WP8 Juggernaut Alpha possibly being tested by Microsoft

There is some speculation that Microsoft will one day deliver their own Windows Phone 8 smartphone to the mobile space, albeit Microsoft’s CEO Stephen Elop stating the firm wont be putting out a Microsoft branded handset. But there does seem to be some evidence to the contrary pointing towards Microsoft possible delivering a Surface smartphone at some point.

The evidence of the possibility of Microsoft launching their own Windows Phone 8 device comes via Phone Arena, and said possible evidence was spotted by the developer of the PersianType application, which is a virtual Persian language keyboard for Windows Phone.

In the usage logs of the application the developer noticed a device running Windows Phone 8 v8.0.900.0, and goes by the moniker Juggernaut Alpha, a handset moniker that might seem somewhat familiar, and this is because this codename popped up back in July in benchmark tests.

However, here’s the thing that makes one believe Microsoft just might be testing out the Juggernaut Alpha Windows Phone 8 handset, in the logs, other than just the codename and model of the supposed smartphone, there is also the IP address, which is IP, and this IP address apparently belongs to Microsoft, and can be tracked back to Redmond.

Naturally this is just speculation based on what was found in the app logs, and there is no confirmation whether it is indeed true, but as Microsoft did eventually deliver their own tablet in the form of the Surface tablet, then there is always a possibility they will also deliver their own smartphone at some point in the future.

What we’d like to know is, if Microsoft did deliver a ‘Surface smartphone running Windows Phone 8, would any of our readers be interested in the device? Feel free to let us know via our comments area below.


6 thoughts on “WP8 Juggernaut Alpha possibly being tested by Microsoft”

  1. Apple pie says:

    I`m interested in the wp8 devices designs (especially the lumias),
    but idon`t like wp8 itself…………it misses very cool apps which already available on iOS and android !
    iGuess wp OS is still too young and weak to dominate the market, but it certainly has a promising future………………

  2. Coxy says:

    Windows Phone 7.5 is great and offers such a quick and amazing experience as a mobile OS. If you try it for a month you’ll get it and will feel Apple iOS is lacking innovation.

    Windows Phone 8 builds upon this offering greater flexibility with hardware support and some killer features not out on any other OS. Nokia are looming with the release of their new Lumia line and its all or nothing for them, having used a Lumia 800 for a year now (retired 3GS and 4Ss as backup/spare) I cannot wait to get my hands on the 920.

    1. imaginarynumber says:

      WP7 was crap,mango was a step in the right direction, let’s hope that WP8 addresses some of the short comings and that MS stop treating us as though we are dumb Apple owners.

      I shall however probably stick with wp7.8 for sometime,until HTC (or whoever) release a WP8 unit with a physical keyboard.

  3. imaginarynumber says:

    “albeit Microsoft’s CEO Stephen Elop stating the firm wont be putting out a Microsoft branded handset”….?
    Erm… Elop might have been at Microsoft once upon a time but I am pretty sure that Nokia pay his wages now…

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