Apple Maps no problem for 74 percent of users claims survey

When Apple dropped Google Maps and delivered Apple Maps with iOS 6, many of the iOS faithful were said to have experienced problems with Apple Maps, and the software left much to be desired. However if a recent survey is anything to go by, it would appear that 74 percent of iOS users are quite satisfied with Apple Maps.

A report over on Electronista show that a survey conducted by an SEO ranking provider for small businesses suggest that reporting of the issues with Apple Maps might be a tad overblown, as apparently in North America the survey has found that 74 percent of those surveyed say Apple Maps is fine.

Apparently the initial survey took in some 1100 people, but only 200 of those were included in the in-depth study due to those 200 having iOS 6 and used Apple Maps, and although only a small sample size, those respondents were a diverse group and thus deemed statistically significant.

So out of those 200 users surveyed, 50.7 percent stated the problems surrounding Apple Maps didn’t affect them, 23.3 percent said Apple Maps was good enough for their requirements, whilst 17.2 percent stated that the problems with Apple Maps whilst annoying were not a deal breaker.

However 5.6 percent of the remainder did say they were not happy with Apple Maps, and that the issues with Maps could affect future purchasing decisions, and just 3.2 percent said the problems with Apple Maps has basically put them off and as such they will not be purchasing another iPhone.

Of those iOS users that said the Apple Maps problems hadn’t affected them, 43.8 percent were men and 54percent were women, whilst those that said it was good enough, 22.7 percent were guys and 24.2 percent were ladies, and as for that annoying but not a deal breaker response, 19.6 percent were male, and 16.7 percent where female.

Apple is obviously aware of the problems with Apple Maps in iOS 6, and is working on improving the Maps app, but as Google has far more experience when it comes to Maps, it will probably be some time before Apple manages to catch up with Google Maps.

So we’d like to hear from any of our iPhone toting readers out there if they have experienced any issues with Apple Map or if they think iOS Maps is fine, so feel free to let us know your opinion by dropping a line to our comments area.


5 thoughts on “Apple Maps no problem for 74 percent of users claims survey”

  1. Eric says:

    I am so glad that people in North America don’t have any problems. Good for them. I live in London. I realise it is a very tiny city… wait, it is 10 times larger than San Francisco. I don’t have a car. I either walk, take the bus, take the tube, take the overground, or take a taxi. I do not live in a country where every family has two or more cars. Apple Maps has zero native support for public transit. I have to flip back and forth between multiple applications just to figure out the best way to get somewhere. This also means that turn-by-turn instructions do nothing for me. Lastly, Apple Maps doesn’t have accurate or in many cases any information about local businesses here. The closest Sainsbury’s Supermarket, my child’s school, the closest pub (in operation since the late 1700’s), and most other businesses are nowhere to be found. I also have to travel throughout Europe to many random locations outside of the major cities for work. I used to rely on my iPhone to get around (airport train, subways, buses, then taxis), but now I cannot. I have to download dozens of separate apps that are not integrated and try and piece them together. Apple Maps is completely useless to me. I did not realise how much I depend on my phone’s mapping capabilities until Apple took it away from me. Now that I know, I am giving Apple until the end of the year and will have to begrudgingly switch to another phone.

    I would also like to mention that I have submitted missing or inaccurate locations about a dozen times via the form within Apple Maps since the day after iOS 6 came out and not one location has been updated yet.

    1. rvt says:

      I live in a city with over 1 million people. there are busses here stopping at every corner. Yet, Google maps fail to find a bus for me from here to the city center. Also, by foot Google suggest to let me walk over the highway, and not even the shortest route!!
      Just saying that every company that does maps has it flaws.

      What I don’t understand is that people complain about that Apple maps doesn’t do pedestrian or public transit. Such a application cost properly less then one starbucks cup a coffee, there hourly rate is more then then 1 dollar/pound per minute, buy a expensive phone and yet don’t buy a application for it and move on.

      If you ask me, the government should ensure such application exists for every sell phone brand, but that aside.

      I also hear that people missed there appointment because APple maps fail, I am like WTF, when I went to the US I bought a paper map and went from LA to vegas without issues, and on time guiding myself through the city. Are the kinds now days really that stupid?

      Complaining about the issues on Apple maps cost the society more then buying a application that works for your situation

      Just saying, just move on..

  2. Amakudari says:

    Ridiculous. The people complaining weren’t in North America to begin with. Those of us in cities like (in my case) Tokyo were blindsided by a completely awful application. We lost public transit and street view, and turn-by-turn is awful and inferior to the ubiquitous car navigation systems here. We can’t even get to a station by which use one of the transit apps because they don’t show exits or station layouts, and around half of all stations listed are in the wrong location. It’s beyond worthless. We don’t even have Flyover eye candy.

    If you want to know how detailed Google Maps is here, it lists all station exits I’ve ever seen correctly (many stations have several dozen), has street view down most Tokyo streets, you can search in both English and Japanese, and you can even find public restrooms. Apple Maps has at times failed to process “Tokyo Station” correctly. I can still find the widely mocked “Pachinko Gundam” station. It’s pre-alpha for Japan at best, and I’m yet to see a single of my reported problems fixed.

    My current solution is to ask my wife to use her iPhone, which is still on iOS 5. That’s not a long-run fix. I’m very torn about switching considering how much I’ve paid for in apps that are generally pretty great, but I’ve definitely suspended all Apple purchases until I know whether there’s any hope for a halfway-decent mapping application integrated with the OS.

  3. Dj ash says:

    So far I haven’t had any problems with the new apple maps on ios6.
    I am really happy that apple have started the whole process as I believe once it’s perfected it will sound the death Knell for stick on sat navs used by many!
    Less chance of your car getting broken into to steal your sat nav,Thats happened to me twice now!
    One phone does all is becoming the buzz word!
    Phone,calculator,camera,ipod,sat nav,TV5 etc.
    What else will the iPhone do in the future?

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