BBC iPlayer gains Jelly Bean cuddle

The BBC iPlayer app has been available on the Android platform for quite a while now, and sometime ago the BBC said they intended on overhauling the BBC iPlayer to feature a new Media player, and now the BBC has kept its word and completed updating the BBC iPlayer app for Android with the new tech and has also updated the app to play nice with Android 4.1.

According to a report by The Next Web, the BBC iPlayer app for Android version 4.1 is now compatible with devices that run the Android Jelly Bean operating system, but apparently all is not well with version 4.1 of the BBC iPlayer app, as some users are reporting quality and playback problem.

With users posting such comments as the quality is appalling and embarrassing, whilst another states that the picture quality isn’t anywhere near the standard found on the Apple iPad, and when playing back the same programme on both the iPad and the Nexus 7 you can see the difference in the quality, whilst the audio is out of sync with the video.

The BBC told users that they would be updating their Android iPlayer app to utilise the Adobe Air powered platform, allowing it to drop Flash, and explained when opting for Adobe Air it would enable them to launch apps on Android 2.2 up to Android Jelly Bean and operate both via native Android apps and the BBC’s websites.

Apparently because it has to deliver secure obligations which has been agreed with its rights holders, Adobe Air seemed to be the only tech that was capable of providing all those points, but it appears Adobe Air is also why the updated BBC iPlayer app is garnering complaints.

Have you grabbed the updated BBC iPlayer from Google Play, and if so are you experiencing any of these quality issues?

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