Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean update delay for U.S

If you are the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 then no doubt you are eagerly awaiting the latest Android operating system to hit your smartphone, and whilst it is expected that over here in the United Kingdom the Galaxy S3 will gain Android Jelly Bean by the end of this month, when it comes to the good old US of A, Galaxy S3 owners might just have a bit of a longer wait for the update.

According to an article over on Examiner, the US Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the last to be updated to Android Jelly Bean, with all the major US carriers other than possibly Sprint possibly not seeing the Android Jelly Bean update until sometime in 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was released to the mobile space almost five months ago, and no doubt the delay in getting Jelly Bean to the US version of the popular smartphone will only frustrate US owners further, but it appears they will have to play along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich for some time yet.

Android Jelly Bean updates are already under way in both Europe and South Korea, whilst the Samsung Galaxy Nexus already runs Jelly Bean, but for those that are locked into the Galaxy S3 over in the states it is still a waiting game.

Of course there are several custom ROMs available that deliver a taste of Jell Bean but these do void your device warranty, and also push the average user out of the update loop, and for most handset users rooting and installing custom ROMs isn’t a viable route.

Apparently the delay in delivering the Android Jelly Bean update to the US Samsung Galaxy S3 was confirmed by a company spokesperson yesterday, but as far as I am aware no reason for the delay in the US roll out has been stated.

Does this news of a delay until sometime next year to gain Jelly Bean on the US Galaxy S3 annoy our US readers, or are you happy to wait until everyone else has it?


21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean update delay for U.S”

  1. mike mills says:

    This is one area where Apple beats Android hands down. 5 months after Jelly Bean was announced and its only on a few devices. Not even a month after iOS 6 was released and its on 100 million devices. This is a problem for Google. I got an SIII after having an iPhone. Lets just say I won’t make that mistake again.

    1. TBH says:

      In all fairness, Apple devices are all the same, so it’s far easier to roll out an OS that covers them. Android devices aren’t all the same, however, Jely Bean is already available in minor countries (like Poland) which is the odd part, why UK & US are on the bottom of the list is anyone’s guess, unless they’re still “testing” it using the countries as guinea pigs! Still a fail though. I can feel a manual ROM flash coming on soon…

  2. Yassar says:

    I do not know why the whole world can not get the update at the same time. we want to plug the device in to the computer and check for the update …

  3. Guys don’t bother flashing unless you know of a great working custom Rom. I flashed the leaked polish jelly bean Rom and now I’m back on the stock I.C.S due to major battery drain and I mean major if my phone would do something for 5 hours originally then it could only do for an hour with the leaked jelly bean Rom. So I think perhaps a country like Poland could be being used as a test for bugs. But still after all this it should be out now the s4 will be out before jelly bean is on the s3 at this rate the wait is getting pretty frustrating now come on pull your finger out Sammy get this update out. Or is it a case of you got your so called top end phone but no you haven’t really because we don’t care about anymore because we met our sales figures so now let’s concentrate on ripping them off with our next big thing.

  4. Putting the US and UK at the bottom of the list for major update? Jelly bean was one of the biggest reasons I switched from the iPhone to Galaxy SIII and now they’re saying I won’t get it until next year?!

    The new Windows phone is looking more and more attractive. The next time I’m due for an upgrade, I may just put Samsung at the bottom of MY list!

  5. jay says:

    We can thank are U.S. carriers for the massive delays. There bloatware that there adding is causing problems and instability and battery drain with the roms. Can’t blame Samsung for this. Carriers been playing with the software for far too long now.

      1. tongzie says:

        I think you meant “..There are far to many errors.” as you created an incomplete sentence. Also Lol is not in any dictionary (yet). Just since you’re being pedantic.

  6. OMG says:

    why is everyone only curious about the update in US? how about other countries? its not like US is the only country which has not received the update. SO DO WE IN SINGAPORE. i cant find anything about update related to SINGAPORE!!! HELP!!!

  7. James says:

    next time i will have to go back to iPhone. android to much hassle. cant even get the newest update. cant properly backup the phone without rooting it. 1 click on iPhone and the whole phone is backed up.

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