LG Nexus 4 pure Google to be unveiled October 29

Over the last week or so we’ve been bringing you leaked news about what looks to be the next Google Nexus phone. Dubbed the LG Nexus for the moment we’ve given details of leaked specs and also yesterday some clear photos emerged along with further information. It now appears that the LG Nexus pure Google phone may actually be called the LG Nexus 4 and we have also heard that an unveiling of the phone is due to take place on October 29.

Following our post yesterday on the LG Nexus phone we then heard that it was being shown as the LG Nexus 4 in a Carphone Warehouse inventory system with two color options, black or white. Although of course there’s no way of telling whether this will be the official name, using this type of name and number configuration could be to capitalize on the success of the Nexus 7 tablet. As The Verge points out, the LG Nexus phone will also be number four in the Nexus phone lineup so there’s a certain sort of logic that it could indeed be called the Nexus 4. Of course the 4 may also apply to the 4.7-inch display that has been rumored.

Many readers who have been following developments for the next Nexus phone will be hoping it will arrive shortly and the good news is that it is being reported that the LG Nexus 4 will be revealed on October 29 by Google and LG. Android Central brings us the news that French newspaper Le Figaro has reported this date although the exact source of this date wasn’t revealed. It would fit very well though as most are expecting this phone to be released sooner rather than later and it’s also possible that the place it will happen is New York’s Dive Into Mobile conference.

Even though October 29 has been pegged for the unveiling of the LG Nexus 4 phone Le Figaro we’re not sure about an actual release date. Le Figaro also says that it will be released in December on France’s SFR network and of course different regions may have different release dates. However Android Central says that the wording of the report suggests it may release at the same time as it’s announced. If that were the case then the LG Nexus 4 would be likely to be available through Google Play.

Either way, it does look as though it will be out in time for the lucrative holiday season and that will surely please many looking for the next pure Google Android experience. We shall of course bring you further news on this as we hear it. In the meantime we’re interested in hearing from our readers about the Nexus 4 smartphone. Are you hoping to purchase this phone as soon as it arrives? What makes you prefer the Nexus experience? Let us know with your comments.


2 thoughts on “LG Nexus 4 pure Google to be unveiled October 29”

  1. Zombie Killer says:

    This phone isn’t even slightly interesting. 4.7″? If I can’t all 4 corners of the screen with my thumb while holding the camera in the same hand to which the thumb is attached, then its too big. 2GB of RAM sure is cute sounding, but it is far far more than needed. Android doesn’t benefit appreciably with anything over 512 MB. I guess RAM is so cheap now that they can toss it in to make it look cool.

    The 4-core processor spec (saw somewhere else) is interesting, but there aren’t yet enough details about that processor to judge whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Specifically, 4-core Cortex-A9’s are getting pretty common, but a dual core Cortex-A15 will run circles around it. Qualcomm is the only [decent? absolutely?] SoC maker that even HAS a quad-Cortex-A15, BUT, they don’t have cellular connectivity. No thanks on the added power consumption of an external cellular connectivity IC.

    I’ve consistently passed up the Nexus phones, despite their open/unlocked/genuineandroid configurations because they have YET to produce a phone under that banner that is actually half-way decent. Well, unless you count the actual first nexus, the Android Developer Phone 1 (before the nexus name was applied) — lets call it the “nexus -1″ (negative-one).

    Dream phone;
    1) Dual or quad Cortex A15 with integrated cell modem.
    2) 1GB+ RAM
    3) 8GB+ internal storage
    4) NO LARGER than 4”, min resolution 800×480 (because high resolution is overrated and leads to low performance).
    5) A proper 5-row KEYBOARD. Yes, I actually like to be able to use a smartphone as a SMARTphone. OSK = dumbphone for dummies who don’t actually use it for anything.

    I guess I’ll be buying that Samsung Relay. Too bad it has tmobile branding and samsung crippleware.

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