like the phone, I’m just sick of the lousy support it’s gotten. I bought it after waiting 8 months, only for moto to drop the razr 2 months later, of which I never heard word one! Had I known the razr was coming I certainly would have waited. Every single time I buy a new phone it suddenly becomes the red headed step child two months later, EVERY TIME! WTF?! I’m sick of this crap and this whole bionic deal is the absolute worst, anyone that bought a bionic at release deserves something.

  104. If it’s taking this long to get all of the problems resolved, I’m sure they’ve spent an awful lot of money paying people to work on those solutions. It may have been cheaper to give up months ago and simply offer an exchange for a different phone.

  105. Matt says:

    I will never purchase a Motorola phone again, unless they offer a free upgrade and I have no choice. I can not count the numerous times my phone has lost 4G service and I live in San Francisco!!!! The way they have handled this back and forth with the upgrade is simply childish and I can not wait til my contract is up so I can move on from Motorola and Verizon!!!!!!!

  106. dustin says:

    I’ve almost always been quite happy with my Bionic, I purchased it on am upgrade discount a few weeks after the Razr was announced and the Razr maxx was in the pipeline. Fully expecting the ICS update to be in Q2-3 of this year. What made me ferrous was when Moto pushed their last update and broke the data connection to my perfect device. Up to this day I am still plagued with data issues and though a lot of the problems seem to have been solved by technical support, I am still disconnected from data time to time and have to reboot my device which. Knowing that the data issue is more then just a defect, I am hesitant to get a replacement and practicably forced to wait for this stupid update.

  107. GetReal says:

    Google purchased Motorola and has created a great deal of uncertainty around it. I know there have been massive lay-offs, and an uncertain future. It may be that the days of the Motorola cell phone are numbered and we are just seeing the crumbling of a once decent empire. RIP mot.

  108. epsilon says:

    I currently have a Droid X old school (well, kind of) phone that i’ve never even dreamed about seeing a major update for. My wife does however have the Bionic and i must say i am disappointed to hear this news. I barely have enough time to tinker with my phone let alone hers. As another user posted, i’ve had motorola’s almost exclusively over the years with only 2 exceptions i can think of one being not my choice (work.) Yet, here i am eagerly awaiting the SGNoteII. I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that my days of moto are also over unless some massive changes happen in how they handle their updates.

  109. John Hurley says:

    I agree with James Welch. I feel like I was robbed out of $300 and stuck in a two-year contact. Eleven months of frustration and disappointment. Never again.

  110. Jeff says:

    I will never purchase a Moto phone again. Bionic wasn’t a bad phone but the support was terrible. Will not risk buying another moto phone with the crap support.

  111. Mike Johnson says:

    This is as much Verizon’s fault, if not more than Motorola’s. we would have had ICS months ago if it wasn’t for the morons at Verizon. Their stupid little crappy bloatware junk they insist on sticking us with, had some quirks with ICS so they rejected it. Twice they have done this. The phones should not come with ANY bloatware, especially the crap we can’t uninstall. This is Verizon’s fault and I’m moving my 4 phones to another company. Verizon screws us and Motorola gets the blame.

  112. Duped Consumer says:

    Motorola really let down Bionic owners….especially so many of us that were first time Motorola buyers. I did my homework and did so much research…as a LONG TIME Blackberry loyalist, this was a BIG move for me, so I was completely convinced I was getting the next BIG thing…HA! what a HUGE letdown!!! Both Motorola AND Verizon are equally responsible here for selling their consumers on a product they knew full well was going to turn into a big DUD! A huge mistake on their part not putting more resources into getting this update out faster. I was a first-time customer and I doubt that i’ll be a repeat customer. They should realize that promoting new products is useless if they abandon the people who would buy again. Bad business, Motorola and Verizon….this is how you easily lose your consumer base and keep people at a loss, both financially and service-wise. Not very smart in today’s economy, considering people are watching how they invest their hard-earned money. If Motorola and Verizon want to provide their customer base with some sort of compensation for their mistreatment, the only fair thing would be to offer Droid Bionic customers a penalty-free device upgrade, meaning offering us an upgrade, regardless of when you are due for an upgrade, along with a sufficient amount of credit to cover at least 90% of the cost of a new device.

  113. tst says:

    My phone works fine as is. I think it could be better, but I would not buy a duck and think it should change into a swan. The credit idea to the new and improved model is just a trade-in from what I see. I can wait, the main reason to bump up to ICS is crappy 4G as it stands I only use 3G.

  114. alann says:

    yeah, i’m completely disgusted and will likely NEVER again buy another Moto phone. They’d have to do something pretty special to get my loyalty back. My bionic has had problems from day one. Stuff I’ve never been able to fix, like the schizoid behavior of sometimes sending multiple copies of the same message (connected to exchange). I’ve tried everything suggested, but nothing ever fixed that problem. But then i just kept convincing myself to wait for ICS. Well, we all know how that’s gone. Recently I was invited for the ICS soak test, but I had to root the stupid thing in order to get Cisco AnyConnect to work and can’t really be without it, so I couldn’t participate. Hopefully ICS will be out soon. But still, it is too little and away too late…

  115. Robert Needham says:

    I’m not happy at all and no, the $100 doesn’t make it any better. I paid over $200 for my phone and because I’m on verizon and want to keep my unlimited data the Razr HD and Maxx HD would be considerably more. C’mon Moto, how about a free upgrade to the latest Razr. That might ease my frustration

  116. Matt Spradlin says:

    Ya know, I really do like my BIONIC, it’s been a good phone (less the ever popular 4G to analog drop). My biggest complaint is when I stopped into the local Verizon store, the sales man actually let me see the memo they received from corporate that they’re to tell any BIONIC owners, sorry, you’ll just have to wait. No option to switch to another phone (unless we wanted to pay FULL RETAIL), no compensation, NOTHING! But watch what happens if you send them a payment that doesn’t include the data we’re NOT getting to use….gotta love one way streets!

  117. Aaron says:

    I’m extremely annoyed, but I’ve had a mostly positive experience with Motorola over the years, and I’d be happy with some compensation to convince me to stick around as a customer.

  118. Peter says:

    I have been very disappointed. I purchased the phone over a year ago, and i purchased it at full price so i could be grandfathered in on unlimited data. On top of that, I was traveling for bushiness the next week so what the hell, i guess i will get a lapdock. well, the first lapdock didn’t work at all, so i returned it. second one worked… kinda. It crashes regularly, has no web cam (i feel like thats a big part of why i would want something laptop like) and feels cheap. also, I cant use it as a dock becuase it makes a hight pitch noise from the speakers whenever the phone is docked but not in use. that was dissapointing. maybe an update will make it at least a more stable os, at least its a good phone, and since it is the top of the line it will have good support. well, a few weeks later here comes the razr… and they changed the ports, so it looks like when i get rid of my bionic, i wont be able to use my lapdock anymore. well… still waiting on that update a year later… and i cant even take advantage of their $100 buy back program because i will lose my data plan.

  119. Keith Grossnickle says:

    I have been a loyal motorola phone customer my last 5 phones purchased in my family were all motorola products, as my wife nears her time to upgrade her Droid X I am pretty sure that the Razr will NOT be considered and we will most likly look at the Galkaxy sIII or even the dreaded iphone

  120. To buy a phone touted as the greatest thing out even better than the then forth coming Apple 4 only to have the phone discontinued from sales, virtually unsupported with software updates and suffer with a phone that works very seemingly only if it wants is not acceptable. Motorola used to be THE name in mobile devices. I’m not going back after lousy support from Moto. Verizon is only covering for thier fault in the matter too with their “pull the battery and do a soft reset” or “have you tried pulling the sim card” lines. Their garbage and half truths remind me of that which is happening with the Lance Armstrong coverup only VZW and Moto won’t get spanked by the FTC or anyone else for their dealings.

  121. AES says:

    THIS is why people switch to apple. At least there everyone gets screwed together. The Android joke is the fact that it doesnt matter what “new” phone you get…it always has the possibility of lagging in os compared to something thats been out for years…not to mention the ridiculous size. Between forcing apps and updates that are constantly broken it can be frustrating to be an android owner.

  122. Jack says:

    EVERY motorola phone (and Xoom tablet) since the bag phone I have owned has over promised and under delivered with the exception of the original droid. Verizon too (4g 1 1/2 years later than promised here). I am through with MOTO. never again. ICS upgrade today seems to have killed my Bionic.

  123. Fast_Eddie_72 says:

    Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t see a problem. I bought my Bionic a few months ago and it’s been great. I’m not as up on some of this stuff as some of you and had no idea that there was an overdue upgrade. I thought it was great as it was and words better than my Blackberry it replaced. Last night I checked for updates and downloaded ICS. It works great. Now my awesome phone is even more awesome-er. And a good bit faster too!
    But I never had a problem. The phone did what it was supposed to do and worked all this time just as well as it did the day I got it. Guess I’m the only person who’s happy with my Bionic.

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