Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update coming soon

It is widely believed that in just over a week’s time Google could be unveiling some new Nexus hardware alongside the Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie operating system. Meanwhile though we are beginning to see the Android Jelly Bean update rollout gathering pace, and the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and Note 10.1 upgrade will be coming soon.

In the last couple of days the Jelly Bean update has been reaching the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a number of regions, and it must mean that older hardware from the company will be getting the software pretty soon.

Owners of the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 10.1 will be pleased to hear that the company’s Swedish arm has announced the devices will be receiving the Jelly Bean update in the coming months. According to the Android Authority the Samsung Galaxy S2 will get the update sometime during next month, while the other two devices are promised to taste Jelly Bean during the fourth quarter.

The other two devices are scheduled to receive the new software during the fourth quarter so it could either happen in November as well or otherwise in December. The Samsung website also states that the update will be made available via KIES and an OTA update.

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 has sold by the bucket load so there will be a huge number of owners looking forward to receive the new operating system and give their device a new lease of life. While Samsung has revealed the time scale of the updates being released, it is still dependant on the individual carriers giving the software release the OK.

This has been seen in the UK and the Galaxy S3 with both Three and O2 pushing out Jelly Bean to their customers, but owners of the device on rival networks and SIM free versions of the device are still waiting.

Are you looking forward to Jelly Bean on your Samsung handset?


19 thoughts on “Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update coming soon”

  1. Dustin says:

    I can’t wait for it to be released in the USA. I hope US carriers have realized they need to be much faster with android updates and there is no reason for them to be the last to always roll them out. Like I said above, I can’t wait for jelly bean for my s2. Maybe t mobile will take updates more seriously and releases jelly bean to there loyal s2 users without making us wait until the rest of the world gets the update first.

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      I thought the same but when i installed Jelly bean (rootbox v2.9) onto my samsung s2 i just couldnt care less about flash. The feel of jelly bean (rootbox v2.9) is simply amazing. its very fast, responsive, with nice details it looks expensive compare the privious versions of android… i highly recommend this custom rom. it is bug free and really good for everyday use… Google now is the future.
      My s2 is rooted and running a custom rom..
      Big thanks to all the guys that made this possible 🙂

      For those that will judge me by my spelling; I AM SLOVAK AND MY ENGLISH IS NOT PERFECT 🙂


  2. programmer says:

    the updates take so long time only because Samsung have much work with integrating twLauncer and other crappy apps to original android system… I will be more happy if I get updates quickly and stay with the original android UI. and let applications like KIES, etc. install as any other 3d party…

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