iOS 6 untethered jailbreak closer from Team Dr1zzle

While the wait goes on for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 we continue to bring readers the latest developments on this from a somewhat surprising source. Regular readers will know that we’ve been passing on details about a UK student who claims to be working on this and appears to be beating the likes of the renowned pod2g and the Chronic Dev team. Along the way this student has been picking up helpers and it seems they’ve now given themselves the name of Team Dr1zzle and are closer to an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. One member is also working on it for the iPad.

This has been quite a saga so if you want to catch up with the full story, check out our previous articles on these claims here and here. However in a nutshell well-known hackers and developers such as pod2g and the Chronic Dev team do not seem to be working on an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 just yet. Then a UK student with the Twitter name of @like_a_sir appeared on the scene claiming to be only days away from coming up with an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 using a modded version of Redsn0w. This sent shockwaves among the jailbreaking community and opinion was split on whether this could really be true, in which case it would be remarkable, or whether this was nothing but fake claims.

Following this at the weekend we learned that ‘like a sir’ had been joined in his endeavors by @dwaynefortman and that he had sent ‘proof’ of the jailbreak in development. Just after this we also heard of @ragemasta who was now also in touch with ‘like a sir’ and ‘dwayne fortman’ about the jailbreak, also claiming to be working on it and supplying another photo. We’ll point out here that at Phones Review we’re sitting very firmly on the fence with this one until we actually see a release and haven’t accepted these images as ‘proof’ just yet that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 is imminent. Nonetheless if it turns out to be accurate this would be pretty amazing stuff and we’d take our hats off to this new group.

We should also point out that we also cannot recommend jailbreaking and if you do so and something goes amiss then it’s your own responsibility. However we know many of our readers enjoy this aspect of owning a mobile device so like to keep you informed. The latest developments on this story seem to suggest that despite initial doubts about the validity of these claims there seems to be a growing hope that ‘like a sir’ and his cohorts are genuinely about to come up with the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak. IDigitalTimes brings the news of tweets from JailbreakCon showing an interest in the claims of ‘like a sir’ and ‘dwayne fortman’ suggesting the newcomers post a video to prove the doubters wrong.

An exchange of tweets show that leading members of the jailbreaking community say they would be happy if the claims were real and ‘dwayne fortman’ responds by saying he will make a video. Another post from @JailbreakCon then says that the likes of the renowned @pod2g, @p0sixninja and @musclenerd would look it over. This is causing mass excitement on Twitter and the newcomers on the scene seem to be gaining support among the many who are hopeful of an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak soon. Also they appear to have expanded the untethered jailbreak to further devices as listed above, rather than just for the iPhone 5. One of them, ‘dwayne fortman,’ is also working on this for the iPad.

It seems that some people are so enthusiastic now about the work of ‘like a sir’, ‘dwayne fortman’ and ‘ragemasta’ that they have asked them to come up with a name for themselves and ‘like a sir’ has now responded that after much deliberation they are calling themselves ‘Team Dr1zzle.’ Indeed ‘like a sir’ has now posted a photo to Twitter showing a T-shirt with the Team Dr1zzle name and a logo. Apart from this momentary diversion it seems that Team Dr1zzle is very hard at work on the untethered jailbreak and will soon release more photos and a video to back this up. Meanwhile it seems plans are afoot among the team’s supporters to get #TeamDr1zzle to trend on Twitter.

Of course these things can’t be rushed but iDigital Times seems to feel the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak could see a release within the week. We’re not going to get carried away just yet but one thing for sure is that Team Dr1zzle is gaining support so let’s hope it doesn’t all turn out to be pie in the sky. Of course we’ll be keeping out ears to the ground on this one and will bring you more news as we hear it.

We’re really interested to hear your views on this. Are you waiting for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6? Do you think that Team Dr1zzle could be the genuine article and that the jailbreak will be released soon? Maybe you remain among the sceptics who refuse to be carried away just yet? Let us know with your comments.


31 thoughts on “iOS 6 untethered jailbreak closer from Team Dr1zzle”

    1. TheAmazingWalrus says:

      They’re doing it for free. These guys don’t have to make a jailbreak if they don’t want to so give them time, respect and patience. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  1. Desesperado says:

    It is good to hear someone is working on this. Please keep your good work of informing your finding. For the jailbreakere: please hurry up 🙂

  2. EZ-now says:

    Patience is a virtue. All of this “hurry up” and “have you done it already” is a little disappointing and symptomatic of the ‘can’t wait’ attitude so prevalent in society these days. Those who cannot wait should learn the skills necessary and help with the endeavours. Personally, while I am a power user I am no coder so I do my fair share of PC repair and software problem solving for friends and acquaintances for free. This helps me to appreciate the amount of time and effort that it takes to do work for nothing but the pleasure of the end result.
    I will be continuing to keenly watch the developments, grateful for the blow by blow coverage from Phones Review and iDesign Times. In the meantime I think folks who are interested should offer support and not whine about how quickly the jailbreak is achieved. When I do work for others and refuse payment it confuses a lot of them so I always ask that next time someone asks them for a favour, don’t question it, just do it. Maybe those of you who read this could take that philosophy in light of the work that our talented jailbreakers and the next time someone asks you for a favour, don’t question it but rather remember the work that is being done in the background on your behalf and just odo the favour with a smile on your face knowing that that attitude builds the type of society where people do want to jailbreak for free so that you can jailbreak for free.
    Big up Team Dr1zzle. Thanks very much. I too am very hopeful. You are greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Well said! People need to realise a jailbreak is a commodity that is optional! It’s not compulsory nor is it a duty of obligation. The people behind these jailbreaks are normally regular everyday people! They have lives, they go out and do their own thing. They aren’t chained to an idevice constantly playing with jail breaking it. Sometimes they are awake all hours of the night and day trying to get stuff right. If you’re thinking of demanding a jailbreak then forget about it. Do what the rest of the respectful/greatful people in the world do and just WAIT. When it’s done it will be all over the Internet. Research, don’t pester. I wish they would start launching jailbreaks with installers blocked to stop half these thieving fucktards from begging for it! Because u know for a fact those of us that want jailbreaks for cydia tweaks can wait as they’re not essential. Piracy on the other hand is to those who are left with no apps on their device.

    2. Basem says:

      Thanks a lot for the wisdom we all need to hear. Thanks again for those few words, I hope the readers could learn some from this. I’m on your side.

    1. Apple Empire says:

      Chances are that with the release of iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, it should be a new version of redSn0w that will allow you to downgrade if you want to.. it usually works out that way.

      1. Not the case, tiny umbrella is used to downgrade, not redsn0w. Most ppl who were smart enough to catch their shsh blobs can downgrade to 5.1.1 it’s the ppl that know nothing about jail breaking that fail to do this and complain coz they stuck on ios 6 well guess what. Tough shiy. Read In Future

  3. dwaynefakeman bullsh1t says:

    dwyanefortman now known as knobfakeman is a fake, he bookmarked a cydia picture on his phone, its all pie in the sky, lies, bullshit. “Teambullsh1t”

  4. robbie79 says:

    would be nice if this “team Dr1zzle” is working hard to come out with a redsn0w jailbreak in the next week, or see if they are fake. I’m not updating my 4s until there is an officiol jailbreak for ios 6! Keep up the good work, if thats the case!

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